Women’s March Calls For Human Rights and Equality for All

Community members of all ages, genders, and shades of skin joined in today’s Women’s March. [All photos by Stormy Taylor.]

Although today’s gathering in Old Town Eureka was billed as the Women’s March, those attending represented a diverse group–multiple genders, a wide span of ages, and multiple ethnicities.

An estimated 8000 participants gathered about 1 p.m. peacefully to listen to speeches and music as well as promote human rights. They joined hundreds of such gatherings worldwide. The main one in Washington, D.C. is estimated to have been attended by well over a quarter million people. The one in Los Angeles at over half a million. Estimates place the crowd in London at 100,000.

While Eureka’s crowd was considerably smaller, it was nonetheless one of the largest ever to march in the city.  Chief Andrew Mills said,

There may have been as many as 8k Americans doing what they do best. So proud of Capt Brian Stephens and the men and women who watched over the crowd. So many positive and thankful comments from marchers. One Sgt said, I’m all hugged out.

In spite of the damp weather, bundled up participants gathered in Old Town.

The stream of joyous marchers seems endless.

Colorful signs were carried by many in the crowd.

Panoramic view of the march. (Double click for much larger version.)


Native women join the march wearing beautiful beadwork. (Some are relatives of photographer Stormy Taylor)

As the marchers neared the Eureka Courthouse, a small group became involved in an altercation with law enforcement. There were several arrests. See here for more information, photos and video.

[Story updated at 7:50 p.m. to reflect latest count on number of protestors]



  • And then it changed from a peaceful march to a protest with women trashing a vehicle, blocking traffic and LE needing back up from HCSO, CHP and Arcata for their paddywagon.

  • These people that did this were not a part of the core group of Woman’s March folks. They were on the fringes protesting their own agenda. Please understand they were not the peaceful 2,000 men, women and children who peacefully marched down in the old town area only led by the police.

  • I am proud of the people, representing me, and our little part of the world.

  • Some good advice i was given in my youth, ..In most situations in life dont let a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

  • Gotta hand it to the marchers. Some of the photos were really inspiring. If not for the splinter cells that broke off and created the anarchy including vulgar signs, really well done.

    • Anarchy means not needing a policeperson to tell you right from wrong. How does that apply to these misguided people? It doesnt, so im saying, please find another,more articulate, word for what happened. To the protestors who chose ti be arrested: your energy is appreciated, but could you please use some discernment? A march co~sponsored by the police is probably not the strategic moment to randomly interfere with traffic in a complaint against fascism. If you focus, we will need your civil disobedience soon enough, but random ill~timed action will diffuse strength not add to it.

  • I wonder how many of the protesters were brought in from out of town just for the purpose of disrupting what started as a peaceful show of solidarity. The cost of the disruption of services, traffic, the property damage, and the costs prosecuting those arrested is an unnecessary cost to the city, the county, and the surrounding communities. It’s funds that could be spent on things that are much more important than a few disruptive individuals.

  • I was at the ‘Women’s March’ with two friends from Southern Humboldt. It was an incredibly heart warming experience to be within this peaceful, and freedom loving community.
    It was especially wonderful to so many young people! These folks will be the next wave, in this gathering tsunami of humans, marching for equality for all.
    AND…it didn’t rain!
    I can’t wait to see Kim Sallaway’s photos!

    • It’s inspiring, as a Boomer, to see and experience another generation ‘picking up the ball’ of resistance to the government (where needed). As Boomers fade, it’s heartwarming to know others will carry the torch. (Mostly Millennials, I think). Working together in the coming years, we can learn from each other!

  • Sounds like you are trying to change the minds of older generations, I hate to tell you this but they don’t change, I think most younger people are ok with anything, even legal weed.

  • 2000 is a very low estimate for this march.. Chief Mill’s estimate is much closer to reality.. It was yoooooooooooge..!!

  • Will someone please explain how we do not have equal rights or equality?

    • The average woman is paid in general less than the average man for the same job.

      Some people have enough money so they don’t die from lack of medical care. Others don’t.

      Some members of minority groups are arrested at a higher rate than those of non minority groups even though studies show that they likely commit the crime at the same rate.

      Those are just a few of the concerns that people have.

      • “The average woman is paid in general less than the average man for the same job.”

        I have a good background in statistics. I spent over three months trying to confirm the gender wage gap, and I could not.

        What I did find is that one of the most cited publications to support the assertion that women are paid less for the same job, than men, is deeply flawed.

        The problems with statistical analysis were pointed out by two male social scientist. The researchers did not even control for variance. (Statistical rigor is seriously lacking in the soft -science in general) The response to the very valid critique made by these men, resulting in a campaign to label them as sexist and damage their careers.

        I can only verify that at most, there is about a 7-cent difference in the amount a man and a woman are paid, for the exact same job, but that amount is within the margin of error.

        Im very interested to see any peer reviewed research that supports the gender wage gap assertion.

      • “Some members of minority groups are arrested at a higher rate than those of non-minority groups even though studies show that they likely commit the crime at the same rate.”

        We again run into poor statistical rigor with this area of research and complete lack of experiment. People in poor urban areas appear more likely to commit crime, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

        Criminality in poor urban areas can result in an increased police presence, which can theoretically, increase report crime rates in any community, so this is a difficult issue to tease apart.

        My take, after years of research, is that socio-economic level is a much better predictor of discrimination than race or ethnicity. It is an extremely complicated issue to research. No one should be claiming, with confidence, to understand the issue entirely.

        Publishing work that shows income as a better predictor of discrimination than race, would be career suicide in the soft-sciences.

      • Kym, Governments are not authorized by the Constitution to manage any of those issues.
        The Federal Government is authorized to perform their delegated, limited & defined duties that fall mostly externally. Foreign stuff mostly. Internal stuff consists of post offices, forts, ports, and PROTECTING, not denying or granting, our rights.
        The States authority lies in areas not given to the Feds by the Constitution. First, they take an oath to the Federal Constitution assuring the people’s rights will be protected by forbidding all governments as outlined above. Second, they get to set up the consequences for those who willingly give up their rights when they hurt another’s rights to life, liberty & property.
        Nowhere are they given the authority to manage the “rights” of the people. The Declaration of Independence included regulations as a vile act of unjustices upon the people.
        Forcing bosses to pay any certain wage is unconstitutional. It is the business owners right & the employees right to “accept” an agreed upon wage. If the wage isn’t compatible, the employee finds a better deal or begins their own business.
        Any Census beyond number of people in household is unconstitutional. Your race, religion, inventory of sales goods, pets, music selections, etc, are all private.
        Healthcare is a service, provided for through self responsibility. You have the right to seek care, but not the right to force others to care for you.
        If healthcare is a right, then so is self defense gear. Everyone should be forced to pay for everyone’s self defense gear.
        Rights are not privileges and privileges are not rights.
        We have the right to protect our health, property, lives, liberty, but we do not have the right to force others to label & band aid our booboos.

      • Excellently Explained

    • Someone can brag about sexually assaulting women on tape, can openly mock disabled people, blame our country’s troubles on immigrants and blacks and be elected president. So yeah, I think the equality thing still be needing some work.

      • sharpen your pencil

        As opposed to the side calling everyone racist if they don’t share the same views? As well as other names I won’t get into, all because they don’t see eye to eye with you? So how are those folks any better, you seem to be part of those folks….

        • Um, if lots of people said my views were racist, I’d wonder if they might be telling me something I could benefit from instead of assuming they were just trying to hurt my delicate white ego. Seriously, blaming skin pigmentation levels for anything is nuts. Imagine if he got up there and said he was going to send all the redheads back to northern Europe. It makes as much sense.

      • Im a liberal who has voted green party since I was 18. I did not get the impression that Trump blamed our nation’s problems on minorities. I agree with Trump that a failure to properly regulate trade (using tariffs and duties) are largly responsible for our economic performance.

      • He didn’t mock the disabled journalist. The journalist can’t even move his arm. No contender.
        He apologized for talking locker room talk while speaking with a locker talk mentality man who only understands locker room talk. If you care to listen, he protected the beautiful, married, good, decent model lady from the journalists advances.
        He married an immigrant. He loves all who want to be here as first class citizens who respect our culture, our Constitution. He admonishes the felons & those who demand our culture & constitution change.
        His campaign manager was a woman. She did an outstanding & successful job. Where is the praise for her? Where is the happiness for his wife? Where is the happiness for the model he protected from sexual advances?

  • How beautiful.

  • We’ve come along way baby!!!a little oldie.what would be great is if everyone was treated the same.just people.PEACE✌

  • I think the disruptive factor is small compared to 8000 show of solidarity dont you all?? I mean 4 arrests is not bad in Eureka on a crowdy event 🙂
    idk is “crowdy” a Word? lol

  • Laytonville had there own protest demonstration. About 30 people when I saw it. Maybe more or maybe less. It looked like they were having a lot of fun. No violence at all. A small shower soon wiped it out. Fun was had by all, plus they got a free shower.

  • I marched in Bend Oregon. There were between 4 and 5 K marchers according to the local tv station. That was the biggest crowd I have ever seen in Bend, even for beer events.

  • I am so pleased. Thank all of you who marched for all of us who could not💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • The Native Americans are culturally appropriating most of the clothes they are wearing.

  • The group that splintered off and caused problems at the courthouse are with “Humboldt Grassroots”. Check out their Facebook page.

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