[UPDATE 9:16 a.m.] Three Men With Handguns Reportedly Robbed an Arcata Residence

Yesterday afternoon about 2:20 p.m., the Arcata Police received a report of an armed robbery at a residence in the 1600 block of Old Arcata Road, not far from Jacoby Creek Elementary School.

Reportedly three males with handguns took multiple items from the home there. Below is scanner from the BOLO that was sent out.

We’ve requested more information from the Arcata Police Department.

UPDATE 9:16 a.m.: According to Sgt. Brian Hoffman of the Arcata Police Department, a resident of a home off of Old Arcata Road called law enforcement and reported that three black males had contact with the resident  inside the home.

“During the conversation, one produced a handgun and pointed it at the resident and took off with some personal property,” Hoffman said. The three fled southbound on Old Arcata Road in a Chevy Suburban.

Though APD immediately put out a BOLO (Be on the Lookout) neither the suspects nor the vehicle were located.




  • Good vehicle information, but nothing on the robbers?????

  • what did they take?

  • They took, “personal property.”

    I’m guessing this crew just walked the streets of Arcata until finding a house that appeared to have the “personal property,” desired.

  • Justtiredofthieves

    I got my house robbed 2 months ago and I found who did it but they took herb how do I get that back, 4 guys and 2 women all had guns all people from eureka I would put their names on here but I don’t think it’s allowed

  • Bars on the doors,and camera’s outside ,is what it’s come to. It’s such a shame.My g-parents used to keep our doors unlocked for guests.which we had on the regular. My relatives,friends who traveled.They had tons of friends.They had hospitality down!!!Very giving,I learned from the best.We’ve taken so many kids in our home.Now they get keys!!

    • Word on the street is Arcata is blaming Eureka for all their problems for closing the Playground and chasing off everyone. Eureka tries to get better and Arcata’s little bubble gets burst and they don’t know how to handle things, so they just move the blame. Can’t be having crime stats go up in a college town when mom and dad are looking around.

      • That was out of left field. Homeless people do not cruise around in Suburbans robbing people with handguns. Hell, a Suburban is a house. How ignorant can somebody be?

        • Lol, very entertaining. “Most on this blog don’t have a clue what they’re talking about”. This from the person that made up a life for me so they could badmouth me in a comment? You’re too funny!!

  • What’s to stop these criminals from committing crimes when there’s no reprocussion for thier actions? How many of the perps have been arrested and prosecuted for home invasion in the last year? Of those that have, how many were given a real sentence? Until there’s a reason for these low lives to not commit crimes, they will keep doing it. If there was a loaded 12 gauge behind every door in humboldt, do you think all of the home invasions would continue? I doubt it! There’s sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs. Do you want to be a defenseless sheep?

  • It says in the audio the License Plate # 7PYR665

  • Tired of the crime

    There’s been a lot of black dudes robbing places recently

    • The Ostrich Hunter

      Or you just have a lot of shitbags’ getting robbed who feel it would be easier to point at imaginary black burglars than dime out some of their fellow local lowlifes. Like that Papini woman who was “abducted by 2 spanish women ” and then miraculously returned in time for Thanksgiving. If it walks like a duck…

    • Don’t point out uncomfortable facts or you will be labeled a racist. You will notice that the initial report was three males and not three black males. God forbid we accurately describe what the perps look like and possibly catch them, lest we offend somebody. No, lets all bury our fucking heads in the sands of political correctness. After all, I’m sure the crime rate for blacks here correlates evenly with their 1 or 2% (whatever it is) population rate. If it doesn’t, then blame it on racism and or poverty.

  • All this friggin’ political correctness! Me thinks we will be worse off in the coming years (sooner than later) because we are afraid of offending someone, something, some lifestyle, and everything else. Report the facts! Don’t be afraid of telling the truth! Don’t be afraid of offending the current generation of whiners and ‘free-thinkers’!!!! They need a dose of reality. The world is often a cruel place. Always has been; always will be. And it will be perceived as far worse if the whiners of today don’t get their sorely needed dose of reality.

  • Oooh, I like sand. It’s so soft.

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