Missing Woman Found Deceased

Amy SnowPress release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office.

Image from Facebook page Help Find Amy Snow.

On January 5, 2017, Detectives with the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office attended an autopsy regarding the unidentified female that was found near the Salyer Bluffs on December 31, 2016.  During the autopsy the deceased female was identified as Amy Lynn Snow from Salyer, CA.  Amy Snow had been reported as a missing person in Trinity County on December 1, 2016. The autopsy showed that Ms. Snow’s death had been the result of general blunt force trauma. The multiple injuries sustained to Ms. Snow’s body were consistent with those that would have been obtained from a fall at a great height.  Investigators are not considering Ms. Snow’s death suspicious.



  • So sorry to hear this. Praying comfort to her loved ones

    • With deepest sympathy my heart goes out to her parents whom I can only imagine the pain and suffering they may be going through…I hope they understand that her soul is at rest and pain free and the burden she carried is no more…this world did not understand her suffering nor did it deserve her….so the Lord saved her ..he saw her fit to join him as her purpose in heaven must have been greater…if anyone new Amy..she was a brave, strong, independent soul who wooed everyone with her humility and natural charm…who was Amy Snow? One of heavens Angels..I love you Miss “Nieves!”(Snow in Spanish)

  • My condolences to the family.shes soaring with the Angel’s

  • So many deaths in Humboldt County this year makes me want to relocate. I am hoping and praying 2017 will be better for is all. RIP Amy Snow.

  • Not suspicious? I find that strange. RIP dear. Condolences to family.

  • Why does all these missing women or found dead the Law dogs think it’s not suspicious only a idiot would think or asume a woman left her mustang with keys in car willing. Who leaves a nice mustang with keys in it no one..a blunt to head did she fall jump pushed over..same with papini case cops asume she left willingly. Where she at now …my guess is wittiness protection but who knows ..who gets paid in those counties to solve crimes ..too much time at Dunkin Donuts.t

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