Diesel Cleanup Necessary After Crash of Cream Carrying Truck Today

overturned semi icon featurePress release from the California Highway Patrol Office (See Tanker Overturned in the Area of Richardson Grove for more on the story):

On February 11, 2017 at approximately 0530 hours, a 2012 Peterbilt tractor towing a tanker trailer loaded with heavy cream (dairy product) driven by Delbert Moore [age 77 of Eureka], was traveling north on US-101 just north of the entrance to Richardson Grove State Park.  For reasons still under investigation, Moore allowed the semi truck and trailer to run off the east side of the US-101 and collide with several redwood trees.  The tractor and tanker trailer partially overturned and came to rest against several trees.  Moore was extricated from the vehicle with assistance from CHP personnel.  He sustained minor injuries during the collision.  As a result of this collision, the fuel tanks were compromised and approximately 50 gallons of diesel leaked into the dirt embankment under the tractor.  The tank trailer containing the heavy cream was off loaded prior to recovery.

Cal-Trans, Humboldt County Environmental Health, State Parks, and CHP responded and assisted at the scene.  Cleanup efforts of the contaminated dirt is being coordinated by Humboldt County Environmental Health and Cal-trans.

US-101 was limited to one way controlled traffic at times to facilitate the recovery of the tractor and trailer.  During the actually recovery, it was necessary to close US-101 in both directions for approximately 40 minutes.

This collision remains under investigation by the California Highway Patrol, Garberville Office.



  • Seriously? What is up with these old guys crashing semis lately? One word: RETIRE.

    • Government is forcing people to work into their late 70’s. Unless you have a substantial private retirement saved somewhere, $1400 a month Social Security is nothing to survive on. Retire early and you take a cut from that. There has been no cola raise for 2 years. There was a .003% raise this year that came to about $7 a month. Then, Medicare went up about $5. Great way to take care of hard working seniors !!

    • There is a shortage of younger qualified truck drivers.

      • Most truck drivers are self employed and may not have saved for retirement, thus need to work into their later years. I know one gentleman that worked construction into his 90s.

    • Dam lotto never came through

    • Are you g9ing to pay his medical insurance once he doesnt have a job? Leave him alone. We dont know him or how this is going to change his world.

    • Completely ignorant statement,[edit] you don’t know him, I myself am a trucker, you have no idea what our job consists of, we spend long hours of our lives, away from our families delivering goods [edit], 9 times out of ten accidents involving trucks are caused by [edit] like you, cutting us off, swerving at us and distracted people texting on your phones not watching where in the fuck you’re going, [edit] think before you start talking shit, because without us truckers, YOU’D HAVE NOTHING!!!!

      • Thank you for your service. Truck drivers tend to be the best drivers of all.

        • No problem, I’m 23 years old and on the road all of the time, I see stuff people do to get around me, and it upsets me, we are tons heavier, give us space and back off, we can’t stop quick, we can’t maneuver easily, we have the power to do ungodly amounts of damage and kill alot of people because people are selfish on the road, please be respectful, we are just trying to work

      • Please dont use the left lane to pass another semi because you want to go 5 mph faster than they are. It creates an extremely dangerous situation and is rude.

  • At 77 years old, my guess is he must have fallen asleep.

    • No, he did not. It appears that he saved some jerk’s life who was in his lane by going off road instead of hitting them.

  • I hope he’s ok.sad he has to work at 77,but unfortunately not all of us get to retire at retirement age now days sad.now he’s probably broke.i wish him well and hope he recovers fast 🚛

  • Fish can handle sewage but thick cream will sicken and kill them.

  • Curious why “heavy cream” is being shipped NORTH into Humboldt County. We obviously produce far more milk products than we consume. What was the origin?

  • Here’s a photo just after it happened. Not great as we were driving by, but you can get an idea how burried it is in the trees. P.S. I was the passenger, not the driver, taking the picture, so we can avoid the controversy over driving and phones.

  • Wish I had a tanker truck full of the other ingredients to make ice cream! Would have crashed it into this mess and had a party.

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