Man Rescued by Helicopter From North Jetty

Coast Guard lifting a man from a jetty covered in waves

When a red pickup got stuck on the north jetty, the Coast Guard rescued the driver. [Photo from the Coast Guard]

Press release from Coast Guard: (The Lost Coast Outpost has some terrifying footage of the incident.)

The Coast Guard rescued a man from the Humboldt Bay north jetty Thursday after he became stranded in his vehicle during a period of high surf and high tide.

Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay watchstanders dispatched crews aboard an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter and a 47-foot Motor Lifeboat to the scene after being notified at approximately 11:26 a.m., that a man had driven his vehicle onto the jetty where his vehicle became disabled, putting him in distress from breaking waves and high tides.

The Coast Guard aircrew determined the conditions to be too hazardous for other means of rescue, and hoisted the man into the helicopter. The man was reportedly uninjured and the vehicle remains on the jetty until conditions are safe for recovery.

The Coast Guard reminds the public to remain vigilant during changing ocean conditions and remain off coastal rocks, jetties, and outcroppings during periods of high surf. When boating, always wear a life jacket, file a float plan, and check the weather before heading out. The National Weather Service forecast for the area can be found at



  • So will he be fined?

    • I sure hope so!!!!!! Stupidity! Us natives know to stay off jetties when high, dangerous surf! Really, really stupid!!!

      • I was assuming non-natives would get a clue the jetty might be a bad idea to drive on when you are watching the waves engulf the entire structure right before you head out. I know that would be my first instinct. But I guess this guy didn’t think that far ahead.

  • Pretty sure that’s gonna hurt the checkbook. Good thing we have the coast guard or else this fella might not have made it home for dinner.

  • Dumbass, atleast they got some practice go coasties!

  • He should be charged for the rescue. His ignorance and stupidity caused the CG to risk their lives to save his.

  • Watch the video on loco. Dude really cheated death. Complete idiot.

  • He did cheat death, not so sure about his vehicle. Sure was a stupid move on his part. He wasn’t aware of the danger, Arkansas, yee haw

  • If the vehicle goes into the ocean so does it’s gas and oil, hopefully not much of it.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Hope he was checked for being under the influence, because you’d have to be or incredibly stupid.

    Anybody notice what type of truck that is?

  • Thank you Coasties for risking your own lives to save this fool!!!

  • He’s lucky to be alive to be rescued.that truck was being pushed around like a plastic toy truck!! I bet he peed his shorts!!!

  • Easy to call this guy an idiot. There is a certain siren song for some, seeing a jetty in a storm, wondering if they can make it out despite the storm… I know I have answered this call in the past. But maybe was lucky, or knew when to turn back. I was glad the jetty wasn’t gated, so that I could answer my call for adventure with nothing but the shirt on my back. I bet this guy knew better too, and now will pay the price, though I’m sure he is thankful he didn’t pay the ultimate price, but I bet that crossed his mind. Big respect to Coastguard.

  • After seeing the video, this guy clearly had poor judgement.

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