Freight Stolen From the Big Rig Wreck Last Night Probably Destined for Dump

overturned semi in the dark

Overturned semi [Photo by Timothy Skaggs]

Last night’s big rig accident near the Peg House north of Leggett briefly closed Hwy 101 (see our previous story, Semi Overturned Near Peg House, for more information) and left thousands of pounds of items destined for a Eureka grocery store beside the road.

After the items were left beside the road, a several folks scavenged through the items and scampered off with their plunder. Was this kosher?

Well, Garberville CHP Officer Jason Taylor tells us that technically it is against the law to take the products left there, most probably, the items would have to be destroyed.

“They were not supposed to take it,” he explained, but, he also said that the freight left beside the road was probably destined for the dump.

A press release from the California Highway Patrol gives more details:

On February 09, 2017, at approximately 1820 hours, a 2008 Peterbilt tractor towing a 43 foot box trailer loaded with approximately 40 thousand pounds of freight was traveling northbound on US-101 at Standish Hickey State Park. The vehicle was being driven by 63 year old Ronnie Tallman. For reason still under investigation, Tallman made an unsafe turning movement to the right which caused the vehicle to travel off the east roadway edge of US-101 and enter a drainage ditch.  The semi-truck collided with a drainage culvert causing damage to the engine. The box trailer overturned causing the freight to spill along the east shoulder of US-101. As a result of the damage to the engine approximately 5 gallons of motor oil and 1 gallon of diesel fuel leaked into the storm drain.


Cal-Trans, Cal-Fire, Mendocino County Environmental Health, Fish and Game, and PG-E responded and assisted at the scene.


US-101 was closed in both directions at approximately 15 minutes for cleanup and recovery of the tractor and trailer.


This collision remains under investigation by the California Highway Patrol Garberville Office.



  • I don’t see anything wrong with people taking it, if they need it, it would just be headed for the dumpster.

  • The California Corps was contacted and made a deal with Win Co. They are salvaging and cleaning it up. Anything usable will be cleaned and used by them. I stopped and talked with a man in charge.

  • Stealing is stealing, I understand it was along the road but as I see more and more people thinking it is okay to take flowers, rocks and even decorations from yards – teach your children, if it is not yours, you did not pay for it, do not take it.

  • I agree! Classic America!! No you can’t have that perfectly fine product were throwing it in the dump. When it’s totally fine for people to consume. The company’s would rather dump it all than admit a loss and feed/use the products.
    If the company is going to claim the stuff great. But they are going to call it a loss, their insurance will cover it all and they will jsut throw it away!! If your going to trow it out!! People should be able to take what they want!!
    Where kids starve while we throw perfectly fine food in the trash! *angry*

    • You need to read the comments to know where the groceries are going.

    • Blame CA regs from your CA politicians. Blame sue happy scavengers looking for lawsuits. Props to Winco for hookin up the CCC. They bust ass bigtime and those calories will go directly to our local trails and parks. Silver lining bigly!

  • Plus I believe we have all been told the same thing…if a truck crashes all the stuff is free game as soon and the driver/company abandons it.
    Remeber a while back when the safeway truck crashed by Phillipsville full of pre made brownie mix containers. We were fishing those things out of the river for days!

    • So if you crash your car Anon and you leave it for what ever reason it’s okay for me to come along and take all your belongings…

      • No, but all your Crap you didnt take with your car…that he can have. In other words that food had become litter. And they arent going ti use it, and until they clean it up, its fair game.

  • I hope it goes to a good cause, i.e. Someone’s belly…

    • The California Conservation Corps was contacted and made a deal with Win Co. They are salvaging and cleaning it up. Anything usable will be cleaned and used by them. I stopped and talked with a man in charge.

      • There seems to be a very large ECHO in here!!! Do you always repeat yourself, verbatim???!!!

        • Dan, Liz was obviously (@2:05 pm), helpfully responding to Gazoo comment posted (@1:35 pm) after her original post (@1:11 pm), a post which obviously Gazoo had not read.
          Obviously, Liz was being helpful.

  • If its not yours dont take it …..

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Funny how growers will even stop to pick garbage alongside the road if they think it’s worth a buck.

    As if the Care program and food stamps aren’t enough.

  • Rumor has it a caltrans employee got off with a bunch of “free stuff”… people disclose lots of information without even realizing it..

  • What was in the trailor?? Food??

  • Who is to say the chp didnt take it, and why on earth are they leaving their crap on our public roadways,.. Who cares about garbage disappearing, this is just as pea brained as asking what to do with the permit money,..

  • Rumor has it they know who took stuff and are looking into prosecution

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