[UPDATE 4:47 p.m.] Fire in Phillipsville

Burning structureAt approximately 4:35 p.m. firefighters were called to a reported trailer on fire behind a home in Phillipsville. The residence is in the 400 block of Phillipsville road (roughly in the southwest corner of the loop.)

Phillipsville and Miranda’s Volunteer Fire Departments are responding to the scene.

UPDATE 4:44 p.m.: “Smoke showing,” reports Hank Toborg of Phillipsville Fire Department when he shows up on scene. “Doesn’t look like a trailer though.”

UPDATE 4:47 p.m.: It is not a structure, Toborg tells the dispatcher. “It’s a warming fire with some squatters that are trespassing.” He then asks for law enforcement to respond.




  • I wish law enforcement would also go to the middle of River road and bust the people who had the hoops behind their house. The whole scene that started washing away with all their trash and chemicals etc. in between storms they didn’t even go clean up what was left before the next river rise came and then the next. Terrible community members, horrible to the environment.

    • I agree Bunny. I suppose it has washed towards the Pacific by now? Disgusting for sure.

      • Probably one of you guys old friends. Steve Ball. Remember him? Now just a junkie,tweaker shit hole. Somebody told me they called the county about it and we’re told they were on it. We’ll see.

    • The Department of Fish and wildlife only go after people that have money there absolute dirt bags and don’t care about the environment

    • I am glad someone else has noticed, i first emailed Kym Kemp about writing a story about all the grow trash, and yards and yards of trash. I can”t believe the county has let this go on. I was one of many folks that received a letter from the water board this summer. Threatened by 1000 dollar fine, for what might be leaching out of grow bags, mind you i am about 4/5 miles from a watershed. I was told to call the waterboard, 5 days later they returned my call…I told them the trash i was concerned about has now been swept into the river. Why were the folks on my mountain choosen to be the lambs. These people should be fined big time…

  • Fish and Game were at the pullout across from P’ville today and they checked out the houses you guys were referring to. Wonder if they are planning on doing anything about it?

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