[UPDATE: Victim Identified] Man Shot in Hayfork

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

jamesOn January 10, 2017 at approximately 11:00pm, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received a call from a resident in Hayfork stating a male subject had been shot inside a residence. Deputies and Detectives from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office responded to the residence on Felch Street in Hayfork, where they located a male subject who was pronounced dead at the scene due to a gunshot wound.

Detectives interviewed suspect Betsy James at the scene, who admitted to shooting the victim. James was arrested and transported to the Trinity County Jail.

The victim’s identity is being withheld at this time pending notification of next of kin.

Agency’s involved:
Trinity County Sheriff’s Office

UPDATE Thursday: According to the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office: “The victim was identified as James’ boyfriend Jason Rice, DOB 7-10-77 from Hayfork, CA”



  • Is pic of victim or suspect?

  • I think the woman has had no joy in her life coupled with drugs physical &mental abuse .her face says she doesn’t care what happened to her Prison might be a better place than were she was ,but no one should commit murder unless it’s in self defence .

  • Dude looks like a lady!

  • Felch street in hayfork. Wonder what else goes down over there?

  • Drugs are BAD! Luckily, cannabis is not a drug but a sacrament.

  • Looks like a transgender man….

    • Noon’s what happened, ever accrue to you she might have been protecting herself don’t be to quick to judge. And there is no reason to be cruel

      • I think you mean OCCUR!!! 1t helps people to understand what you are trying to say if you spell it correctly!!!

  • Looks like a person not at her best, in mourning. I’m sad to see all these snarky comments about her looking not feminine enough for people’s standards. I bet if she put on makeup, nice clothes and jewelry, and a smile, she’d look a lot different… but that stuff is probably the furthest thing from her mind right now.
    On the other hand, if we ripped all the cosmetic changes off the best-looking of us, and took a mugshot on the worst day of our lives, we might not look model-pretty either.

  • “There’s plenty of excuses for violence against men” -PETA

  • Battered woman syndrome defense? Its a thing

  • Title of story should be: “Man Killed in Hayfork”.

    Everyone else should stop assuming anything at all, until some actual facts are released.


  • holy shit u guys she looks like someone thats just shot someone for the first time never killed anyone b4 a shock 2 the systim not a pretty site not like on tv fucken real life right there the look of dispar 2 lives over 4 her it will still be a long run with this new life she will have 2 live

  • She did us all a favor to humanity. Jason Rice is dead!!!!!!!

    • From those of us who love him, piss off!!

    • He was a good man and anyone that knew him was touched by him and not in a bad way. I knew both of them personally. Jason leaves behind his kids and a family. But none of y’all would know anything about either of them unless you had meet them

    • I love Jason. He was such a free spirit that NEVER deserved to die like this!! He literally gave me the shirt off of his back when we first met years ago. He never even knew me. He showed me what it was like to have fun and took the time to make me smile and cheer me up when things weren’t going well in my life. He went without so that others would have what they needed. Betsy stole his children’s father. Rest in love Jinx and fly with the angels my friend.

  • He looks like an awful person. I feel for her. May she find peace in conjunction with a manslaughter charge rather than murder 1.

    • http://www.shouselaw.com/self-defense.html

      “…there is one exception to the rule that a defendant’s mental illness or psychological problems won’t be considered in determining whether s/he acted reasonably. That is the condition known as “battered woman’s syndrome,” which is attributed to women (and men) involved in relationships characterized by domestic violence.

      In California, juries are allowed to consider the effects of domestic abuse on a defendant in deciding whether or not s/he acted reasonably in self-defense.”

  • Let me remind all of you. Jason Rice is a father. To older kids. Who will search this and read all of these comments. Shame on you!

  • Jason rice was a good man u fucking lame ass motherfuckers

  • Jinx was a great man. He shared everything he had and if you needed something he didn’t have he would stop at/for nothing to accommodate you with it. Even if you required something intangible he would find a way to provide it for you. When you didn’t even know what you wanted Jinx would find it for you. He was almost too good. And for those of you who still harbor hate for Mr. Rice I bid you farewell and a pleasant passage to the place where you will discover that all the things which disgust you about Jason you already are and all the stuff you have been envious of him having you have owned since birth. All y’all can go f@#! yourselves.


  • Did any of you stop to think, for even a second, that his family might be reading this? Hoping to find some shred of detail about what is being done? Did you think about what it would do to us, to see random people acting in such a vile way about our lost; brother,son, father, grandfather, and friend?
    I never hurt Betsy. I invited her into my home and gave her a place to stay. I listened sportively to her complaints about Jinx.
    Do you feel that I deserve to be made to feel worse than I already do?
    How about his Mom and Dad?
    The other Mother’s of his children?
    His CHILDREN?!
    Which of you petty, little minded, utterly fucking ignorant, gossips possesses actual knowledge that my son’s father EVER hit Betsy? Who among you can put forth proof of any kind?
    For the record…

    I don’t pretend to know all that was occurring between them, but I can be sure of what I myself have experienced.
    I have personally witnessed Betsy cold cock Jason.
    I have never seen Jason hit Betsy.

    Y’all want to fillet Jason without warrant! You are ASSUMING that because shit went bad and Betsy lost her fucking mind for a moment, that must mean it is ultimately Jinx’s fault. You jump to accusations of abuse, trying to blame the man for his own death. He was not an angle but he was not a monster either and y’all need to stop and think about how illogical you sound!

    You feel badly for Betsy? For what you assume has happened in her life? Are you fucking kidding me? That woman took my son’s father, my friend–and he was only half way done living his life!
    If any of you ridiculous people want to hang around, accusing a dead man of violence and hate while you claim pity for the crazy bitch that killed him, do it on your Facebook feed.

    We logical, rational individuals can better handle a presence on public record without appearing ignorant and in need of a life. You may want to know why I am so incredibly certain that Jason, NOT BETSY, was the victim…
    Because he is dead, forever taken away from his family and friends
    And she is not.

    I am a domestic violence survivor myself, and I can beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is always another option! SHE TOOK HIS LIFE you smack talking idiots!

    What you are doing makes me sick! Shame on all of you that made this place into a little more salt in an incredible wound.

    • Well said. As the aunt of 2 of the beautiful children he left behind I applaud you for your response to this post. Jason Rice is a very dear old friend and you are right… he was no angel… but he loved his family and shame on the ignorant people that hide behind keyboards to assume the victim was a monster. Jason was no monster and I encourage all of you trolls on this post to shut it down or become educated on the life of Jason. Godspeed Jason “Jinx”

  • Jason was a dear friend one of the best I ever known and it was her that was the monster all she ever done was try to keep him down she was the mad he was moving on with his life with out her and she could not Handel that selfish to the end she ain’t sorry only thing she sorry for is getting caught

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