Dave’s Killer Bread Coming to Humboldt to Share Why Hiring Ex-Offenders Works for Employers

Dave’s Killer Bread [Screenshot from their website]

Press release from Humboldt 2nd Chance Program:

Local employers interested in learning about non-conventional channels for recruiting job candidates are invited to attend the Humboldt Second Chance Program’s employer recruitment event on Wednesday, January 11, from 1p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Sequoia Conference Center, 901 Myrtle Ave. Eureka.

The Humboldt Second Chance Program (H2CP) is a new effort launched to help foster successful employment of ex-offenders. Project partners include the Humboldt County Workforce Development Board, Employment Training Division, Probation Department, Sheriff’s Office, College of the Redwoods and the Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation, which is the nonprofit arm of the Milwaukee, Oregon based organic bread maker. The company’s co-founder and 30 percent of their employees are ex-offenders. After rapid growth and great success, the company started a foundation that encourages and helps employers successfully employ individuals with criminal backgrounds.

“Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation (DKBF) was invited to participate to share the methods behind their success,” said Connie Lorenzo, Employment Training Division Manager of the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services. “At our event they will share evidenced based hiring and onboarding practices, as well as effective training and retention processes. Attendees will also learn about wage subsidies available as employers train and on-board their new employees,”

The event is open to both private and non-profit employers. No registration is required. For event information,
contact Lynette Mullen at 707-845-0467 or lynette.mullen@gmail.com. For program information, contact Connie Lorenzo, ETD Program Manager at 707-441-4607 or clorenzo@co.humboldt.ca.us.



  • Great idea!!! If we want to cut down on crime we need ways for folks to feed themselves&their families.
    Coming out of jail and being expected to just fit back in to society is not working. Many go back to crime for money as there are no other options. And many folks just need a good opportunity for their wallets and their pride. Its hard to pull together first, last and deposit for a rental, even with a job.
    Lets give these programs a chance, and the folks who want to work a second chance. We all F up!

    • Just an FYI, in CA it is illegal for a landlord to charge first, last AND a deposit. The first and last IS the deposit. It’s one or the other, not all 3! It can only be a total of two months rent, period. No matter what they want to call it.

      • “Unfurnished rental unit: The total amount that the landlord requires as security cannot be more than the amount of two months’ rent. If you have a waterbed, the total amount allowed as security can be up to two and-a-half times the monthly rent.
        Furnished rental unit: The total amount that the landlord requires as security cannot be more than the amount of three months’ rent. If you have a waterbed, the total amount allowed as security can be up to three-and-a-half times the monthly rent.
        Plus first month’s rent: The landlord can require you to pay the first month’s rent in addition to the security deposit.”


        • Mrs kym, I have a question? Why does it have the “edit” button for 29 minutes when I post a comment? I’m fairly new to this so I thank you in advance. Your amazing service and support to our community is invaluable! Thank you for your time.

          • This allows you to make changes to your comment for a short time so you can rethink either your grammar or your response. After that, you have to contact me for help if you need to change it.

  • Dave’s Killer Bread is a welcome alternative to other organic breads I buy. It freezes well and doesn’t get “crumbly” when thawed; it’s less expensive, too. Now that I know of the DKB program to help out folks caught up in the Law, it will be my first choice. Five thumbs up!

    • It has truckloads of “vital wheat gluten” added to keep it all soft and cushy. My friend had a loaf on his cabin table in Alaska, when he returned six months later, it was still the same looking bread, all soft and cushy. NO THANKS, it’s not real bread.

    • Do you think that’s why they call it “killer bread”? Cuz criminals/murders help make it?

  • Can’t wait to down the loaf. Hope it comes in organic wheat.


  • Didn’t Dave sell the company? If I remember correctly, he’s been on a downward spiral with drugs, alcohol, and crime. Not really the best example.

  • I just don’t know what to say! I love, love, love free enterprise and all, but am I going to trust my life(through my palate (gut)! To cons(excons)!good luck libs less of you next election cycle. How is that Man made Global warming working out for you! Ha, Ha, Ha! Doubled! It’s the Sun and Space weather that brings us Climate change or cycles.
    I find myself needing to say less at this point, just know common sense will prevail in the wind (I hope)!

  • What the hell? SMH

  • Anyone know what offenses these people were charged with? Just weed?

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Just weed….

      Like that’s not a bad thing!

      This is a good business model because many places aren’t allowed to hire felons.

      Jobs are important to end a life of crime.

      Someone needs to have a business model of minimum wage production jobs, using out of work growers.

      Not really sure what they have to market in the way of skills, but anything honest is better than a life of crime and terrorism.

    • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/08/daves-killer-bread_n_5280920.html

      This tells what the founder was charged with, and what he is currently charged with now…

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        He’ll fit in perfectly…

        It’s still a good business model.

      • “he is currently”

        Incorrect. By current, you’re implying something recent. Check the date on that Huffpost piece: 2014. Then check the bit at the link posted above.
        Dave is bipolar and in November, 2014, suffered his first bipolar incident.

        Does it make you feel good to pose him as ‘bad’?

  • That’s great..

  • Kudos for Dave’s Killer Bread, Hell, someday I might need a job there. Ha!

  • Toast of the Town

    I just love Dave’s Killer bread.

  • I love the thin sliced seed bread. I also love the whole grain white bread. Now that I know the back story, I’m glad I’m supporting the company.
    I laugh at the drunk weed haters who post here and on loco. It must hurt now that the people have spoken and weed is legal. Stiick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

  • This story isnt about the bread. Its about jobs,commerce,and trying to be successful.You would be surprised how many people stay out of trouble when they got a good thing going. People that are financially stable are less likely to break the law. Money,money,munnnnnnehhhhh.

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