[Found!] Missing Man With Dementia Last Seen in Eureka But May Have Headed to SoHum

James "Jed" Drews[UPDATE: Located in SoHum] A 75-year-old Southern Humboldt man was last seen around 6 p.m at Eureka Natural Foods. His name is James Drews. He is around 5’11” and 75 years old with white/gray hair.

He is driving a silver 2014 Toyota Tacoma with camper shell. The License plate number is 97401P1.

He was wearing a black puffy coat, a black beanie and grey sweatpants. He has a medium-sized brown dog with him named Delta.

“He has dementia and is diabetic and needs his medicine,” said his daughter Mary Jo Wilber. “We think he headed towards Southern Humboldt…He lives in the Harris area so we think he may have gone that way… We are worried that he may have driven off the road.”

Drews may also go to Bayshore Best Western and Seamus T Bones as he stayed at the Bayshore last night.

Silver Toyota Tacoma

While not the actual vehicle, it looks like Jed Drews’ vehicle.

UPDATE 7:47 a.m.: Mr. Drews showed up at the family’s home in Miranda!



  • I saw this man yesterday at the bus stop in front of Murphy’s in Trinidad. It was 11:00 am. He was yelling and had his dog with him.

  • Fantastic news he’s found safe & sound.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Hope his truck was recovered along with him, that ride is a high theft due to all the growers wanting the Toyota image to compliment their subversion.

    It’s good he went to ENF, healthy food is important.

  • On a side note, hopefully his dementia is being monitored as according to the California DMV moderate to severe dementia may result in a suspension of driving privileges.

    How would his family feel if he became disoriented/distracted and caused an accident?

  • Glad he’s safe and sound!!God bless

  • Why on Earth does this man still have his car keys??????? If he has dementia, then legally, he can’t drive. Someone should take his keys and report him to the DMV so they can pull his driver’s license. Sheesh!

  • Agree on the why is he still driving part. I have had to cut a relative off driving and it isn’t fun, but the moments of confusion are dangerous for everyone

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