One of Humboldt’s Most Wanted Arrested After Chase

Sylvia Jenkins mugshot Around 3:45 p.m., an officer chased Sylvia Jenkins, one of Humboldt County’s Most Wanted, along Hwy 96 onto Carpenter Lane in Hoopa and captured her. She had several felony warrants.

In May of 2016, Jenkins allegedly escaped officers in Siskiyou County by driving a stolen vehicle at high speeds until she crashed. Then she fled on foot from the accident scene. (See here for more.)



  • Lost Croat Outburst

    OK, we’re trying to write the Humboldt Anthem here. All I have so far is: high speed races aaaand long foot chases. Need music too. OK: drivin’ crazy ’cause I’m a bit hazey. Don’t be grabbin’ my butt unless you mean it. Look, I can’t do everything.

    • Hrmm, I can try….

      Long foot races, High-speed chases
      Unsolved cases, Pockmarked faces.
      Most all grow pot, very few do not
      Some grow a lot, just don’t get caught.
      Meth is everywhere, cops don’t care
      Unless there’s cash, then they’re there.
      Aren’t you glad you moved to Humboldt County?

      The friendly city isn’t, neighbors all distant
      Houses all vacant, residents all vagrant.
      Random structure fires, tents pitched in mires
      Drugs only desires, no one aspires.
      No more industry, everyone in misery
      Some turn to robbery, others just thievery.
      Aren’t you glad you moved to Humboldt County?

      Protest logging, inhabit wooden lodging
      There was fishing, but now it’s just wishing.
      Stop pipelines afar, while driving a car
      Need towers for cellular, everyone goes to war.
      Rather than a train, find ways to complain
      Pot’s always the refrain, somehow it will sustain.
      Aren’t you glad you moved to Humboldt County?

      Zombies on the streets, back-alley meets
      Spoon heating repeats, with black tar sweets.
      Wandering about the road, like frogger the toad
      Where it’s yellowed, waiting to get mowed.
      Always committing crime, never doing time
      A life of grime, started in their prime.
      Aren’t you glad you moved to Humboldt County?

      Every day in the news, someone the government screws
      They care not your views, appointing only their nephews.
      Don’t try building near the coast, or your permits will be toast
      Live where their law is utmost, and your toilet will make compost.
      Low-income housing an issue, but provide and the city will sue
      No other viable avenue, when you’re society’s residue.
      Aren’t you glad you moved to Humboldt County?

      This time of year, rain is always near
      Flooding always to fear, water up to the pier.
      Highway covered in rocks, puny things nature mocks
      Last chance tickling clocks, Caltrans always just talks.
      Waiting for big earthquakes, precautions one undertakes
      Buildings the earth forsakes, ground the earth retakes.
      Aren’t you glad you moved to Humboldt County?

      Kill someone’s daughter, only get charged with manslaughter
      No one seems to find it odder, driving drinking fire water.
      If you only rob a store, the prison is a revolving door
      Stab a few of the poor, and you’ll still be out by four.
      The DA always offers a plea, rarely the inside you will see
      No matter your crime spree, and your danger to society.
      Aren’t you glad you moved to Humboldt County?

      Ok, I need to get back to work, and it’s obvious I’m not a songwriter…

  • Ugly inside and out.

  • No Chicken Iittle

    That’s a awesome bushytails

  • Quite right, wot?

  • You dont travel much do ya?

  • Patriot in Willits

    Somebody should move to Nashville and show those hacks how its done!

  • Born in garb I’m 56 to bushy you could not have said it better,so true ,but so sad that it is true.

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