[UPDATE 6:54 a.m.] Schools Closed for January 11

Leggett Valley School

Leggett Valley School

Here’s what we know so far about school closures for tomorrow. We’ll update alphabetically as new information arrives:

Beginnings: According to Principal Julia Anderson, school is open with the exception of the 1st/2nd grade class, that teacher is stuck in Kimtu.

  • Skyfish
  • Children’s House

Ferndale Schools: School canceled on Wednesday due to flooding and road conditions.

Laytonville Unified School District:  According to their Facebook page, “All Laytonville schools will be opened during regular times today, January 11. Buses will run as scheduled.

The affected schools are

Leggett Valley Schools: According to their Facebook page, “No school tomorrow(Wednesday) due to the continued power outage.

Southern Humboldt School District has a late start today. According to their webpage, “All schools closed tomorrow, Wednesday, January 11, due to road conditions.”

Affected schools are

Also, the Mendocino Voice has put together a list of Mendocino schools. Check if your school is on their list here.



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