Man Who Called in “Mass Shooting” Arrested

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At 11:45 a.m., the male who called in a threat to 911 this morning threatening a “mass shooting” was arrested in the 400 block of F street in Eureka. Brittany Powell of the Eureka Police Department said that EPD was able to review some surveillance video in the area of where he made the call on a public phone across from the Courthouse.They identified the caller and was able to locate him. 54-year-old Bobby Ladd of Eureka was taken into custody at 11:45 a.m.

Our friends over at Lost Coast Outpost talked to Chief Mills at the scene and Chief Mills stated, “[Ladd] apologizes and wants everyone to know that he is sorry for calling 911 and telling everyone that there was going to be a mass shooting.”

“He’s frustrated and he needed help, according to him,” Mills said. “So we’re here to help.”

Thanks to Hank Sims for letting us use the quotes and information.



  • What about the Fortuna incident? Was that fake as well?

  • Glad to see he’s gonna be able to hopefully get the help he needs, great detective work.

  • Help?
    As in…jail time.
    Sorry is not quite good enough

    • Jail doesn’t really help mental people, he did very wrong yes, but the wrong punishment isn’t going to help someone who might not think what they did was actually that wrong,(even tho we both know how wrong it is) I’m in no way trying to back his actions I just feel I know a little about these type of people, and I know a lot about jail and it won’t help this individual. Thanks for your time

  • there was supposed too be a mass tooting not a shooting i just called the wrong number 411 wheres my meth iam sorry holy shit

  • He did hurt people you dumb liberal fucks! I’m sorry he has issues, truly, he needs help, but when your kids are in school and you get some stupid fucking automated message saying there’s a threat like that, my heart almost popped. Get out of your fucking bubble and realize if you make threats like that you deserve to be beaten with the book, not thrown at you, definetly not just a cite and release. Fucking humboldt. Wether you like it or not, the real world is fucked up, open your god damn eyes. Humboldt is my home, but comments like that make me fucking hate it.

  • I saw many of my coworkers here in fortuna, panicing over their high school kids in utweeka. They felt helpless. As a mom, that feels so shitty! This guys an ahole, mental or not!

  • Wow, so many fear mongers, what a bunch of pansies! The guy needs help and you sorry fools are too good or too scared. Bawhahahaha. Sissies,
    Just look at the guy… my grade school grandkids would whoop that ass.

    • I don’t care what he looks like. It could’ve been a 90 year old grandma and I still would’ve been fucking pissed. Hey Gazoo, did you get that call from the police that there’s a threat on your grandkids school? Hope not, because it was pretty fucked up.

  • I’d say start by taking away any benefit he gets that’s payed for by tax money. Then offer him a shit job like cleaning streets, filling pot holes, chopping fire food extra. Basically put him on a swap team to earn his room and board. My opinion is most of the mentally ill trouble makers a long with homeless and a lot of the spoiled doper kids around here would benefit from some hard work. If their basic needs weren’t pay for by someone else’s money, then just maybe they would be busy earning there own living and they wouldn’t have enough time to get into trouble. I know from experience a full-time job when I was a teenager and a young adult and to this day helped keep me out of all kinds of trouble.

    • THC – you know your idea has some sound advice to it. If most of the people with too much time on their hands and their way paid for them HAD jobs, no matter how big or small, they would not have some of the problems that cause situations like this. Without jobs or other community commitments and connections people loose direction quickly. This is happening all over America. It is a huge problem getting worse, not better!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    He should be put to work building the Mexican Wall.

    Fresh air, job, food, and helping the regime seal America off might help his spirit.

    Many crazy people would be helped by jobs.

    • Build bridges not wall!

      • Gazoo, You should start by removing all doors and windows from your house, then put up a big sign that says all welcome. You could even hire a doctor and keep your frigerator well-stocked for all the people to help themselves to. Now then, if you weren’t a hypocrite and you actually did do this, I wonder how long you could afford to medically treat and feed all these people? Whether you realize it or not the United States of America does not have an inexhaustible source of income, in fact we’re already twenty trillion dollars plus in debt with our national infrastructure crumbling around the country. With hundreds of thousands of American citizens starving on the streets.

        • It takes a village to help all not a few mad natives throwing stones. I have an open door policy at our home, welcome! I’ll treat you as you treat me.
          I think it has to do. With rational thinking vs emotional thinking, being afraid of everything isn’t going to get things fixed, questioning them can get solutions

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