Fire on Broadway Caused an Estimated $750,000 Damage

Video of the firefight provided by Laurie Jensen

Information from Humboldt Bay Fire:

At approximately 5:30am on February 8th Humboldt Bay Fire was dispatched to a structure fire at 3600 Broadway Avenue with smoke coming from the building. The initial dispatch included two duty Chiefs, a squad, two engines and a truck. The first arriving unit reported heavy smoke visible from the door of a commercial market.

Units set up for fire attack and deployed multiple lines to attack the fire. A primary search was conducted to determine if any occupants were inside the building. The tiller ladder
truck was set up to access the roof and coordinate venting the heat, smoke and gases from the interior. A second alarm was requested to move another HBF unit to the fire scene and an Arcata Fire District engine into Eureka to assist in coverage. Fire conditions rapidly changed and it was apparent this was a well-established fire toward the rear of the building. Interior access was very difficult. A commercial second alarm was called for to bring in another engine and truck from mutual aid agencies.Smoke conditions changed rapidly and indicated a deterioration of interior conditions, accompanied by fire ventilating through the roof away from ventilation crews. All units were removed from the interior of the building to attack the fire from the exterior in case of structural collapse and significantly high heat and no visibility.

El Pueblo market

[Photos and video below by Stormy Taylor]

Additional fire apparatus from Arcata and Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene to assist with water supply and attacking the fire. Samoa Fire units provided station coverage to maintain emergency response services to the Eureka area. The fire was controlled after approximately two hours with areas still actively burning due to collapsed structural members and debris. Crews are still on scene overhauling the fire and investigating the cause and origin working with the Humboldt County Arson Task Force. A total of 30 firefighters from four agencies operated on the fire scene, and several more provided station coverage.

Property damage is estimated at $750,000 as the building and contents are a total loss. Adjoining occupancies were not directly damaged by the fire but did require assistance in smoke removal. No injuries to occupants or firefighters were reported.

El Pueblo market

Rapidly growing fires can occur in any structure at any time of day or night due to accidents, negligence or gross disregard for the safety of others. Working alarm and suppression systems including fire alarms and sprinkler systems are a great benefit to individuals, businesses and the community as they protect property, contents and assets.

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  • That is one hell of a post fire debris pile left over!

  • My heart sank as I watched this devastation happening to yet another Humboldt county landmark I had my 21st birthday drink in the “Cave” 11-23-84. I felt so helpless, and am so glad no one was injured. I also hope the owners of the El Pueblo store can rebuild quickly and get on with their normal lives again

  • Hopefully they weren’t insured by John Ford.

  • Several people were digging through the pile as we drove by yesterday evening. A couple of people had buckets. Couldn’t figure out what they were doing.

  • “Just me” I thought the same thing.lets hope not.

  • Whata going on with this many fires in such short amount of time?
    Is there an arsonist on the loose? Are the owners wanting insurance money?
    Therefore torching it down as opposed to costly demolition?
    Or is this all,coincidence?
    Eureka is a small town,.. How does one explain all these fires?

  • Everyone in humboldt burns down there crappy buildings and blames it on transcients. there is so many homeless they make perfect scapegoats for all your problems. good riddence, we didnt need that eyesoar of a building anymore.

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