[UPDATE 5:25 p.m.] Friday: Roads and Weather (From Mudslides to Flooding)

Mudslide engulfing buildings

View from above of the huge landslide that destroyed several businesses in northern Redway yesterday. [Photo by Kim Sallaway. See more of his work here.]

Wind and rain have lashed the Emerald Counties this last week leaving shattered roadways and saturated hillsides. Today, showers are predicted but sunshine should be here for the weekend.

Still, several rivers and creeks are at flood stage. Check out this interactive map on rivers where you can see predictions and measurements.

Below is what we know about the battered roads in our area at this point but there are more issues that we haven’t confirmed. As more information comes in, we’ll update in blue.

Major Highways:

(Most information below from Caltrans’ Quick Map. If you are heading to Oregon, check their similar site.)



  • Hwy 3: Clear
  • Hwy 36: 
    • Open as of 7:10 a.m.
  • Hwy 96:
    • According to Caltrans, “SR 96 is reduced to one lane with traffic control at Cade Mountain (Siskiyou CO) due to a slip-out. Motorists should expect delay. Conditions subject to change.”
    •  Now open 3 miles east of Seiad in Siskyou County. I was closed because of flooding.’
  • Hwy 101:
    • Closed thru the weekend. Detour near Mendocino line through Route 271.
  • Hwy 199: Clear
  • Hwy 211: Clear (Check out the Fernbridge live cam)
  • Hwy 254 (Avenue of the Giants):
    • Closed from Holmes Flat to Barkdull Road.
Slide with trees

“This slide came down on Route 254 (Avenue of the Giants) in Humboldt County just south of Barkdull Road yesterday.,” according to Caltrans. [Photo from the Caltrans Facebook page.]

  • Hwy 271: now closed (See here for more info)
  • HWY 299: Mostly clear. However, the large slide at Big French Creek is still blocking east/west travel. New info from Caltrans:

    TODAY – February 10, 2017
    — 4:30 to 6:30 pm – One way traffic control with short delays
    — 6:30 pm to 5 am – One way traffic control, up to one hour delays.
    TOMORROW – February 11, 2017

    — 5:30 to 7:30 am – One way traffic control with short delays

Humboldt County Roads:

Here’s what we know. As we learn details, we will add the information below.

    • Alderpoint Road one lane at PM 30.33 and PM 34.79
    • Benbow Drive Closed
    • Bell Springs Road–open but not passable by trucks with trailers.
    • Berta Road flooded
    • Briceland Thorn Road at
      • Huckleberry Hill 1 lane controlled traffic
        Temporary bridge in a forest

        The bridge over the failed culvert is in. [Photo by Bradley Burns]

    • Cannibal Island -Flooded
    • Coffee Creek Road closed
    • Drake Hill Rd at PM 0.75 Closed for AT&T work thru the evening
    • East Branch Road in Benbow one way controlled traffic. Here’s why (Video taken Wednesday by Triniti Ponnay):
    • Eel River Drive closed at mile marker 1.
    • Eel Rock Rd. – 1 Lane Controlled traffic at PM 2.7
    • Fullmore Rd. Closed due to flooding
    • Hookton Rd. open but slippery
    • Howard Heights Flooded
    • Hidden Court closed
    • Kimtu Road (west of Garberville) no longer flooded but muddy.
    • Kings Peak road closed at mile marker 7
    • Landergen Road closed
    • Mattole Rd
      • 1 way control due to flooding at PM 11.13 and PM 5.0
      • Closed at mile marker 11.13 starting Monday for part of the day (see here for more information)
    • Meridian between Port Kenyon and Centerville Closed
    • McCann’s boat operations have been suspended
    • Mosswood Lane closed
      Crumpling asphalt road

      Mosswood Lane [Photo by Triniti Ponnay]

    • Nunnemaker Rd at Eel Rock Rd. Closed- Slide/Slipout
    • Oakcrest closed
    • Old Arcata Road between Graham and Jacoby Creek Flooded
    • Old Briceland Road closed at mm 2.3
    • Port Kenyon closed
    • Redwood Drive by the Bluffs open but PLEASE SLOW DOWN.
    • Salmon Creek Road closed at 0.56mm detour 101 or Maple Hills Road
    • Shively Road 1 lane controlled traffic at 3.56mm and 7.00mm.
    • Stagecoach Rd. – PM 1.00 Closed
    • Wilder Ridge Road closed at Landergen Road indefinitely no alternate route. Here’s a tweet from a local surveyor showing why:

Mendocino County Roads:

The Mendocino Voice has information here.

Trinity County Roads:

We have limited information but this is what we know.



  • Hmmmm….says above that hwy 101 is open detouring thru hwy 271. Then it says hwy 271 is closed…one of these must be wrong..

  • So 101 south is detoured and 271 is closed? Or open?

    • Ack, despite my best efforts, I’m having trouble staying up. 271 is open and being used as a detour. I had that confirmed this morning by a reader who went through.

  • Wow!!we’ve got major problems.lets hope the money we get goes towards fixing the problems not covering them up with a bandaid!!!

  • Briceland Thorn between Whitethorn junction and four corners is no longer seriously flooded (for now at least). There is still some standing water and it is reduced to one lane at a sinkhole 8.5miles west of Whitethorn junction.

  • That Sauce is Boss

    If people are driving to fast on the bluffs inbetween Gville and Redway, it’s only because they know its absolutely amazing that they haven’t came down yet and honestly I don’t blame them. I’ve been holding my breath everytime I’ve driven that way for the past 2 months.

    • Me too…..remember the bluff slide past Redway going north that temporarily blocked the river in, err….was it 1998? Scary…..

  • California is really happy for those federal funds now huh.

    • California puts much more money into the feds than it gets in grants, on a program-by-program basis as well as overall. That’s where the money comes from to keep states like Mississippi, Louisiana & Alabama afloat…those states receive almost half of their budgets from federal grants. It’s the damn snowflake liberal states like us that keep those states afloat, financially.

  • ….and I thought the erosion on our place was bad ;^p

  • Thanks Kym for keeping us so informed. With all this rain and everything so saturated we are keeping you busy. You are the best source for up-o-date information. Sincerely, thank you for all the time & effort you give to our community.

  • What do you expect. I remember this happening everytime we had a wet winter. Now we have people all over building on hill sides and near creeks…

  • Miss Kym is doing a fantastic job of keeping the community aware!!
    Thank you for all the effort, it sure helps with my wife’s travels lately.

  • So I’m a bit confused the detour for 101 n/s the 271 is open now but closed on weekend?

  • The Alderpoint road has a serious slipout at about mile 18.25. This is about 1/4 mile north of the Eel River bridge. The damage is an area about 50′ long, and at widest, 14 feet. The entire uphill lane has fallen 4-6 feet. Signage is poor, there are just a few white posts around the damage, so extreme caution is suggested when vision is poor because anyone who drives into this hole is not driving out. Photos on my website. Kym, I believe I forwarded them to you.

  • Where Ettersburg Rd is falling in below the school , there is a large Madrone tree on the collapsed side that was fine when I went to town but late afternoon on the 10th coming back ,it’s branches were barely above my car. It’ll either be just a tree down in a difficult place or it will take out more of the road .

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