Rally for Planned Parenthood This Saturday

Planned parenthood rally posterPress release:

Planned Parenthood Supporters will rally in front of the Eureka Courthouse Saturday 1-3PM to DEFEND Planned Parenthood.  This is in response to a  DEFUND Planned Parenthood rally scheduled at our local clinic as part of a larger national movement also this Saturday. We have posted a public event page on Facebook titled, ‘Support Planned Parenthood Rally‘  and currently have 40 planning to attend and 203 interested according to the event page.  Planned Parenthood celebrated its 100th Anniversary last year, we are in 50 states and we aren’t going anywhere!  PP provides birth control, STD testing and cancer screens as well as abortion and SAVES LIVES!!



  • Save human lives! DEFUND THEM NOW!!!!!

    • 3% of planned parenthood funding is used for abortions and none of that funding comes from federal and/or state money.

      The other 97% of what they do is to provide women with gynecological health care regardless of what they can pay. They offer services for family planning as well, which was critical in the past as women without health care had few places to turn for assistance with their pregnancies and births, or risked huge debt to do so.
      PP provides low cost pap smears and breast health exams.
      You should be thanking them for all the money theyve saved in emergency room visits by providing medical services to people who may otherwise have to wait until they feel so bad they end up in ER, which costs us all a lot. By being able to afford a pap every year a woman can catch things like cervical cancer before it turns deadly. Insurance right now covers 1 every 3 years if your last pap was clean.

      Ok, have to say it, i honestly dont get the anti abortion movement as they seem to be the same folks complaining about all these people on welfare.
      They only seem to care about the child until its born. How can you tell poor women they cant have abortions safely/legally and then tell them how awful they are for not having money to feed the kid? Do you really believe in a God that would rather see children suffer under horrible traumatic violent situations?
      You dont seem to care much about our govt blowing up a maternity hospital, or the tremendous amount of kids killed by our drone strikes. Wheres the “pro-life” then? So its only white american fetuses you care so much about?

      • There are documented investigations that show that only 1 in 10? clinics provide care for all women. Prenatal care is rare. Ultrasounds are provided only for those who are aborting. I’m sure every state is different, but that’s why healthcare is a privatisation issue, not a government’s issue.
        The government is limited, by contract, to enumerated duties in the contract. Healthcare is not one of their delegated duties. They are to specialize in war, peace, negotiations, foreign commerce, … not uteruses, marriage, science, or bathrooms.

  • Wouldn’t it all be much easier if one had to pass a test to fornicate?

  • What do they hope to accomplish? Wouldn’t a rally for strong independent women who unite to help the weak & the strong women pay for their pleasures and errors be more productive? I imagine most males would love to chip in, as they should.
    I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore and nobody’s ever going to keep me down again song has a solid message for self responsibility.
    I am victimized, hear me beg, in numbers too big to ignore and everybody’s going to pay my way again… is pretty defeative.
    Everybody needs help now & then, nothing wrong with asking for help.
    Forcing people to help causes dependence.
    Things easily learned in old school, but new school teaches students to hate old school.
    I truly don’t understand the “entitlement” perspective.

  • Great more roads blocked by a bunch of people whom don’t know why they are standing in the middle of the road. Oh and leaving their trash for all to pick up after them. And what do you think this is going to accomplish???

  • No Chicken Iittle

    They don’t do one mammogram. 30% of all abortions in US. 2 billion dollar business 500 million from tax payers. Murder Inc but you libes are ok with it because it keeps rich white girls form ruining their fairy tail life and the rest are blacks and minority’s who wants that? Defund it now!

  • The bible pretty clearly calls for abortions in Numbers 5:11-31. Lets keep up with the rallies, everyone! It seems to be frightening to the rightwingers to see that we outnumber their protests 1000 to 1!

  • What I mean is that those who advocate abortion, they were born by mothers who brought them into this world. Yes. Then why if they were given life that they should advocate taking life away from the innocent. To me this is baffling. I’m just stating my opinion. That’s all.

  • The law in California is stated; If a drunk driver kills a woman who is pregnant even in first trimester , that person is guilty of ” Double Homicide ” one murder for the woman one for the unborn infant. same goes for other types of murder, if you shoot a woman and she lives but the unborn child dies the person shall be guilty of homicide. Can you see the Hypocrite in these abortionist.

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