Zero to Fierce: Celebrating Creative Women


A festival celebrating creative women in our Humboldt community.



  • Yahooo. Sounds great. And everyone remember activism is not a bad, or scary word. It just being active.

  • Women, in my opinion, will save Humboldt County from itself, and in the end, I hope women will be able to save our country, and the world, from the stupid men who have dominated it for so long.

  • In my opinion, That depends on the type of women. Women no doubt can be leaders and true American patriots. But I’m afraid if Hillary and the like had been running our country say 70 years ago. We’d all be speaking Japanese.

  • I’ve have felt proud my whole life to be a woman.i was able to give birth to wonderful people.thank you god!!! I was told I would never have children so I thank God everyday for my blessed.

  • Isn’t this event and some of the comments above sexist and demeaning to men?

  • This poster doesn’t say where the event is located. Am I missing something? That information would be useful.

    • I had the same reaction. Then I realized that this is going to include workshops, talks etc and they all may be scattered throughout the area.

      • Kym.. the multi-day festival will be at the Playhouse in Arcata. This poster is more of a call for submissions. The final schedule and announcement of events–with location details– will come out in a couple weeks, I believe.

  • From ZERO to fierce? Seriously? That’s the campaign message?
    Every person who has followed historical events, & incredible people, know that this campaign is backwards. We’ve gone from FIERCE to Zero in one century flat.

  • Go to local group meetings in So Hum. I have found that the vast majority of those attending are women. (The only exception, I believe, are the VFDs). As examples, the staff at both KMUD and the Credit Union have long been majority women. Also, a BIG majority of the theater community. Local schools. Hospice. Blue Moon, Papermill, Garden of Beadin, 2 insurance brokers, Chautauqua (Peg started and still in the mix), Salons, clothing stores, restaurants, second hand store(s), etc, etc. There’s even an intelligent, caring woman who has a highly respected on-line blog (! (The way women show up in the community is somewhat a reflection that the men in dual gender relationships, in this area, are more often the ones growing the marijuana).
    And yes, as a group, women are sometimes imperfect, as we men certainly have proven ourselves to be!
    We are blessed to have strong, caring, intelligent, active women in the area!
    So. Bring it on!!!

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