Worried Dog Hopes You Know Her Owner

Black and white terrier

About 8:30 this morning, a rescuer found this sweet little girl near China Creek on the Briceland Thorn Road and brought her to the Garberville Vet.

If you have any information, call the Garberville Veterinary at (707) 923-2023.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Oh,she’s so beautiful.surely their missing her.thanks to the kind hearted folks who brought her to safety,you rock.

  • I pulled over today to see about a woman parked and she looked distraught..she was looking for her black and white dog…Im sure this is her dog. She is staying in a Mobil trailer right on the edge of the road.. near china creek, closer to Briceland. her name is Lisa. She said they are stuck , I guess meaning they haven’t been able to travel more than a few feet a day.

    I have seen the dog last week. Its a hard situation as the dog is right on the road where the trailer is. Sorry, I have no number..just the location.

  • Your a kind soul.most people today are to afraid to stop.awsome.hope your day is very pleasant

    • Thank you..I did hesitate to be honest. I also had my grandson with me so one must consider multiple decisions. But I turned around and just decided to give it some time…

  • Went to them today and told them where the vet was. They’re from out of town, but gave them directions. Hope they pick her up soon.

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