[UPDATE 1:09 p.m.] Two Brothers Suspected of Attempting to Steal Vehicle Detained in Fortuna

scannerAt approximately 12:49 p.m. dispatch reported that they were on the phone with someone whose vehicle was being stolen. By 12:52 p.m. Fortuna Police had the suspects in handcuffs.

This occurred near Rite Aide in Fortuna. The dispatch relayed the description of the two individuals trying to take the vehicle and Fortuna Police arrived on scene quickly, detaining the two suspects who are brothers at gunpoint.

UPDATE 1:09 p.m.: No arrest…(We don’t know why.)



  • I am so fucking sick of this shit fortuna is becoming such a shit hole

  • fortuna is turning into a sit hole

  • Fortuna- the unfriendly city

    • If you really want to find unfriendly people deal with the IRS . I’ve seen rabid dogs that were friendlier than them.

  • Fortuna is awesome. Wanna live in Eureka?

  • just makes for more gun sales, pepper spray. and self defense choices. Good for businesses that sell that stuff. As for the scum young and old who profit from theft and burglary and are attracted to our motto, this town needs to change “friendly Fortuna” back to Sunny Fortuna. Who changed the name overnight? Anyone know the history?

    • I’ve never found Fortuna to be friendly. I’ve found even the average Hoopa resident to be friendlier than the average Fortuna resident. Idiots that waste my time on craigslist, cops that are only interested in writing tickets, people who wouldn’t give you the time of day unless you paid them, store owners that don’t seem to actually want customers,… Maybe they changed the name in hopes the city would become friendly, not because it was friendly?

  • Just remember no one is holding you hostage you are more welcome to move where you feel safe.

    • Yes, and that’s exactly why I left. After having to pick up dirty needles in my front yard & the wacko next door, it was time to leave Fortuna. Wish they would put the name back to Sunny Fortuna, too.

  • A case of vehicular mistaken identity perhaps, wrong vehicle maybe??? Hard to say why they weren’t arrested!!!

  • They weren’t arrested because i didn’t press charges . he was supposed to be a friend but turned out not to be anymore. Dust off kills brain cells

    • I see… said the “Blind Man”…. when someone turned on a light I KNOW the feeling if I had a dollar for every time I got screwed by a “friend” I’d be rich enough to go somewhere else warmer for the Winter!!!

    • sharpen your pencil

      With friends like these…..

  • I would assume that no arrest was made because the two may have attempted to break into their own vehicle. I’ve been guilty of locking my keys inside of my car. Fortunately, no one ever thought I was attempting to steal my vehicle because the keys were in plain sight and I’m a woman so… I mean it was broad day light so yeah. Probably a concerned citizen reporting. I would have probably reported it too if I thought that was going on because these days in Humboldt, you just never really know.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Good idea to call cops anyway. If it’s the car owner, no problem, and the police might have a slim jim or other device to protect and serve the citizen. If not, good riddance. As the news reports indicate, thieves are rampant.

  • Oh wow okay did not see the victim’s post until now. Aw, I’m surprised the cops did not arrest them. I thought the DA and police still held the right to arrest and charge even if the victim declines to. I’m so sorry for your awful experience. I’m also sorry it was someone who was supposedly a friend. You still can press charges and it may be beneficial just to keep the rest of the public safe from these two.

  • think it’s bad here try LA lol

  • Lol these commets r full of buttdarts at best! This shit happens everywere, wake the fuck up! The world is a shit box, relax and smell it once in a while

    • sharpen your pencil

      [Edit: Look, stop insulting fellow commenters or I’ll have to ban you and I don’t want to do that.]

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