Shooting Suspect Escaped Search in the Ferndale/Bear River Casino Area

Shawn Hof, Jr

Law enforcement got word on Friday that Shawn Hof, Jr. who was wanted for shooting at a Fish and Wildlife officer in August of 2016 was going to be near the Bear River Casino. According to Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, an officer patrolling near Singley Road located a vehicle that was associated with Hof last night. The officer attempted to pull over the vehicle but the driver would not yield. Instead, the driver drove at a slow rate of speed for some time. When the driver, eventually pulled over, a person or persons fled the vehicle on foot.

“We’re not sure who it was [that fled,]” Swithenbank said. However, it is believed that Hof may have been the individual.

A K-9 was brought to the area. However, the K-9 took some time to arrive and rain had removed the scent and officers were unable to track the suspect.

Shawn Hof

Shawn Hof, Jr

At this point, officers believed that Hof may have gone to a home in Ferndale. Swithenbank said that the SWAT was already in the area because of the information they had received that Hof would be located around the Bear River Casino. SWAT went to the Ferndale residence where there was a gathering of about 10 people.

The 10 individuals were detained but Hof was not located. The Department of Fish and Wildlife continues to search for him. There is a $20,000 reward offered.

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  • Somebody just missed out on the $20,000 reward. So close but no payday.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      They never pay it, even as bond.
      You’re lucky to get $5k a fugitive and most likely that is in payment over 1 or 2 years.

      If Trump would bounty $10k a grower with sat-image to verify, the ‘boldt would be free in 60 days.

      Arresting and deporting growers is the first step in creating communties parents will raise children in, until then crime, weed trash, and garbage is the name of the game.

      Hope in super bowl halftime, we’ll see the number 20, 33, or 22 shine. If we do it’s a signal that growers will be looking at boots all over the country.
      Place your bets!
      Those numbers with a green backdrop means it’s time.
      Round them up, loot their stuff, we’ve just had enough.

  • Must be stressful since he doesn’t know who his real friends are anymore. Think he may shoot it out ?

    • He already shot at the Game Warden when they tried to arrest him for Poaching!!! So it isn’t much of a stretch to think he may just try to shoot his way out!!! He nevcer has been the sharpest knife in the drawer, sadly!!! I knew & worked with him back when he was a student at Bridgeville Elementary School!!!

  • Tired of the crime

    Wow. 20 grand reward? Almost tempted to go get him myself!

  • He’s a slippery elusive critter thats for sure.You can run but not hide forever. Eventually the law with catch up to him. $20,000 is alot of chedder. My guess is someone close to him will eventually drop a dime.

  • Kym edited my last post, so I want go there anymore. Whoever he is hanging out with can’t be good people. This is the type of guy that looks up to the Sanchez clan, so that should tell you something. He needs to be locked away forever, because there is zero hope for this guy. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • This is someone s son brother ,nephew &grandson you people don’t need to be so dam heart less he’s not a bad person just made some bad decisions but haven’t we all so if you don’t have anything nice to say keep your comments to your self

    • Nice people don’t shoot at cops or any other person. Scum all the way

    • OK, stop right there! I know loving someone can lead you to defend them, no matter what. But come on. Outside of everything else he has done, he fired a weapon at a CDFW officer. This took place while Sean was making a “bad decision”, poaching deer. To most mouth breathers, its ok to poach, but trying to take the life of another man while he was doing his job, is flat out evil and selfish. He needs to be held responsible for his actions. What if he killed the officer? What would you be saying? The man he shot at has a family too and he wasn’t making bad decisions. He was working, which is something Sean has no clue about. Sean is trash and will always be trash. Anyone associating with him is trash as well.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Yes, everyone shoots at game wardens, and continues to flee from the punishment they bring on them selves….. [edit], someone who shoots at a person doing their job is the definition of a BAD PERSON!

    • If he’s not so bad then why is he still running. Good people don’t shoot at law enforcement. Good people don’t put themselves in those circumstances. Good people say to themselves I’m a fuck up and have done wrong I better turn myself in before I hurt someone. Sorry auntie but your boy doesn’t seem to have that capacity in my opinion. And the longer he runs the worse it’s going to be for him.

      • Many bad people kill good people all the time….they even get a weekly paycheck and a pension. People need to get their perspective a little broader. We live in a very dark world beyond the reach of most people’s understanding. Look at how violent our culture is. If anyone out there truly gives a damn, they might look at the non stop nature of warfare in our society. We bitch and complain about the low hanging fruit while murder and pillaging has been institutionalized at the highest levels of the government. It is insane how much vitriol is spewed between the left and right, liberal and conservative while the globalists ram a Trojan Horse into your proverbial home and we don’t even realize what’s coming down the pipe. Who’s to blame? Parents, teachers, the church? the whole system has been hijacked and we are still spending money on weapons of mass destruction, mass surveillance, mass food production, mass sterilization, mass medication, and we don’t have the attention span to really get our children prepared for the real world demands that we all have to face. Most people want to make this world a better place, they just haven’t been given the right skillset to challenge the beast. Support local products and maybe create a dialogue with all the people in the hills to set aside land to grow food crops, they have been setting the stage for a potentially beneficial community organization that could help all of us learn how to become more self sufficient and that Is the revolution that will not televised. This global agenda wants to create mindless and voiceless and a Powerless people. Stand up and make a change for the better, WE NEED ALL THE PEOPLE FOR THIS BATTLE. GOD BLESS, OR WHATEVER ENTITY MAKES YOU WANT TO BE A BETTER HUMAN BEING!

        • Good comment. Remember some people depend on the system for their money. Welfare was put into place to keep tabs on people and to have something to take away if they act up. Parasites can’t be freed from the source. They can not survive on their own. They need a host. When the system stops being their host, they turn to the rest of society. Thats what most of this trash feeds on, the rest of us. I sure hope the hell your comment was not some excuse for his behavior. The only excuse would be looking at how he was raised and the values taught to him.

      • There is a prominent rumor about that he swears he didnt shoot his truck just backfired. Load of crap. Didnt they recover a gun? I cant remember. But dear gawd folks, maybe if we quit defending the moronic and atrocious actions of our offspring and relatives and ourselves the world might be a better place. No sympathy for criminals, druggies and stupidity. 0 tolerance zone.

    • One of those “bad decisions” almost killed someone, on PURPOSE! What part did you play in his up-bringing, Auntie? Did you convene the class on excuses?

    • Oh auntie, they have to be rude and heart less. just a bunch of low rent busy bodies without lives. thats all they know. problem raised that way.

      • Ya everyone on here is mean, your attempted murderer friend is just a saint. probably bad parenting right. Haha nuts

    • Trying to kill a warden removes him from the list where anyone should be nice to him.

  • Those two pictures are the same person?!?

  • Where is Dog the derelict Hunter when you need him?

  • If he is not a bad person, then the family should have no problem turning him over to authorities and donating the reward money to their favorite charity.

  • Ill bet u all dollars to donuts that the kid never even shot “at” the warden. If anything he was probably shooting at a deer. The warden heard the shot pissed himself, tried to go big bad bad cop, and when regular law enforcement didnt jump immediately into action, he cried “but he shot at me….whaaaah!!!” And got everybodies panties in a bunch over if. Thats the way those pod- pulling, barrel-assed, high-fiving badge packing criminals are up there, Mr. Swithinbank…

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