Man Received Major Injuries When Three Dogs Attacked Last Week

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

On 1/5/2017 around 10:20 AM the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Animal Control Division received a call from a female in Covelo who wanted to report a dog mauling.  The female reported that her husband, Pollard Hale, had been attacked by three adult Pit Bull Terrier dogs as he went on his evening walk.  The caller reported the attack occurred the evening before, around 7:00 PM, on Wright Way.  Mrs. Hale advised her husband had sustained major injuries to his limbs and face and had to be flown, via air ambulance, to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital for treatment.  Hale is currently in intensive care and it is expected he will have to go through extensive rehabilitation in his recovery.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Animal Control Division has opened an investigation and has learned the owner of the animals, Escareno Pinon, also lives on Wright Way in Covelo.  Escareno Pinon has been cooperative in the investigation and the three dogs have been secured by Animal Control for a 10 day bite quarantine.  The owner advised investigating Officers that he had left the yard gate open when he left his residence and the dogs got out.  When he returned he saw the three dogs around the victim who was lying injured on the ground.  He secured the dogs while medical personnel were called to assist the victim.  The Sheriff’s Animal Control Division has one previous contact with the owner of the dogs regarding a previous dog bite, but it did not involve the same animals.

The investigation is on going and the case will involve a legal process to determine whether or not the animals will be returned to the owner or if they will be deemed dangerous animals and euthanized.

The Sheriff’s Office is requesting anyone who may have witnessed the dog attack or has previous knowledge about these animals to contact the Animal Control Division at (707)463-4086.



  • Euthanize the owner AND the damn dogs. Neither can be trusted.

  • The Am pitbull terrier seems to be the breed that is most prone to aggression. Growing up in Fresno I saw many instances where people kept these dogs specifically for their aggression and encouraged aggressive behavior.

    Most of the bully breeds have not been bred for aggression since the early 19th century, but there are bloodlines (epically in the Am pitbull terrier) that are very aggressive. All of these dogs are intelligent enough to pick up on their owner’s desires. Like guns and 4x4s, the wrong people are often attracted for the wrong reasons. The dogs easily understand when that owners want them to be aggressive.

    Most of the bully breeds are not particularly aggressive. The Bull terrier and the Staffordshire terrier are excellent dogs!

    • Seems that across the nation there is a pit bull attack on a person, pet, or other livestock nearly every single day, sometimes several times a day. The data doesn’t support “It’s the way they are raised.” or “Their owners make them aggressive.” “They have not been bred for aggression since the early 19th century…” or pull whatever silly comment you want to out of a hat. This is all propaganda put out by the pit bull lobby. The sad fact is that underground dog fighting is alive and well in 2017 and sorry, they DO breed them for aggression and the ones that aren’t good fighters a LOT of times wind up in animal shelters where they are adopted out to irresponsible people who won’t neuter them and start working the cash crop of backyard breeding, passing their prey-drive and blood-sport gameness to other pit bull types. Here’s one that certainly is an Staffordshire or otherwise “Bully.”

      Then take some time and go through all of the other well-documented (most with pics) and tell me those are only American pit bull terrier.

  • They should be put down! If they did it once they will do it again.

  • Hopefully thats the last time they attack. Scary shit right there. It could have been a child or children.

  • New law says you must submit to a background check just to buy ammunition, but any mouth breathing meth dealer can freely buy a killer dog.

  • I was in Costco parking lot the other day waiting for my wife to catch up to me. A car came by and I stepped back. I felt a tongue lick my neck and huge muzzle snarfle my ear. I turned around to see a head that looked like a ling cod. The dog was so happy to see me that he was almost turning inside out. Needles to say, I glad the dog was friendly…

  • Missemeraldtriangle

    Poor guy that must have been so painful. It’s all on how you raise them. I raised my dogs like babies and they are supposedly massive attack dogs. In fact we were viciously attacked on the beach by a weimaraner off leash and my dog just ran and didn’t fight back he asked to be picked up which I couldn’t do because he is over 100lbs now. We had to be rescued by a guy because the lady that owned the dog couldn’t control her animal. I’m fact she told me to run. I have also been bitten by my neighbors husky while on a jog. All breeds are potentially dangerous especially when you get idiots who don’t keep vicious dogs properly secured. Now I bring and bear mace and a dive knife on my walks. I will protect myself and my animals.
    It goes both ways though if someone is responsible and has a leash and red flag on their dog it’s your responsibility to keep your own animal away. Not all dogs are nice some rescues just cant be 100 percent rehabed from shitty lives. Don’t blame the breed in my experience every dog has the potential to be a jerk.

    • Truth right here.

    • All in “how you raise them”? Really? Tell that to the people who have been mauled, or had family members killed by Pit Bull type dogs that they raised in the home, from puppyhood. And in most of these cases, the dog “never, ever showed aggression before”. Another lesson from your comment, on “it’s all in how they are raised”; that means that adult Pit Bull type dogs should NEVER be adopted! NEVER, it should be prohibited! There is no way to know how a dog who is already full grown “has been raised”. NEVER adopt an adult Pit Bull from any Rescue or Shelter! Only adopt from a breed club rescue, people who will be HONEST about the dogs!

    • Sheila McGarvey Rodriguez

      The data don’t support your comment. Day after day, attacks like this happen to people by blood-sport breeds that have been raised in loving family environments. You hear owners of these curs drivel on and on about how they were their babies and they had never shown any sign of aggression, etc as you see someone hauled away in an ambulance after one of these “babies” attacked. The famous last words out of the mouths of people whose dogs have mauled and killed (even their own family members) is, “My baby was raised lovingly and would never do anything like that.” The truth is, it’s all in the DNA. My second link is to a video of a barely walking sheep dog doing what his breeding dictates. If you don’t believe it, just take a moment and read this article of a beloved family pet that took the life of a 4-year-old child. Read them all before trying to tell someone that your dog wouldn’t harm anything. They do, every day, and at some point you have to come to the realization that not every attack is by a dog that was ill treated or in some way their owners didn’t love their dog as much as you love yours. Sheep dogs herd sheep, retrievers retrieve, and pit bulls maim and kill, it’s what they have been bred for.

      Bred into the dog, NOT trained into them. …

      Here are the hard numbers on dog attacks …
      Dog bite statistics ::
      Each day, about 1,000 U.S. citizens require emergency care treatment for dog bite injury.1 The following studies examine injury occurrence and the dog breeds most likely to fatally injure.

      Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada, September 1982 to December 31, 2014
      December 31, 2014

      By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2014, Merritt Clifton, editor of Animals 24-7, shows the dog breeds most responsible for disfiguring injuries and deaths.
      The combination of molosser breeds, including pit bulls, rottweilers, presa canarios, cane corsos, mastiffs, dogo argentinos, fila brasieros, sharpeis, boxers, and their mixes, inflict:

      86% of attacks that induce bodily harm
      81% of attacks to children
      89% of attack to adults
      76% of attacks that result in fatalities
      86% that result in maiming
      Embody 9.2%+ of the total dog population

  • It’s very unfortunate for this victim that he ended up with this guy for a neighbor and also very unfortunate for these dogs that they ended up with this guy as their owner. The dogs were not born agressive, they were made that way by this asshole. He should be held responsible for this attack, banned from ever owning another dog, and court ordered to get educated on animal cruelty. Unfortunately this is another strike against one of the most affectionate and friendly breeds of dogs that exists. I hope the victim recovers physically and mentally. I can’t imagine how traumatizing this must have been for him.

    • This person will never fully recover from this attack. Don’t kid yourself.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        I’m not kidding myself. I don’t know the victim personally but I still hope he is able to recover physically and mentally. Some people would be able to and others wouldn’t. Apparently you know the guy and are saying he’s someone who won’t. I hope you’re wrong.

    • Come on, to say that all dogs are good unless they’re mistreated is ridiculous. dogs are just like people, there are good dogs, there are bad dogs. There are nice people and there are fucking assholes. Sure a good dog can be made to be mean by being mistreated and a bad dog probably can be tamed if loved, but they have personalities just like humans and some personalities are predisposed to different traits just like humans.
      Then you throw in the herd mentality just like humans, you can see this trait with some of the protest going on these days. People burning down their own cities, you get the people by themselves on their own and they’re generally good people, you get a bunch of the same people in a group and excited about something and they start doing stupid shit, it’s like peer pressure. dog’s natural instinct is to get in a pack and hunt. But there’s no question in my mind that these dogs should be put down and the owners should be made to pay restitution especially since there’s been a previous event involving a different dog.

  • Bad dogs. Bad man to own dogs. Dogs need to be put down. Man needs to be barred from owning dogs. it’s not a right if you ruin someone’s life.

  • Seems like everyone I meet is getting Pitbulls. Some are more aggressive than others. But what’s the deal? Are they the ‘latest thing’? Or is there some underlying sense of power or protection that is derived from owning them?

    • Missemeraldtriangle

      It’s definitely a bull crap macho thing that goes around owning a pit. People dont realize that a dog with that much energy strength and intellegence means dble or triple the work compared to a lot other breeds. They need to be constantly excersized, socialized, and reassured because they tend to be super sensitive to an owners cues. I dont think the majority of people who get pits know what they are comitting to and that is why you see so many in shelters that need adoption

      • Sleepy Alligator

        It’s the people who get a pitbull for the “bullshit macho crap” that are the cause of all the attacks, trouble and any other negative thing involving a pitbull that the media reports. The very same people who have given these dogs the bad reputation they carry on their back, the very same people who are the reason that there are so many abused and neglected pitbulls in this country, the same people who are the reason that shelters all across America are full of pitbulls, and the very same people who should all be banned from ever owning any animal.

        You, missemeraldtriangle, obviously don’t know much about this breed and are just spewing your uneducated opinion of them. You’re right about their strength and intelligence, but you’re wrong about everything else. Pitbulls are not high energy dogs, they are absolutely content just lying around getting their belly rubbed. Of course every dog needs exercise. When raised as a companion, as they all should be, they do not constantly need to be socialized and they certainly don’t constantly need reassurance. What they need is a human to treat them like a friend. Anyone who has done that knows what I’m talking about. Pitbulls are one of the best breeds for human companionship. Unfortunately for them they too often end up with the wrong human. And this guy who owns these dogs is a perfect example of that. The victim should never have had this happen to him and another three dogs should not have to lose their life, but he did and they will because of the owners irresponsibility. It’s a sad story from all angles.

    • Pits are being bred like crazy and their numbers are exploding. A lot of shelters have adopted no-kill policies and are overwhelmed by the numbers of these dogs. They want to get rid of them and peddle them as the perfect pet.

  • It’s not the dogs fault,it’s the owner.its all in how you raise them.i hope the victim recovers fast,dog owner PAYS UP!!!

  • People get dogs and spend zero time training them. Ask any dog trainer, horse trainer, if your animal is having problems it’s something you’re doing wrong. Mostly not doing anything at all and just turning them loose. I feel bad for all the neglected dogs I see in this county just running wild with no guidance.

  • These dogs need to be put down. No amount of money will be sufficient to compensate the loss that this has caused. And weaponized breeds need to be banned or heavily regulated. This is intolerable.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Speaking of intolerable!

      • responsiblepetowner

        Hey! Alligator! Darn right intolerable! Scroll up and you will see other posts that cite plenty of research that it’s in the Dog’s DNA. These animals have been bred for this type of behavior and owners should need to have some kind of license or certification to own them as well as be required to be bonded or carry some kind of insurance to cover damages like this if the owner is negligent like the one in this incident. Also, remember there have been plenty of unprovoked attacks by these dogs and other breeds who supposedly had the “good owners” that all you uninformed people are talking about. Any dog can decide to bite anyone at anytime. Dogs are animals and animals are unpredictable. As a responsible owner of any dog, you must be in control of your dog at ALL times or pay the consequences of losing your dog and being sued for damages that the dog incurs due to YOUR irresponsibility. That means no one should be allowed to own a dog that they cannot physically control ( see above post about the lady and the Weimaraner). Bottom line, we need new laws that require owners to demonstrate they can control their dogs and that the dog cannot escape the property or home where it resides in addition to their rabies shots for a dog license. You should never take your dog out unleashed ( remember they are ALL unpredictable). In this case, I hope this man recovers as he has young grandchildren to raise and I hope he sues the pants off the dogs’owners. This is an inexcusable tragedy!

  • There shouldn’t even be a second thought that these dogs need to all be euthanized. As said above, they did it once they WILL do it again. The owner also need to held accountable for all damages, medically, physical and emotional. Plus the SOB needs to be held criminally responsible as well. Such an assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily harm….x3. Hope the man that was attacked recovers as quickly and as well as possible. This should have never happened and the owner is 100% at fault, period.

    • The delay in euthanizing the dogs is merely procedural. Which is fine by me. Everyone (no matter how willfully ignorant, careless or criminally negligent they may be) is entitled to due process of the law. But I guarantee that the person who owns these animals does not possess a tiny fraction of the money it would take to make a sufficient restitution to the victim or pay for the damages caused.

      • Take anything and everything he’s got. Damn pit bull owners should be held totally responsible for the vicious actions of their pets.

      • I understand that. But the owners life needs to be made just as uncomfortable as the man his dogs mauled. More than likely the guy with dogs probably has no job and living off the government anyway, so yeah, million dollar+ medical bill, no he won’t be able to pay it. But he needs to be held accountable. I’m 100% in favor of pits being banned or highly regulated. The maulings and killings that pits causes is nearly 10x more than the second breed in line statistically. I love all animals, but to many of the wrong people end up with pits.

  • Pit bulls are popular with illegal dope growers. My neighbor uses his dog to guard his illegal grow. With the legalisation of weed we will see many selfish growers abandoning their guard dogs when they realize the weed money is gone and move on.

    • Sadly, the legalization of Cannabis will not affect the abandoned dog problem. The scene you describe is common now; “guard” dogs abandoned at the end of the season, sometimes left tied. [See Robert’s post below.]

  • Dogs are like people and have a variety of personalities. Genetics and environment play a huge role in what they become. I’ve owned a few pit bulls. The first couple i bought off a breeder who really worked at breeding intelligent dogs. They were wonderful. The next one we got out of the pound. Beautiful, loving and intelligent but..he was a criminal. We tried training him conscientiously but if he thought he was defending his family (and practlically anything would set him off) he would fight to the finish. He could not hear us when he was in an act of aggression. I believed he was dangerous and gave him to someone who used him as a guard dog for a fenced in property. It was very sad. My point is that it is not “all in the training”. It’s both genetics and environment.

  • Love animals. But these dogs are the same as death. Fry them!

  • Wow my baby is part pit black lab,she’s the biggest love bug you’ll ever meet.why so harsh with the kill all pits??that’s just fucked girl will kiss your face and cuddle and never bite

    • responsiblepetowner

      never say never………..your baby is an animal and you cannot predict what she will and will not do in any given situation or environment…’s great that she is loving, etc. but do us all a favor and make sure she is controlled at all times!

  • Rez dogs on the RVIT and Covelo routinely run without restraint. The nearest Animal Control is in Willits. There has been a rash of roaming dogs lately and a mauling was inevitable. Prayers for Mr. Hale

    • responsiblepetowner

      Then the tribal council should be called to account for this if dangerous dogs are running loose on the reservation. Children live there. Children should be able to safely play in their own yards without fear of being mauled by dangerous, abandoned marauding dogs!!! Maybe Mr. Hale should sue the tribe. What if Mr. Hale’s grandchildren had been with him??

  • I grew up with dogs,my dad bred,raised and trained bird year he happened upon a good hunting dog in Montana and purchased it for breeding.after being around him for 6 years he attacked me…turns out he was abused on the Montana ranch…I love dogs but my fear and memory is still there and they pick up on this…I try to forget…my prayers also for Mr. Hale’ recovery emotionally and physically 🐾


    I’ve seen perfect pits attack a young girls face, rip other dogs aparts and suddenly flip out and snap. I;ve seen all kinds of dogs and been involved in training and breeding. That breed is super scary and so are the people who say its not true. FUUUCCKK that. Flippy brained killers. I do not have time for that. When i see a big pit loose near me, acting odd, I reach for my pruning shears because thats my experience being around every type of dog in tons of situations and experiencing what I have. Its the ‘well I’m safe..’ attitude of [edit] scardy pants. truck humpers that bring these cow-eyed psychos into our reality. Get a collie! They’ll fuck somebody up for you if you are getting abducted. I dumped a girl because she wanted to save pittbulls and said i was misunderstanding them. Id rather have a partner that wanted to raise a family in a safe way. Kill those deadly Covelo dogs today. -AK

    • I don’t know how anyone could consider any dog that attacks a girl’s face to be perfect, pitbull or not!

      • responsiblepetowner

        I think he meant that the pit bull was sweet and loving and not abused……until it went and ripped off her face!

  • Once Bitten, I carry Pepper Spray now

    People need to restrain their dogs of ANY breed. I was attacked and bitten at age 4 by a “sweet, gentle” dog that had never previously attacked anyone in its 8 years. I was not teasing the dog; I didn’t even know it was in my yard until it ran and jumped at my face. Everyone thinks their little woof woof is a perfect angel but dogs can act differently away from their owners, and especially when they form packs with other neighborhood dogs running around loose.

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