Humboldt County Most Wanted–North

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Most wanted poster Humboldt County



    • Trump supporters are 4 times more likely to have had sex with a family member.

      • Liberal minded people are more likely to believe everything they imagine and promote communism with the blind idea it’s democracy.

      • Trump had absolutely nothing to do with Humboldt turning into a third world dump, you liberals did it all by yourselves.

        • You nailed it Uncledave, the liberals have gutted this County. Started 20 years ago when they grew in the hills beyond their means, then they took away the industries because it polluted, then they installed a District Attorney that would allow them to continue their mega grows (Paul Gallegos), then the drug culture was well established and it became not only OK to grow but well accepted as a “normal” way of life and a legitimate job.

          Only thing is its not. Look at what the hand slapping policies of Paul Gellegos did to the County, it basically called out to the rest of the world, come to Humboldt grow your mega grows, we wont stop you. You may get caught but pay a fine or plea bargain and “good to go”. The accepting drug culture has spawned all the other drugs that have taken over now, meth, heroine, extraction processes. All of these are absolutely destroying this place but the environmental groups that were so against the resource industries are silent on the destruction the marijuana growing has brought to the environment. Namely: direct take of endangered species such as fisher, salmon, steelhead from illegal water diversions and use of banned rodenticides, insecticides. Erosion from illegal road, greenhouse, and home construction that is bleeding soil into our watersheds. That does not even touch on the unacceptable homicide, and missing persons, destroyed families impacts to our community that comes from this horrible industry.

          Thank the liberals and their way of thinking that brought us to this point!

          • Are you kidding me? Liberals ruined everything? Holy shit you guys are going to have a wake up call when your boy trump starts fucking even more stuff up and destroys every relationship we have with other countries in the world. Then we will be alone with the whole world against us. Fuck you rascist Trump loving Republican’s you say we are ignorant and only believe in what we say? Look at you guys, your so close minded all you believe is what you hear on fox and the alternative facts (lies) your republican vultures spew to you low IQ dillwads you seem to have more faith in what Kelly Ann Conway says than you do in a religion. How do you not see they aren’t going to help people like you the hard working community you all just got played so hard it’s sickining. Your being lied to and you don’t even see it. It’s sad how low you IQ must be to believe one word those lieing piles of trash say. Really I just can’t wait until you see how much of a fuck up they are, then you’ll be acting like you never liked him and always thought he would fuck up. Just like republicans do with everything. When shit hits the fan point blame on something else and act like you knew it would happen. It’s your big egos. You feed off and tap into Trumps too I’m sure you trump voters catch yourself acting like him. Truthfully the world would be so much better without money hungry, earth hating, environment destroying, skin color hating, and Muslim banning Republicans.

            When you guys say make America great again. You are referring to a time in which segregation was legal, woman had very few rights, and the white man was like a king. Fuck you all for even wanting a little of that back, you have a special place in hell waiting for you.

            • Atheists don’t believe in hell so your statement is specious. As are ALL your statements. Move to Canada with the metrosexuals. This is Trumpland now, baby!

              • Classic trumpee, move to Canada! Like this is your land to say that, this land was stolen through broken treaties and mass genecide on native people you jackass. You telling me to move to Canada is like having a tenant try to kick the landlord out. I’m Native American. Native not metrosexual [edit], I’m not surprised your so quick to call this trumpland and hand it to him because your just a pawn. Be ready to get sacrificed for the mega rich. I’m sure you’ll understand then. [edit]

                • Happyfish, I said nothing about Trump in my explanation for what has happened and is continuing to happen in Humboldt County. As soon as you read liberal you went right to the national level. Liberal policies and the “let it be” culture has brought us to this point LOCALLY. It is a liberal mind set that has been responsible for our current pathetic situation of economy, grow lifestyle, accepted wide spread drug use, and hypocritical environmental groups.

                  Truth hurts!

                • Bill, Happyfish wasn’t responding to you.
                  Poster Stormy wrote “This is Trumpland “.
                  That’s the comment to which Happyfish responded.

                  Truth helps.

            • You still got a Bernie bumper sticker slapped across your eyes bro

          • Yeah. Liberals. Their credo is get all the money no matter who it hurts. What dimension have you been living in? Turn on the TV and have a look at what you’re fuhrer and his evil minions have been fomenting. But that’s O.K.


        “A new study from Match—formerly, currently a “relationship company”—provides some illuminating details.
        Using data gleaned from its 2015 survey of 5,504 U.S. singles, Match compared the sex and relationship attitudes of Trump’s supporters to those of Hillary Clinton’s.
        Among the reveals: Single Trump fans are 99 percent more likely than singles who support Clinton to film themselves having sex, and 1,104 percent more likely to expect sex on the first date.

        That’s 11 times as many Trump supporters as Clinton supporters who believe that they have the right to pout if their date doesn’t put out as well as the right to take America back from whomever’s currently in possession.
        Clinton’s base is 2,133 percent more likely than Trump’s to have no expectations for any physical contact at all on the first date.”

  • Crazy wentworth was walking through weaverville the other week. I guess trinity sheriff’s don’t do to much these days. County’s gone to pot.

    • No regular patrols in Trinity Pines! No budget. “Let us know if somebody’s dead.” There’s about 11K people in Trinity County — a place roughly the size of Delaware with a lot fewer roads — so it’s pretty much “Do your own thing & take care of yourself.” Clean air and cold rivers, though.

  • Ya’ll better drain your own swamp:
    “Crime has steadily declined in the United States and the State of California since 2004. But the decline in Humboldt County crime reversed after 2010, and has returned to about the same rate as 2004. As a result, there were 341.9 violent crimes per 100,000 residents and 3,251.2 property crimes per 100,000 residents over the last decade. Just under half the violent crimes in Humboldt County are generated from the City of Eureka and the Hoopla Valley Tribal community, according to the Lost Coast Outlook.”

    • Hoopla Valley? Lost Coast Outlook?

      • Still wanting to see a story about yards of grow trash, and trash, trash being swept into the river in P ville, calls have been made. Others are also concerned, look at comments on fire on river bar. Why is this being swept under the carpet. Kim this is your town….Please…….

        • I put out 17 stories yesterday. I’m trying but I can’t keep up. Send me some good photos and I’ll move it up my list of things that need to be reported.

          • I cant take photos from the 101, i feel its to dangerous for me to walk up to these yards and start filming…I know how busy you are with all the road closes and mud slides. But this trash is being washed into the river as we type…Can”t believe no one could stop this from happening. As i stated i called water board last thur, took them till wed. of the next week to return my call. Of course they said they will look into it. But i am sure no one is rushing to “Save the Eel River” makes me sad…

      • Breitbart, Kym…fake news😎

      • “Hoopla Valley? Lost Coast Outlook?”

        Seriously bad ‘reporting’. Some backround on the author, Chriss W. Street.

        “After a judge’s rebuke, O.C. treasurer won’t seek reelection
        A judge ruled that Chriss Street breached his fiduciary duty by failing to protect and liquidate the assets of a trust he managed before becoming treasurer. He must pay more than $7 million in damages.

        Street’s troubles stem from the eight years he spent at the helm of a bankruptcy trust before he was elected treasurer in June 2006. Last week, a judge ruled that Street had, as a bankruptcy trustee, breached his fiduciary duty by failing to protect and liquidate the trust’s assets.

        …the judge ruled, Street lost millions in an ill-fated attempt to build an empire by buying bankrupt trailer manufacturers.

        “This is a case where a fiduciary lost sight of his mandate . . . by engaging in unsuccessful business ventures, self-dealing and violations of the liquidating trust agreement,” wrote Judge Richard Neiter, the U.S. Bankruptcy court judge who presided over a two-day civil trial in February.”

        ^^^That is definitely the same, obviously untrustworthy person who wrote that spurious Brightbarf article.

    • Gotta love these facts/truths!

  • the country is so divided right now it’s unbelievable, we are now normalizing the constant attack on each other that we no longer care about one another, it’s all in the plan to turn our country against each other to declare marshal law and do mass deportation, he signed a magic executive order to start building detention centers at the Mexican border, one lady was deported yesterday as a trial to see how the croud will react

  • Wentworth has been on the most wanted forever geeez.

  • ICE, ICE, Baby. Bye bye bye.

  • Hey Happy Fish. Your ignorance is the problem. Knowlage is power. Try an look at the truth sometime. Look around you. You can do it. Trump was elected our president for a reason. Get out of the bouble you are in….

    • Indeed “Knowledge” is power not “knowlage” [edit], also I do look around me and all I see is people who generally aren’t the brightest in the first place, being fooled and falling for the lies and bull shit acting your president (not mine) has been spewing. He’s been saying all these things just to win. He will never help hard working people like you and me how can you not see that? Really a billionaire with the biggest ego ever cares about us? Since when in the hell has that ever happened? And then his track record with hiring people to build places then firing them and saying they did it wrong and never paying them. Only to close the building losing tons of jobs, just to make a tiny profit (which has happened A-lot with him and his business schemes)! How’s about you look at the bigger picture! I could go on and on about the horrible shit trump has done to the hard working people of our country and country’s all over the world. Why do you think he and his companies are banned from certain countries? He treats them like slaves. Which is exactly what we will be if his plans go the way he and Steve Bannon want them to. Wake up

      • Happyfish, are you seriously correcting someone’s spelling when you are basically illiterate? Do you have an argument anywhere or are you just another hysterical, liberal idiot screaming, crying insults? That’s a rhetorical question. Do you know what rhetorical means Happy? Didn’t think so. Go Trump!

        • Are you referring to the incomplete sentences and the non existent apostrophes and commas. Well, that’s something I choose to do so I could fluently write. Plus I see a flaw in your three sentence comment. Also, my choice to correct his spelling was making a point in itself. Maniac said, “knowlage is power” and clearly spelled knowledge wrong. My comment has no argument I’m stating facts not alternative facts.

  • Hey happyfish… I rest my case. When the name calling spues out, the reasoning is over. You are a danger to the constitution as well as our country.

    • Everything trump has done in the first three weeks is dangerous for our constitution, are you joking me? Also, Name calling was Trumps biggest thing. What, now you can’t take it?

      • You don’t think Hillery would have changed our constitution? Freedom of speech was at risk with here, as well as our right to defend ourselves against our government. We just got through 8 years of a socialist liberal progressive Obama. Don’t you see why Trump won. Some of us said enough was enough. We need to save our country. I assume you will never be able to see clearly enough to understane where our country was headed. With Trump, there is hope that we will stay free. The silent majority rules.


        “It makes us feel better to separate ourselves from people whose behavior we don’t like. It makes us feel moral, safe, and beyond reproach. But separating the other people as evil means we are more likely to lash out at them and, before we know it, become cruel ourselves.”

    • Love these “Constitutional experts” spewing their balather. Do you not recognize what has gone on in American politics over the last couple of months? Do you not recognize what a Twitter twat, liar and fear mongerer your furher in chief is?

  • What does all the trump haters have to do with Humboldt most wanted wtf

    • No kidding. This is getting so old. Every new story and it’s the same old political crap from the same old people. Get a life people. Or start your own blog.

      • I agree. I have a good life. I am just amazed at how devided we are and I am just trying to understand the hatred. Just a science project.

  • Rutherford looks like Wentworths furture self.

  • Hillary supporters are alleged child molesters google #pizzagate and see for yourself

  • Responding to vistor 7:14 . Sick of stupid, good choice of name.

  • Not quite sure if any of the political points of view are correct either way. To each his own. But one thing stands true. There’s alot of hate and discontent on all sides. Or both sides. Left and right. All over the country. Never seen so much divide in my lifetime. And a house divided cannot stand on its own. Maybe there’s a civil war coming. Who knows but the rhetoric and violence that’s being displayed not only on the local level but at the state level as well certainly points that way. And in my opinion if it keeps heading this direction it’s going to be inevitable.

  • Pro-Hair Hitler flaming orange Satan trolls: Republicans are the party of STUPID. {edit]

  • Love Trump's cake

    Snowflakes don’t lose very well. After 8 years of pajama boy, I’m enjoying every squeal from them. Keep it up snowflakes, its a constant reminder of who won.

  • HAHAHA! WOW Kym, the comments on this story are more INSANE than usual. Why do I get the feeling it was one insane ranting maniac with 15 personalities and 25 pen names, that made every single comment. HAHAHAHA!

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