Ambulance Responds to Assault Victim at Morris Elementary in McKinleyville

Assault FeatureLaw enforcement and an ambulance have responded to Morris Elementary School for a reported assault that reportedly occurred during an argument between a woman and her ex-husband.

Below is the original call on the scanner.



  • Damn Mickey ville slow your roll

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Wow, tempers are getting very short with the short days and controversial election and stuff. Maybe we need a local Urgent Care Clnic for Emotional Distress. Maybe name it for a famous local emoter. The Dennis Mayo Clinic for the Emotionally stressed. A few days at the Mayo Clinic could be sort of badge of honor, a sign that you are coping. Like a few days at the Betty Ford for substance issues. I’m dealing with it, man.

  • People need to start smoking more weed or valume or something opposite of what they are now. Deep breath osfaba, osfaba,

  • TaxpayerSteveDobbs

    Good ol redneck slap down
    Go mckinleyville go!
    Slap slap slap!

  • Take your issue’s off the schools property away from the children’s view!!!

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