[UPDATE 2:37 a.m.] 3 Alarm Fire at the Eureka Waterfront

Anonymous reader submitted picture

At approximately 12 a.m., a fire was reported at 12 West Waterfront. The business shows up on Google as “Arctic Ice Co.” The fire appears to have started inside the business. Firefighters were unable to access the building.

At 12:10 a.m., a 2nd alarm was sent out for the fire. At 12:20 a.m., scanner traffic said that part of the building had collapsed with flames coming through the roof. The fire commander has requested the fire boat from Humboldt Bay to help battle the fire. At 12:20 a 3rd alarm was sent out to battle the fire.

At 12:35 a.m., Fire Command requested Eureka Police for crowd control as some businesses customers had apparently gathered to look at the fire. One person from the crowd was arrested by Eureka Police.

As of 12:55 a.m. according to scanner traffic, the Fire Boat will be on scene in 10 minutes.

Arcata Fire and Fortuna Fire Departments are coming in to Eureka to cover the city.

UPDATE 1:20 a.m.:

[Photo by Oliver Cory]

UPDATE 1:26 a.m.: The fire boat is on scene hosing the buildings from the Bay.

UPDATE 1:33 a.m.: A rowdy crowd is gathered at the scene.

UPDATE 1:35 a.m.: Our reporter Oliver Cory who is on the scene witnessed one wall collapse. People in the crowd reported seeing other walls crumpling.

Cory sent in the following photos:

UPDATE 1:42 a.m.: The smoke from the fire has grown very black.
Below is an embedded map to help readers understand where the fire is located.

UPDATE 2 a.m.: Here’s another angle on the fire.

Fire above

[Photo provided by Rocky Shaw]

UPDATE 2:20 a.m.: This building was used by Eureka Ice and Storage until about eight years ago when it was closed because expensive repairs were needed. Then Artic Ice began operating. (See here for more information on the ice businesses that occupied the spot.)

UPDATE 2:37 a.m.: Because of how large this fire is, all Humboldt Bay personnel were requested to respond.

UPDATE 11:49 a.m.: Three Alarm Fire in Eureka Last Night Under Investigation (Photos of the interior prior to last night’s firestorm included.)



  • Wow nice Pictures Oliver, you sure know your stuff impressed…hope no one gets hurt tho…

  • Awesome. My work nearby will be a mess from this. Luckily I’m a couple blocks away so doesn’t seem in danger of being the flames next target

  • That place was bought last Summer by the same person that bought Hide Away Hills (in Salmon Creek) from us.

  • Nice pictures, Oliver, I love that blue water crane one.

    Sorry for all who lost stuff!

  • Great pics. More local history slip’in into the fuzzy memory File.

  • Once upon a time they used ammonia as a refrigerant for making ice. I’m not sure what they use now. But, large amounts of refrigerants can make for a very toxic fire, and refrigerant systems can cause some cool explosions (pun).

    Although I understand the thrill of being up close and personal at such a fire, it’s probably not safe, and you would be a distraction for the firefighters that would be seriously concerned for your safety.

  • I looked at this site last spring for possible investment. It is huge, with many rooms, and was unused and unoccupied. The place was a maze, and a deathtrap for anyone without a flashlight. A drive through wooden door, ten feet high and the same wide nearly fell over on me when I tried to open it. There was machinery all over the place, and tripping was a serious hazard. One homeless person was sleeping there when we viewed it. Evidence of others were everywhere. The point of entry was easily found and securing the building against entry was simple. Extensive repairs were needed just to bring it up to where it could be used. The point of the fire appears to be near the center. The areas where the homeless were using were near the edges, where light was available. A complete demolition would have been the best approach, but would have been very expensive. I don’t have any information about the new owners but if I were a fire investigator I would suspect arson. The idea of a homeless person starting the fire is just too convenient.

    • The freezers in there were a big huge maze,at the front was the packing floor,towards the back was the ice machine’s huge floor space.

    • However, buildings with a homeless population in them always burn. Almost without fail. I would be very surprised if the building was insured.
      Hopefully, all is well that ends well, and nobody is hurt.

      • Since the new owner has a substantial mortgage, I would expect that the bank would require insurance.
        I doubt that the owner knows that it burned down, as he is currently in Europe.
        The new owner was trying to secure grant money to help with establishing a couple of business’s.
        He was running into problems with all the various regulatory agencies.
        EPA, CalEpa, Harbor commission, Coastal Commission,Eureka and Humboldt County planning dept. among others.
        Plus there is the requirement that any business established must be port related.

  • I used to work at that plant!started out bagging ice.then packed fish.loved salmon season,hated the hake fish.must of been some poor soul trying to keep warm.i guess if it’s not cold enough they don’t open up the shelters.so dumb,IT’S WINTER IT’S COLD EVERY NIGHT.HAPPY PEACEFUL NEW YEARS

  • Sadly, all the reporters must have died in the fire, otherwise there would be an update for us Hinterlanders.

  • Urban renewal. Cheap, effective, makes a good show. And you get a check from the insurance company to build something good. Win-win-win

  • Ernie, the Photo journalist was not in danger, because I am reasonably sure he used Telephoto lens…Pretty sure that is journalism 101, don’t get to close as to hinder the work of the Police and fire fighters Duhhh

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