[Audio] Sex trafficking victim talks new laws; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week: A former sex trafficking victim discusses new state laws affecting prostitution. Prostitutes and the people that use them no longer face mandatory jail time. Children that get roped into the sex trade will no longer be looked as criminals, but instead as victims. Those in favor of this say this it allow more trafficking victims a chance to get out. Those against it say it encourages more prostitution. Elle Snow is the founder of Game Over and last week she spoke at a well-attended meeting in McKinleyville talking about the dangers of sex trafficking in Humboldt County.
“I testified against my trafficker in Eureka two years ago and he was found guilty,” she said. “… Why have we been prosecuting victims of (exploitative) adults for a crime that we as a state believe that minors aren’t even capable of consenting to? …If I would have been arrested while I was being trafficked, I don’t think I ever would have gotten out.”
Game Over’s goal is to end sex trafficking in Humboldt.
Also covered: The concluded crab conflict, that unsubstantial mass-shooting call in Eureka, Humboldt’s TV habits, and more.



  • Prostitute’s and the crab conflict…. Sorry I couldn’t help it….

  • ” Prostitutes and the people that use them no longer face mandatory jail time.” does this mean that the so called johns wont face jail time? Why not? Its illegal whether a consulting adult or sex trafficking teen…confused. :/

    • The article links to a Times Standard piece that goes into the specifics of the laws in more detail.

      “One bill, SB 1129, would remove mandatory minimum sentences for people suspected of engaging in prostitution — this applies to both the customers as well as the service providers… Prior to Jan. 1, if someone faced a second arrest for solicitation — either the so-called John or the accused prostitute — a minimum of 45 days in jail was required. A third arrest mandated a 90-day jail stay… The other bill, SB 1322, states law enforcement and the criminal court system cannot arrest or charge a minor with prostitution-related crimes. The bill changes the law to view the minor as a victim rather than as a criminal.”

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