The Humboldt County Clock for the Cinderellas of Cannabis Has Struck Midnight…

Image a compilation of Cinderella Glass Slipper By TSTS Sheng via Wikimedia Commons and a photo by Kym Kemp]

Planning on being a legal cannabis cultivator in 2017? In Humboldt County, the clock has effectively struck midnight. No more Cannabis Cinderellas may wander in and submit their applications for a permit at the Planning Department. Today at 4 p.m was the deadline.

According to Luke Bruner, a well-known cannabis community member who was in line, “If you were in the door before 4 you got in. If you showed up late basically [you were being] turned away.”

At this point, John Ford, Director of Planning and Building, realized that although the 4 p.m. deadline had been publicized, many people thought that the office was open until 5 p.m. like it was the rest of the week, he stepped in with a solution. “Given the fact that people were trying to come with good intentions and applications, we took their names and will allow them to come in and submit their applications on Tuesday,” he explained.

Bruner said that “some folks did get turned away in the confusion” before Ford’s solution was implemented.

Nonetheless, a substantial number managed to get their permits in to the Department. “We took in 280 [applications] yesterday,” Ford said. That was the previous record for one day but today they took in 314. “Last week,” he said, “there were 490 applications. This week we probably took in 750-800.”

The number of permit applications accepted for the whole year so far is 2332 but more were being processed.



  • It’s about time. Now it’s time to start actually enforcing the laws and busting all the greenrushers too criminal too register.

    • who's been hoodwinked ?

      Because marijuana eradication efforts are so effective……lolololololol Seriously. Undercover & underwraps saves you a bundle of “fees” right off the bat. Fuck those guys. And really. Fuck u too. You obviously have no clue. Then it’s pots secured in treetops circa 1992…

  • Probably better off missing the deadline, imo! Is everyone going to be competing for tiny CA medical market? And not selling on the black market? Mmkay

    • Exactly! There is so much more that will be permitted for growing than could ever be sold on the “legitimate” CA medical market that it is absurd. I refuse to believe that all parties involved are not aware of this. So what the “H” is going on here??

    • Also the ca medical market is a damn picky market. Most of this greenrush herb is only good enough for back east.

    • My thoughts exactly. The la and bay area markets are what these people are now growing for and no one has wanted outdoor or even greenhouse since 2008. Indoor is king down there, I hate to say it but it’s true

  • It is well-known but officially avoided… Nearly everybody applying for permits is selling on the underground market. The county officials should be wrapped up in a federal RICO case for their scam. They are basically extorting money from growers for the fees for a county permit while pretending that the one statement of “only selling to a licensed distributor” is going to be followed when we all know ( and they know too..and the feds also know!) that is just not possible and ludicrous. These county officials running this scam should all be prosecuted to the full extent of federal law and hopefully the new Attorney General Sessions will do so. Enough of this bullshit and scamming and extorting from our elected officials!

  • Good luck dopers, you will be gone soon. Please stop cutting down the trees, and please don’t let your kids smoke meth.

    • What’s wrong with cutting down trees?

    • Smoke meth , taurus?? GTFO ,comment definitely shows your immaturity, You see a few bad grower kids and judge the whole community based on what ? Grow up or grow plants. Not all fish in the sea are the same. Some have a purpose ….just
      Saying. Where’s honey dew bridge trick …..sure the marines could help out on this one lol !!!

      • Black Rifles Matter

        “Grow up or grow plants” ? Really?

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        One Marine division could root every terrorist grower from the rat holes they hide in.

        I would give the terrorists three days before they dressed like women to escape.

        I hope the new regime will view these terrorists for what they are and begin with cruise missile launches against grow sites, followed by waves of helicopters, followed by armor and infantry.

        Defeating the growers should be top priority to secure safe and sane communties for children.

        We shall see, but defeating the terrorist growers would be a great start for the new regime. After the growers are defeated in the triangle, other areas along the west coast could be hit with B52 strikes as a warning to knock it off.

        A glorious future awaits us all with the defeat of the terrorist groupings.

  • I’m confused. Is the county expecting anyone growing even one plant to apply or are these permits for commercial size grows only?

    • If a patient grows six plants or less grown indoors or in a secure location is legal according to Prop. 64.

      • Kym, Prop 64 doesn’t specify indoors, but it allows localities to impose that restriction.

        • The exact language is “Not more than six living plants may be planted, cultivated, harvested, dried, or processed within a single private residence, or upon the grounds of that private residence, at one time.” Then later it says, “inside a private residence, or inside an accessory structure to a private residence located upon the grounds of a private residence that is fully enclosed and secure.”

          • If you are growing for your own medical purposes Humboldt allows 200 sqft with no permit

          • Kym, I believe that language is from the section that specifies what cannot be banned. It is correct that only enclosed gardens cannot be banned under Prop 64. Outdoor can be banned by localities.

            However, have a look at section 11362.2 (a)(2), which clearly contemplates outdoor gardens when it mentions that storage etc. must take place “upon the grounds of that private residence (e.g., in an outdoor garden area).”

            The same language “upon the grounds” also occurs in the next section, 11362.2 (a)(3). That kind of language wouldn’t be used if only indoor personal gardens were allowed under the law.

            Chris Conrad has a good page on this subject at

            Happy New Year!

      • Thanks for the answer Kym.

  • like none of you self righteous people benefit from the weed market

  • Who the fuck smokes/eats all this weed?

    What does that say about our society?

    Sad sad sad

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Everyone knows that bribing cops goes much further than a permit.

    Call this new era what you want, legal jumbo, but basically bribing cops is and has been the most effective and only tool.

    Screw permits, bribe cops instead.


    Here’s one for you Kym. 2332 permit applications have been accepted so far by Humboldt County. Here’s the million dollar question. Of the 2332 applications how many are from Humboldt? How many were from outside of our county? I think it will be revealing to see who is actually participating in the application process. Is it mainly locals or mainly outside interests or a mixture of both? I think those numbers will be VERY revealing on the direction our county is headed. Are we now going to be heavily(more than before) influenced by outside interests? Has our county economics been taken over by people who have no connection to our home? We are headed into uncharted waters. Many growers have taken the leap of faith and filed for permits while committing numerous felonies. If u talk to the growers filing u will likely find what I have. The growers applying have been increasing the size of the gardens every year. Many now grow 1,000+ pounds a year. Is there going to be any IRS or other federal agents looking into the finances of those applying. For instance if someone applies for one of larger permits then start writing down all the weight they are actually growing can law enforecemnet go back and estimate the size and yield of their previous crops & then demand accountability for where the pounds went and where all the money has gone. When someone has been claiming $60k a year, but has a farm now worth $3M and has been growing 1,000+ pounds for multiple years are there going to be any federal investigations into these dug King pins. If we talking about heroin or meth or even mushrooms and people were making $500k to $1m+ a year in profits we would be talking about RICO laws and federal investigations. The 2nd question is the Federal Government going to give all the growers who have made millions and arebnow tryng to sell their permitted ganja farm a pass or will there be federal asset forfeiture coming? The game plan for any of the old school growers I have talked to is to get the permits in place then sell the farm for $Millions. Many of the local growers are looking to cash in on this permitting process and use it as way to laundery the money the made on the farm by selllimg it for 10 times what they paid for it. For example one grower paid $300K for his land and is now sellling it for $3M. That is some serious money laundering. The question #3 is this the end of the permitting process and the beginning of the end for the farmers committing money laundering and federal crimes? Remember when Jerry died? The DEA has many open investigations and when Jerry died(Grateful Dead) the DEA went on a rampage and busted countless drug dealers. Are we going to see open cases that the Feds have been following for years get closed this year w/ growers being arrested for racketeering, money laundering and RICO? Lots of questions and not many answers. We are now in in uncharted waters. If u filed for a permit u better be squeaky clean. One misstep and the Feds could seize the ranch, the farm, your bank accounts and everything you have worked for over these years. If u filed and u have been growing thousands of pounds off the books u better have a good lawyer and a better accountant. My guess is we see people going down this year as the locals get busted and the corporations from out of the area take over. I even think the corporations could hire their own investigators to get the dirt on their competitions and turn them in. The corporations will try hard to take down the locals in order to steal their plots of land. That is one scenario that could come to fruition.


      Think about it. You are Phillip Morris(tobacco growers)and u want to get more Humboldt County land(they already own thousands of acres), but there is limited availability. U hire a a PI(private investigator) firm to get the dirt on plots of land you are eyeing. You find out that framer A in prime land is sellling his weed out of state. The PI starts an investigation and gives all the info. To law enforcement. Farmer A gets busted and the land goes up for public auction after being seized. Phillip Morris steps in and is the highest bidder at auction and now own Farmer A”s land. Phillip Morris see success in this strategy and keeps investigated more farmers, getting them busted and their land seized. Before u know it Phillip Morris is the largest land owner in the county. U think this far fetched? Watch “There Will Be Blood”. Very good movie on how the oil industry got started. Ruthless speculators who could give a shit about anything, but profits. Believe me they(corporations) will be fighting for prime land. If u are still playing the black market game u could become a target for the corporations to take you down and take your farm. U think this is far fetched? Grow Up! This is the real deal now. U aren’t dealing w/ the big lebowski anymore. U are now dealing w/ the competition. They have deeper pockets, better lawyers and more desire to profit than you. They are more ruthless and only care about one thing. Shareholder value. My guess is Humboldt is forever changed. The corporations are now in control. We tried like hell to keep WalMart out of Humboldt. Now we have opened the flood gates for every corporation across the planet to take our land, our jobs and our livelihood.

      • They cannot find a better spot to grow the most famous & coveted cannabis on the planet.
        Can they?

      • This guy is right on the money! Great points being made. It is absolutely true that locals ARE NOT buying these 1-3 million dollar properties, who has that kind of money in the bank? lets be real here, the oldtimers are selling our county out to the highest bidder, and these are absolutely outside interests with DEEP pockets. As a younger grower who has only been in the industry the last 10 years its seriously disheartening to see whats going on. Everyone is selling out, younger people have no chance to own land anymore up here. I thought the greenrush was bad 5 years ago, this shit we are seeing today is next level! Next year when all this supposed “legal weed” is harvested the ca legal market is going to be so flooded with cheap lbs its going to be out of control, im thinking <1000 lb highgrade deps and $ 750 lbs for highgrade fullterm greenhouse and fullsun going for <500$, and most herb I see around here is (sadly) definitely not HIGHGRADE and would fall even lower on the spectrum. From my experience dealing with dispensaries all across CA over the past decade is that the "humboldt" name brand donest really mean shit to the people buying weed for the clubs. Ive never gotten more $ because it was grown in humboldt, in fact I would say people try to lowball even more when they know you are coming down from the triangle. Bay area and LA markets want indoor, and they are blowing up indoor HUGE down there (check out the jungle boys), only a matter of time before the bay and LA catch up with the demand, which is going to leave most of the growers up here with their boof outdoor shit outta luck. Sheriff downey, was right on the money when he estimated 95% of outdoor is blackmarket. Hell I might even say its closer to 99%, I know plenty of people going the legal route up here under some major well known "emerald" brand names that are still selling most of their herb off the books out of state. the CA market is simply not big enough to buy all this herb being grown. Hell the unregulated black market is over supplied too which is why prices have been falling for years now. The way I see it growing in the legal market is a race to the bottom, who can grow the most herb for the cheapest amount of money, its a race that I dont think is going to leave our community better off economically. Weve had a lot of good years and no doubt there will probably still a few good years left but the party is ending for most. On a side note, with all the new outside investors buying up all the land up here its going to be very fun to watch a good number of em fail in the next few years.

        • when all the information comes in about the permits issued Im sure the percentage of permits to non local individuals and LLCs will be in the range of 60%, just a guess!

        • Black Rifles Matter

          Well said

        • Yes I agree with your assessment but remember if it’s all about cutting costs, our outdoor can be very competitive b/c we don’t have the overhead costs associated with indoor. We just have to cultivate a market for high quality, organic, seed grown outdoor and get away from the clone /dep/ McDonald’s style crap, that they can grow anywhere. That’s my opinion.

      • Two words!


      what’s up Kym. u reply to stupid comments about profanity, but have no comment for the questions I have presented? how about u Ed? u r the local So Hum lawyer. any validity to my comments and questions? I think it would be VERY interesting to see who applied for permits and whether or not they are local or from out of the area. what if it turns out more than 50% of the applications are from outside interests.isn’t this important information? are we just going to let our local economy be taken over by outside interests? is this beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?so many questions. 1st step. let’s find out who applied and where they are from. that would get the ball rolling on where our local economy is headed and who is going to be in charge.

      • Because gathering answers to those questions on New Year’s Eve is impossible.

      • Kym is a wonderful news writer who tries to cover every question.. I’m sure here when all data comes to fruition she will publish stats on permit holders .. I suspect 50% or more are not local ..

    • Sour Grapes, must not have had enough imagination to step out and create your own reality rather than believing and supporting a corrupt system ran by big business. Fuck the government and their bs licensing

  • I’m curious about the editing of comments on this site. I can say “fuck you, too”, but I can’t call someone ” asshole”? Really? Kym, seriously, what bad words are allowed? I’d like to see my posts uncensored. Fer fuck’s sake.

    • I don’t care about swearing. I do care about fostering dialogue between disparate corners of our community so…The basic rules are:
      1. No insulting other commenters
      2. No using racial, religious, sexual or other types of slurs (even political slurs can be deleted–Repuglican, libtard etc. though I tend to be more lenient here.)
      3. No accusing people of criminal behavior unless there exists proof or law enforcement already has made the accusation.
      4. No sexualizing those accused of crimes. (I’d hit that will get you deleted)
      5. No encouraging violence.
      6. I also frown on attacking victims. So tread lightly there.

      It’s not a rule that will get you edited but if you really care about the world try to be truthful, thoughtful, and kind.

      • I would like to point out that “fuck you too” is def insulting to other commenters.

        • If you are aiming it specifically at one commenter, then I edit it (if I catch it…sometimes I miss things.) If you are aiming it at a group of commenters, I tend to be more relaxed. I really hate to edit/delete and probably avoid it too much.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump December 31, 2016 1:21 pm

        “Hope Trump sends one or two cruise missiles at every grower shack in the middle of the night.

        Long been earned, long been earned.”

        • Sorry, I had missed that. Deleted. Next time you see something that is inappropriate just reply to the comment with something like, “Kym, you ought to look at this.” Then I check it out.

  • Sheeple. Did you ASK your lawyers that drew up your documents the ramifications? Did you simply apply because “the county said so”?
    Marijuana is illegal under federal law. You have given the Feds a road map to your livelihood. If you just had a lawyer push your permits through without getting their advice (and I’m talking with a legit lawyer), I’m afraid you are in for an unpleasant surprise. The Feds are smarter than most people realize. Why do you think MJ wasn’t declassified recently?
    Best of luck, but the good ole ma & pa gardens haven’t and will never get “permitted”.
    Frickin idiot transplants.
    ~SWT, 1963 Humboldt native.

    • I agree the Feds know everything and they love to make easy money off of people from asset forfeiture.. just this fall they re studied medical marijuana and claimed no medical value .. which they know is false , but they want to keep the upper hand federally.. then going as far as not reclassified cbd. Which they definitely know to help .. wake up it is all about money in there pockets not yours .. the old saying give them just enough rope to hang them selves.. the permit is your rope.. good luck with that

  • Why register for commercial medical? When the non-medical and non-registered financial opportunities may be much greater? Perhaps in some cases because some of us don’t just care about money. There are other things, believe it or not, which are just as important or more important to some of us.

    • bravo andrew thomson!

      yes! marijuana helps so many in so many ways, yet its ridiculously difficult and dangerous to get all over our own “free” country. the supply of marijuana doesnt even come close to meeting the demand. legal prohibition is a disgusting act of callous greed on the part of our own government. if your black market diesel powered chemically grown ganja makes somebodys life better when they smoke it…THATS what its all about! and thank you for risking your own freedom while providing what “our” government taketh away!

  • California Code of Civil Procedure section 12 says

    ” (a) if the last day for the performance of any act provided or required by law to be performed with a specified period of time is a holiday, then that period is hereby extended to and including the next day that is not a holiday. For purposes of this section, “holiday” means all day on Saturdays, all holidays specified in Section 135 and, to the extent proved in Section 12b, all days that by terms of Section 12b are required to be considered as holidays.

    (b) This section applies to Sections 659, 659a, and 921, and to all other provisions of law providing or requiring an act to be performed on a particular day or within a specified period of time, whether expressed in this or any other code or statute, ordinance, rule, or regulation.”

    There’s more, but the upshot is that the closing day for permits fell on Saturday Dec 31, and therefore is extended to Sunday, Jan 1 But that’s a holiday, so it is extended to Monday Jan 2, but that also is a holiday in this county, so the deadline is extended, by law, to Tuesday Jan 3, 2017.

    Any late deciders might want to mention the Code of Civil Procedure Section 12 to the Planning Department if they get reluctant to take an application for a cannabis permit on Tuesday.

    • Classic Economics

      Thank, Ed! I don’t approve of the permit system or applying for permits or giving those scammer Supervisors one extorted nickel but I appreciate your pointing out their lack of professionalism when they can’t even communicate basic facts about “very important deadlines”. I look forward to the new US Attorney General filing RICO charges against them all for their part in facilitating enormous federal crimes. But yes- they will work out deals where they supply all the names and addresses of permitees in exchange for their personal charges being dropped. Cowards and weasels and parasites.

      • Residency not required

        Hello ,In Colorado it was 2 years residency to apply for permit .trinity county supervisors were even smart in requiring a year residency .humboldt county not so much as a peep in keeping it local .end of story ..

        “Marijuana Business License DirectoryUnder current law, any owner of a licensed cannabis medical or recreational business must have been a Colorado resident for at least two years prior to applying for a permit. A residency requirement is a common restriction in many states with legal cannabis industries.

        SB 40 tweaks that to require direct owners be U.S. residents or a resident of Colorado for at least one year, but if a company has any out-of-state owners, the most it can have is 15 owners total. If all direct owners are Colorado residents, however, there’s no such cap. It further allows for “indirect beneficial interest owners” who could own up to 30% of a cannabis company as long as they’re qualified institutional investors.”

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