[UPDATE 12:20 p.m. Open] Tree Down Just West of Whitethorn Construction Blocks Shelter Cove Road

A large tree has fallen across the Shelter Cove Road just west of Whitethorn Construction. The roadway is “fully blocked,” according to the California Highway Patrol Incident page at 12:06 p.m. (See here for the latest information.)

UPDATE 7:49 a.m.: As of 7:49 a.m. the road is still closed. A tree is in power lines and that makes removing it more difficult. County Roads is headed out again this morning (they were out working on it last night) and will let us know when it opens. (Caution: We will be offline much of the day but will do our best to get you the updates when they come in.)

Update 12:20 p.m.:. The road is now open.




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