Body Found Near Orick Yesterday

Orick from above

Behind the buildings and along the road, law enforcement can be seen investigating the discovery of Brett Fowler’s body. [Photo provided by Ashlee Boyer]

The body of a man was recovered yesterday near the town of Orick in northern Humboldt halfway down the levy close to Redwood Creek. A man on a bicycle noticed it about 2 p.m.

“There’s nothing that looks suspicious,” said Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. However, the cause is not yet known, he said. An autopsy will be done soon.

The man had a wallet on him so the identification process was sped along, Swithenbank said. The man is Brett J. Fowler born in 1971 with family in the McKinleyville area.

Swithenbank said that the man was unlikely to have been the body reported on January 8 that was never located on the south side of the bridge. “[This body] was out there a couple days at most,” Swithenbank said.



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