[UPDATE 1:33 p.m.: Peaceful Surrender!] Barricaded Subject in Bracut

Law enforcement surrounding building

Law enforcement at the site of a man barricading himself in his RV. [Photo provided by Billy Ellyson]

Law enforcement is surrounding an RV in the campground across from the Bracut Industrial Park. The incident began about 11 a.m.

According to Lt. Ken Swithenbank, “There is a barricaded subject.” At this point law enforcement doesn’t know if there is a hostage.

We’ll be updating as soon as we know more.

UPDATE 11:45 a.m.: No hostages and the neighbors have been evacuated, according to Swithenbank. The man has not yet responded to law enforcement.

UPDATE 11:55 a.m.: Swithenbank said that the earlier information he had that the neighbors have been evacuated is incorrect. The surrounding trailers are empty. “It is not a swat call at this time,” he said. The man has no warrants but is distraught. “His phone is dead or he is refusing to answer.”

UPDATE 1:33 p.m.: According to Lt. Swithinbank, the subject “stepped outside and was taken into custody without incident.” The situation began when the subject contacted a friend who became concerned for him. Law enforcement was requested to do a welfare check. “The subject was suicidal,” Swithenbank said. But fortunately, a police negotiator was able to talk him into surrendering peacefully.



  • Concerned citizens probably over reacted. So the whole damn Calvary showed up. To find it was just an uncooperative cranky old timer pissed off because his power went out.

  • scanner down again

  • I’m trying to figure out what the problem is. What does “barricaded” mean? If I sit here in my cabin, refusing to answer my g-d phone, what business is it of anyone else’s? And Lord help the neighbors who thinks it IS their business and call the cops. I just don’t get this.

  • The way the weather is today, he seems like the normal one.

  • Oh my god, why so many cars if the guy is suicidal? It’d be different if he was shooting at someone or threaten someone, but this response appears to be overkill. Hell, if I thought of killing myself, I might want to do that when I looked out my window and saw all those cops…

  • Taken into custody? For not opening his door? Kinda Nazi….

  • Their was alot of law enforcement.And I agree with Erine!!!

  • What a bunch of critics. Some people can’t ever be satisfied with how LE responds, doesn’t respond, what they say, how they say it. If it were your father, brother or son, you’d want SWAT there yesterday. Try being positive once in a while. And if you ever want to commit suicide, consider NOT telling anyone who might actually care, because these same LE would show-up to try to save your lousy ass…as well as anyone you might want to take with you…..and we know you wouldn’t want that.

  • Some folks just need a hug! Maybe two…

  • Welcome to the NWO! Refuse coming out of your cabin and get two rounds to the head and chest you idiots. You comply and do as your told or the law will gun you down, and why are you whining about it? Either you stand off and die or shut your pie hole and come out with your hands up!

  • Yeah! Nazi style. Lol. LEO does an outstanding job with the public protecting life and property, So take a chill from all the shoot em up jargin.

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