[UPDATE 8:41 p.m.] Mother and Two Children Injured in Traffic Accident

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA red Toyota pickup containing two children and their mother struck a tree about 7:57 p.m. near Myers Flat. Β The two children are out of the vehicle but the mother is trapped. Jaws of life and two ambulances have been requested.

Both children are complaining of pain.

UPDATE 8:28 p.m.: The first jaws of life failed. A second set has been called for.

UPDATE 8:41 p.m.: The patient has been extricated, according to traffic on the scanner.



  • I heard lots, LOTS of sirens in Miranda, so I just kept checking your page. Thanks Kym, for keeping everyone informed.
    I hope everyone recovers quickly, and that all the people who responded are safe.

  • dear cal trans lower the speed limit from miranda to weott please

    Praying the driver and her children all live and recover completely. Thank you emt’s chp and police.

    • I personally don’t think it’s as much the speed limit as to driving a safe speed for the weather conditions.

    • Dear drivers,

      Please be conscious of weather and road conditions. The speed limit is just that, a limit. You do not need to drive that fast if conditions make it unsafe.

      • advocate for 55 mph from miranda to north of myersflat. just sayin. why die?

        If only it were so simple. No. Even in dry conditions literally that stretch of road between north of miranda exit /and south of weott in proximity of myers flat and that freakishly long ass bend in the river/hwy is plagued with accidents and deaths!! Seriously ! ppl need to stop crashing/dying there. I still contend that that stretch of roadway is haunted .. or the math was computed by drunk pencil pusher when they created that portiOn. PLease powers that be : send an engineer or a priest!!!!

        • Please, stop thinking, before your hysteria hurts someone.

          The Avenue is the old hwy 101.

          My family has been using it since it was built. No deaths due to driving.

          But this county was much less populated.

          Maybe it’s not the speed, it’s too many people.

          People not tough enough to make it in the woods.

          But let’s just punish everyone, for the few [edit] that hurt themselves.

          Remember you can’t control other people, you should try and focus on what you can do about your own safety, instead of blaming others .

          Example: if you *feel* others are speeding on the Ave, take the freeway. Problem solved. Crisis diverted.

        • I understand you’re Frustration! Trust me on this one…😑😊

          But I don’t really think that “the stretch of road that you are talking about is Haunted!”
          It’s a combination of bad drivers, how fast they are going at the time of hitting this corner you’ve been talking about, along with how Experienced the driver is, and if the driver gets distracted by something(an animal in the road or the passenger distractS the driver!!!

          TRACY πŸ’œπŸ’•

      • Yes and check tire tread and inflation.

  • Positive energy to all involved!

  • Driver behind said she most likely fell asleep, drifted a while then a sudden jerk of the wheel put them into a skid off the road.

  • In my thoughts and prayers.

  • Eney body rember when thear was no freeway between garberville and eureka the speed limit was 65.

  • Driver behind actually said she was “driving erratically” ie speeding up and slowing down .. and my eyes saw that disoriented as she was she was looking/reaching for her phone even while trapped under the steering wheel!! Sounds more like distracted driving to me…

    • I’m laying in bed with a broken neck from being rear ended by a distracted driver, watch out they are everywhere and of all ages, does anyone remember when we didn’t have cell phones and only worried about Drunk drivers? Hard to tell which is worse, they are both intentional

  • The Avenue speed limit is ok if you know the road. A bigger problem IMO is people doing 20mph or stopping in the lane to look at the trees not realizing they are on a state highway with a 55mph limit. I drve between MF & M almost every day…but I am not impaired or sleepy when I do. The tourists are a much bigger issue than speeders, of which there are actually very few.

  • I sure hope this mother and her children are ok.god bless.

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