[UPDATE 2:36 p.m.] Structure Fire on F Street in Eureka

Smoke began pouring from a home in 1100 block of F Street in Eureka, at approximately 2:10 p.m. Firefighters are dealing with a small, wooden residence to the rear of a Victorian home.

Photo and video by Mark McKenna

UPDATE 2:34 p.m.: Fire crews made access from F Street and an alley to the rear of the structure there they quickly extinguished the small fire, according to Battalion Chief Kent Hulbert of Humboldt Bay Fire. He explained that an investigator will be arriving soon.

UPDATE 2:36 p.m.: Hulbert said that neighbors noticed the smoke and called 911. There was an individual living there, according to the Battalion Chief, but that person is out of town.

Most fire damage is contained to one room.

An investigator has arrived on scene.



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