[UPDATE 5:09 p.m. : Here’s what’s Up With 101 South out of Humboldt] Thursday: Roads and Weather–(Anyone Got an Ark?)

A car drives over the remaining road at Huckleberry Hill on Briceland last night. Crews will be working to finish installing the bridge today over the collapsing culvert. [Photo by Bradley Burns]

A series of storms drenched northern California this week and the deluge is expected to continue today tapering to showers this evening through Friday.

The rain is expected to push the Klamath at Klamath over its banks about 8 p.m. tonight and push the Eel River at Fernbridge over its banks on Friday. UPDATE at 1 p.m. today. (See here for a wonderful interactive map on rivers and if they are predicted to flood.)

Below is what we know about the battered roads in our area at this point but there are more issues that we haven’t confirmed. As more information comes in, we’ll update in blue.

Major Highways:

  • HWY 1: Closed in both direction just west of Leggett. (See here for more info.)(Most information below from Caltrans’ Quick Map. If you are heading to Oregon, check their similar site.)
  • Hwy 3: Clear
  • Hwy 36: Closed
    • slideSlide near Alton mostly blocking. Semi’s can’t pass according to reader who sent photo in below, but normal sized vehicles can.
    • Full Closure at Carlota Fire station expected to be cleared around 5 p.m.
  • Hwy 96: According to Caltrans, “SR 96 is reduced to one lane with traffic control at Cade Mountain (Siskiyou CO) due to a slip-out. Motorists should expect delay. Conditions subject to change.”
  • Hwy 101:
  • Hwy 199: Clear
  • Hwy 254 (Avenue of the Giants):
    • Closed at mm 42 near Redcrest
  • Hwy 271: now closed (See here for more info)
  • HWY 299: Mostly clear. However, the large slide at Big French Creek is still blocking east/west travel. Caltrans reports this afternoon, “The road is closed due to the storm. Also closed Friday morning.”

Humboldt County Roads:

Here’s what we know. As we learn details, we will add the information below.

    • Alderpoint Road one lane at 1.5mm and one lane controlled traffic at 34.79mm
    • Benbow Drive Closed
    • Berta Road flooded
    • Briceland Thorn Road at
      • China Creek Road–still passable but sliding in as of 2:30ish
        Beginning of a slide

        Briceland rd at China Creek rd about 2:30 p.m. [Photo by Mara Green]

      • Huckleberry Hill 1 lane controlled traffic
      • East side of Huckleberry Hill–Slide completely closed road -OPEN!
        newly cleared slide on country road

        Slide area at Huckleberry Hill newly cleared.”Notice the guy wire that holds the power line poles is in the active slide,” reports Bradley Burns, local resident. “I can see where PG&E has staged new poles in anticipation of more trouble.” [Photo by Bradley Burns]

      • Between Whitethorn Junction and Four Corners is seriously flooded.
    • Coffee Creek Road closed
    • Drake Hill Rd at PM 0.75 Closed for AT&T work thru the evening
    • East Branch Road in Benbow one way controlled traffic
    • Eel River Drive Closed at mile marker 1.
    • Eel Rock Rd. – 1 Lane Controlled traffic at PM 2.7
    • Ettersburg Road-Still open but has damage.
      Cracked and slipping asphalt on a country road.

      Ettersburg road below the old Ettersburg school [Photo provided by Robie Tenorio

    • Hidden Court closed
    • Kimtu Road (west of Garberville) flooded
    • Kings Peak road closed at mile marker 7
    • Kneeland Road 1 way controlled traffic 1 mi south of Kneeland School
    • Landergen Road closed
    • Mattole Road
      • Open now 3 miles west of Ferndale

        Mattole Road slide closed

        Mattole Road slide closed

      • open
    • Mosswood Lane closed
    • Myrtle Ave @ Ole Hansen Rd. Flooded
    • Old Arcata Road between Graham and Jacoby Creek Flooded
    • Old Briceland Road closed
    • Port Kenyon closed
    • Redwood Drive Closed from Dean Creek: BUT SLOW DOWN
      Redwood Drive

      Redwood Drive [Photo by Bonnie Mullaney]

    • Redwood Drive by the Bluffs open but PLEASE SLOW DOWN. We don’t have enough county road workers as it is.
  • Salmon Creek Road closed at 0.56mm detour 101 or Maple Hills Road
  • Shively Road 1 lane controlled traffic at .5 mm, 3.56mm and 7.00mm and the below big blob of mud about the 7.1mm. 

    Shively Road is still taking a beating. [Photo by Marc Barsanti]

  • Sprowl Creek Road near airport flooded–impassable by small cars
  • Stagecoach Rd. – PM 1.00 Closed
  • Wilder Ridge Road closed at Landergen Road indefinitely no alternate route. (See here for more details.) But some local heros opened the road for the postal service at the French Ranch. 
    Country folks opening their own roads

    Country folks opening their own roads. [Photo by Marianne Odisio]

Mendocino County Roads:

The Mendocino Voice has information here.

Trinity County Roads:

We have limited information but this is what we know.

  • Van Duzen Road: Closed but Trinity County Dept of Transportation reports, “Van Duzen Road should reopen tomorrow afternoon. Weather and river dependent. but being undermined by the rising Van Duzen River.”
    Equipment and crews working on failing country road.

    Trinity County crews working to save the Van Duzen Road by applying riprap to the sides that are being chewed up by the river. [Photo provided by a reader]



  • Mother Nature looks p*ssed off!!!

  • Mountain Lion Lady

    Hey Kym, you may want to review the 101 closure on Broadway. I believe that was yesterday. As far as I know, it’s open today.

  • Thank you so much for putting this together like this!! You are amazing!!!

  • Thank you for this update Kym. Surprised we didnt get calls from schools yet.

  • I’m so sorry for what is going on up your way Kym. I wonder if the powers that be still think we’re in a drought. The American River that’s my back yard, ( I live in a Mobile Park ), is about 1 and a half feet from going over. What a mess. I’m worried about the people that are homeless that have their sleeping places along the river. The ones that have mental conditions. They get mixed up in their thinking.

    • The drought is long term… look up land subsidence. It will take at least 5 years of rain like this to truly fix the ecological side effects of the decade long drought we have experienced.

  • Up here in Bayside

    Information much appreciated!! You do our community such a great service… Thank you Kym!

  • The “ark” comment is rather unfunny to those of us living in the floodplain.

  • This is the start of Browns Creek in Trinity. This little walking bridge had been in place for over 30 years.

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    • Go crawl back under your rock or bridge or wherever it was you came from!!!!

    • Are you being paid by Russia?

    • This is a feed supplying important information about roads and safety. If you need to be a one sided political person take your comments to LOCO or some other site. We dont need your troll comments here and i think kym has every right to delete comments like these when there are community safety issues being discussed.
      Those horrible liberals are the reason you even have a place to comment, get it together

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      This hasn’t passed through history unremarked: Recall Shakespeare – “a fool thinks himself to be wise but the wise man knows himself to be a fool”.”

    • “Worming” haha hahaha, [edit]

  • Thanks Kym – saved me an aborted trip…

  • How are people getting into and out of Shelter Cove if both Briceland-Thorne and Wilder Ridge Roads are closed? As of 11:04am?

    • They aren’t, until the slide is cleared…haven’t heard yet that it has been, but there were rumours of one lane being open earlier, but have no info that it’s clear yet.

      • The slide’s been cleared…one lane, with county roads standing by until PG&E finishes their repair…

      • We were the first vehicle to come through briceland rd an hourish ago. They had only cut the tree that was jeopardizing the power lines. They were not real sure about letting traffic through at all, but decided to let some of us go and see how it went. They said it would close again when equipment was there to clear the slide.

    • CnD: As of now (11:45 a.m. ish on 2/9/17) this Shelter Coveian has aborted a trip to town. No work around that I am aware of at this time. Staying safe at home and will try again tomorrow. Hopefully the road will be open later for any folks driving back to the Cove and for parents/guardians who have kids who made it to town for school. Kym, it would be very helpful to have updates on school and bus situations relative to road conditions. Thanks for all you do Kym to keep us informed.

  • Jesus does Real Facts have a screw lose. I don’t know what his rant has to do with whats happening with the people that’s having a hard time because of this weather.

    • Responding to troll comments, just encourages more trolling. It’s best just to ignore them.

    • Don’t worry. He thinks he’s powered down because his solar panels “got wet” (as he commented in a post on a different topic). Hopefully, he’ll be stuck behind a slide where his batteries will die before he sobers up.

  • Truly appreciated

    Thanks for the updates. I live in shelter cove. Your website has helped me many times this winter.

  • them may be “R.O.T.R. Trolls” seeings how that bridge looks exactly like, if not the same bridge from French’s camp we all know and love so well. I did some welding on that bridge years ago and we built trolls into it.

  • Kym many thanks, i think you help way more people than you think!!!
    We are so spoiled to have such amazing local reporting.

    I remember when the roads used to go out we would have a parent who lived in town take us kids home from school until things cleared. Just a suggestion, good to have a back up plan even for earthquake. You never know, and it felt safe knowing that was the plan as a youngster. Ya gotta be ready for road issues living in rural areas, its just part of it 🙂

  • Just got a call from my husband. Not sure where he is on Bull Creek Road but there are at least five trees blocking the road. County there but it will be hours before they can get it clear.

  • Just drove into Ferndale. Fernbridge is down to one lane while CalTrans repairs something. Not sure what’s up.

  • Kym, I echo all of the thank yous posted here. You are very much appreciated! The regular updates are really helpful – for all news, but especially when the weather is this relentless. Thanks also to the good people of Humboldt County who provide input and updates. Here’s Berta Road this afternoon. One foot at the shallow portions.

  • Slightly outside your areas but;

    Press Democrat reporting that Highway 1 @ Jenner in Sonoma County is failing. Down to one lane, could see a total failure depending on rains.


  • Thanks for keeping us informed, Kym. Your road updates help me so much!

  • Any idea whats wrong with old briceland rd? I live out this way and didn’t see anything, although I’m not very far out from town, but no signs saying it is closed.

    • I got the information from Denton Carrick who works on Southern Humboldt roads sometime this afternoon. I haven’t heard anything new but it is possible that it has been cleared. I called and left a message asking for more information but he’s been pretty dang busy so we’ll see if he gets back to me tonight.

      • No worries, I’m sure he has more important things to do, Thank You for the wonderful community service you provide us, very helpful in our rural area!

  • thank you thank you Kym. I really don’t know what we would do without you in times like these. You’re kind of like the Estelle of the Internet when she was the KMUD news director!

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