[UPDATE 10:24 a.m.] Pedestrian Injured in Eureka After Collision With Vehicle

A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle near the Fresh Freeze restaurant in the 500 block of Harris Street in Eureka.

UPDATE 10:16 a.m.: The driver of the Toyota pickup that struck the pedestrian told our reporter, Stormy Taylor, that he thought he had a blown out tire. He didn’t realize he had hit someone.

[Photos by Stormy Taylor]

Emergency crew working
UPDATE 10:24 a.m.: The pedestrian, a woman, was taken to the hospital. At this time it isn’t clear what the extent of her injuries are.



  • Thought he blew a tire????? WTF was this guy doing while driving??? He sure as freak wasn’t paying attention to where he was driving & certainly not looking for pedstrians unless of course he was targeting them!!! I hope that wasn’t the case!!!!!

  • Did the driver try leaving the scene, then have second thoughts, or was he caught? It seems hard to not see a pedestrian.

  • I am in a power wheelchair. On September 4, 2010, I was hit by a drunk driver. I was crossing Koster on Wabash, and the driver was stopped at a stop sign, Before I crossed, the driver looked at me, we made eye contact, so I assumed he knew I was there. I got in front of his car, and he started up and pushed me into the middle of Wabash Street. I was leaning onto the hood of his car, pounding on the hood and yelling at the driver. He didn’t know he had hit anything. Four other drivers saw this. One jumped out of his car at Adele’s Restaurant, and rushed over to me. He then ran to the driver’s side of the vehicle to try to get the driver out of his car. The driver saw him coming, and locked the door. He then backed down Koster street and sat there for several minutes. Police were called. I waited at the scene for 25 minutes, the driver left the scene, and police never arrived. I was later told by police that there was nobody there when they arrived. I picked the driver out of a photo line-up, and was promptly told by Officer Tim Jones that I had picked the wrong guy. I did not ID the wrong person. That face is burned into my memory still today. I always thought the drunk driver was probably an off-duty officer or a relative. Why else would he be so adamant that I had picked the wrong person?

  • I am so sorry.

  • That’s a horrendous account & should not have gone down like that. Even had witnesses, & nothing became of it – BS! Sorry for your pain.
    On occasion, I am at a community function, shopping or an airport pushing a wheelchair & I’ve noticed people either stare at my 2 beautiful friends that just happen to be in a wheelchair, or they avoid looking at us altogether. The chair doesn’t define my friends!?! & I want them to get them the respect they deserve. So I smile & deliberately make eye contact. One can only hope the ignorance will fade.

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