Happy New Year, Hollyweed….(Yep, Iconic Sign Change)

As 2016 moved to 2017, in a likely reference to California legalizing recreational marijuana last November, some prankster trespassed at the site of the iconic Hollywood sign in the hills of above Los Angeles.

Photos of the sign are rippling through social media (see one tweet below) and through traditional news sources.

According to the LA Times,

Security footage taken around midnight Saturday showed a “lone individual” climbing up Mount Lee, scaling the sign using the built-in ladders and hanging tarpaulins over the sign’s O’s to change them to E’s, said Sgt. Guy Juneau of the LAPD’s Security Services division.

This isn’t the first time Hollywood was changed to Hollyweed for New Year’s Day. Back in 1976 an art major, Daniel Finegood, snuck up to the site, altered the iconic sign, and scored an A in his class.

In Finegold’s obituary, the LA Times reports,

Years later, he protested a characterization of the incident in The Times that referred to “vandals” altering the sign.

“We broke no laws and did no damage to the sign,” Finegood and friends wrote in a 1983 letter to the newspaper.

“An artist’s role throughout history has been to create representations of the culture he exists in. By hanging four relatively small pieces of fabric on the landmark, we were able to change people’s perception of the Hollywood Sign,” they wrote.

For Humboldt, the question might be…. will 2017 be a year when it cements its brand as the center of all things cannabis…or will Hollyweed or some other area move to the forefront.



  • Somebody from Humboldt took a vacation to LA.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Yup, because only the only people who like Weed live here….. You do realize that a large part of our pot goes down there right? I would not be surprised if as much of our pot was smoked down there as up here!

  • Very original. You might as well run the news story from 1976 when it was actually funny.

  • In reference to the last part of the article, I personally think the socal scene will take over. The market is bigger down there and much more hip. How many Humboldt people are gonna pay top dollar for brand name stuff when you can get weed for free if you know the right people. I once asked to buy and 8th and was given and ounce for free. Also, there are vendors down there who are already dominating the medical market. From my experience, Humboldt weed wasn’t considered grad A in most high profile dispensaries.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Then you must not know the right people. Anytime I have been in clubs down there I have seen nothing but humboldt grade A on the top shelf! #yourdoingitwrong!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      And the vast amounts of water will come from where in SoCal?

  • Even the practical jokes in Hollywood are un-original.

  • Even Forbes pointed out that Hollyweed area, Los Angelas, will be the major weed production area. Corporative politics paved the way. So long mom & pop, it was nice of you to fight for the right to be over taken by corporate greed. The corporate ran (govt) EPA will be out shortly to fine you out of your home, land, assets & life. Have a nice day.

  • Classic Economics

    It was fun. It is over up here. Thanks everybody who promoted that Corporate Take-Over Proposition in November! That was ….well, it sure will be “nice and safe” up here soon. We are now in the speculative phase of the real estate, next comes the bust. Then, after a few desperate and violent years we will get that “nice and safe” thing y’all wanted. Yay.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      And the vast amounts of water will come from where in SoCal? Even in a “good” year?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Fucking Millennials! Living in a spaced-out dream world with little basis in reality. WHERE will all this cannabis be produced? In magical desert SoCal? OK, let’s get the blueteeth out of your ears, turn off the Twitter and Snapchat and texting, everything. Engage brain. Good.

      Get ready: how much alcohol do you think is consumed in Reno and/or Las Vegas in a regular non-holiday night? A lake? A swimming pool’s worth? How much of that alcohol is produced in Nevada? Very little or zero. It comes in from all over the world.

      Cannabis production will likely de-centralize and spread to other areas as laws permit. Humboldt will still be Humboldt for weed like Napa is to fine wine. A standard of comparison and a source for the best. The idea of the whole shebang moving to LA is ludicrous. I clicked on the Forbes report and the young author seems very smart, but I doubt that she has ever grown her own tomatoes or given serious thought as to where her water and food magically originate or the water, land, work that is required for agriculture. It’s the same as Silicon Valley, right? Right!?! Wrong.

      Don’t forget, some localities will never get over it, just like with booze, which is a much nastier drug. Jack Daniels whiskey is made in a “dry” county! You can’t buy a legal shot of J.D. In its own county.

      After you figure out the WATER, maybe you can show us the LA ag land on google earth. After the WATER.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Hollywood Marines should be used for getting the culprit terrorist and bringing them to justice.

    Happy New Year!

    Smoking banana peels and a glass of bong water gets you even more stoned. Give it a try to welcome in the new year.

    • sharpen your pencil

      You’ve drank WAY too much bong water!

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        If you dopers mix the bong water into a Chinese organic smoothie, it makes your dreads longer and makes endangered birds nest in them.

        Someone mentioned a free Toyota and lifetime free fake dreads for the one who can drink the most bongwater and smoke 10lbs of banana peels.

        Getting a cheesy Humboldt tattoo that says, Dope- you are what you smoke…

        that tattoo is a sure winner!

        Get practicing and Happy New Year!

        • You DO realize that you come off as totally Batsh!t crazy, right???!!! You’re as paranoid as a person can get & still live at least a halfa$$ life!!!

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Grow your own dope. Plant Honeydew Bridge Chump. Do be really cool, they would also need to remove one “l” out of Hollyweed.

      • I seriously doubt it was Bong Water as paranoid as he is against Cannabis & growers!!! More likely it was his “Old Friend Jack” (Daniels)!!!

  • It’s dumb.but it sure took a long time for some knuckleheads to do it!!

  • Kym, correction on the name: it’s Daniel Finegood, not Finegold.

    He altered the sign again in 1990: “OIL WAR”.

  • Hey, there’s nothin wrong with Jack Daniels. Dumbass liberal! But some mountain moonshine is better.

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