Water and Cannabis: A Workshop

Press release from the State Water Board’s Division of Water Rights:

On February 8, 2017 from 5 PM to 8 PM, the State Water Board, the North Coast Regional Water Board, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife are hosting a South Fork Eel River public workshop.

The workshop will be in Briceland at the Octagon, and will include participation from local non-profit organizations. The Workshop includes information on:

  • Licensing and permitting related to water and cannabis cultivation; and
  • Efforts to evaluate and improve stream flow, and protect water quality and fish.

The workshop also offers one-on-one time for the public to meet with non-profit and agency staff.

For more info on water and cannabis, come out to the Octagon in Briceland on February 8, between 5 and 8 PM. RSVPs Appreciated:  (916) 319-0217 – Adam Weinberg



  • how about: water and new development: the totally ignored, lobby driven, resource guzzling elephant in everybodys room. how many more people can we cram into yours?

  • How about- Water Rights on Your Own Land: How you are exchanging them for a permit to use your own water because you want to grow weed. Or that other workshop- Are You a Coward? Apply for permits, pay fees and taxes and still get buried in the new SAFE weed economy!

  • So how much of our water is used for cannabis and how much is used for other agriculture?

  • how about staying on topic and saying something positive for a change. i have never seen such a bunch of cry baby’s. bla bla about nothing. but you are entertaining.

  • Mosthe of the water used in humboldt is for cattle production. Interesting with all the big time dairy producers there is not some law for cattlemen and women to register there wells and any other water pumping use they do. Drive these small dairy men out over nite tax em and regulate em till they can’t compete. Supply and demand.

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