Whoa, The Slide that Keeps on Coming (Video)

Expand to full size for the most dramatic view.

Tuesday, January 3, about 1 p.m., the slide at Big French Creek Road on Hwy 299 shrugged and threw off a big chunk of hillside. Luckily, Mike Jensen from Scotia happened to be videoing and captured the dramatic rush down the hillside.

Hwy 299, an important east/west route, has been closed at this site since two big slides came down on December 5. With Caltrans workers contending against massive collapses like this, no wonder the highway agency doesn’t expect the route to open until mid-January.

Senator Mike McGuire reports that before traffic can start traveling through the slide area 300,000 yards of debris “will need to be removed and a temporary one lane detour is being constructed..[The contractor is] working double shifts, but bad weather is slowing the process.”

Just for fun check out this massive slump that sent rocks and soil over the road in the same spot on December 12.


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