Snow Coming…and It’s Coming Down Low …And, Then, It’s Predicted to Get REALLY Cold

Weather graphic showing snow in Humboldt

[Image from the National Weather Service]

Sure we can expect snow in the mountains this time of year but the snow this weekend through Monday could come down much lower than usual. And even where it isn’t predicted to snow, that rain is going to be mighty cold.

According to the National Weather Service (What? You haven’t liked them on Facebook yet? Go do it. They keep Northern California informed!), it’s going to be a bit nippy this weekend and travel could get a bit nasty. They say,

Low elevation snowfall will impact travel Sunday through Monday. One to three inches of snow will likely accumulate on or nearby routes 199, 299 and 36 Sunday through Monday. Lighter amounts of snow may fall as low as 1000 feet on or nearby highway 101. If you are planning travel this weekend, be ready for occasional snow showers and slick roads. Check road conditions and be ready for wintry driving conditions. A dry and frigid air mass will settle over Northwest California next week.

Places like Garberville and Bridgeville could see snow on Monday…particularly by Monday night.

Then the National Weather Service says it’s going to get even colder:

…Much colder temperatures are expected next week as arctic air sinks south into the area. Sub-freezing low temperatures are expected area-wide by the middle of next week with lows dropping into the teens across parts of the interior. Residents should prepare to protect exposed pipes and ensure that pets are kept indoors.


  • Laytonville Rock


  • fresh water!

    • That Sauce Is Boss

      For the most part, but I’m sure there’s small traces of radiation in it from the Fukushima disaster. I say this because in oregon they teseted some ocean water and it had traces in it.


        “Thank you for your interest in the FLEXPART products for Fukushima. The Forecast system is no longer running.

        We have discontinued our Flexpart forecast of the atmospheric dispersal of radionucleides from Fukushima. This due to the fact that we do not have access to reliable release rates reflecting the current situation at the plant to be used as input to our simulations.

        It is likely that the release of radioactive material is significantly reduced compared to the initial period, and that levels no longer pose a health risk at distance from the plant.”

      • “in oregon they teseted some ocean water and it had traces in it.”

        Yes, very low levels in seawater. Different dispersal in water than in air; any of it in the snow would be coming mostly from the air.

        The cesium-134 found was released at the time of the main event in 2011. It’s from the leading edge of a plume; most of it hasn’t even reached US and Canadian West Coast shores yet. It takes 5 to 6 years for it to even start to hit the West Coast, dispersed at sea.

        Sane, responsible researchers have noted the amount of Cesium-134 found in the samples was too low for significant concern.

        ^^^Those folks also found Fukushima cesium-134 in a sockeye salmon in Okanagan Lake in B.C., in 2015. Again, levels too low to be of significant concern.

  • Going to get x supplies,wood,batteries,food.not going anywhere those chocolate and video games!!!please be safe all,and if your traveling take water,blankets,matches,socks,chains.Happy Peaceful New Year✌

  • stay home and do not drive anywhere this confirmed my decision not to travel this weekend, as it is wet from last night and only 34* here, it certainly will be ice above.
    was planning to go to Eureka via 199 from Medford.

    • My daughter just called me,she lives in Medford and was coming home,but snow and ice at the check the c.h.p.or Cal-trans for road conditions.please carry so careful

  • I must be getting old. This winter seems like a good ol’ Humboldt County winter to me. When I was building my house back in the early ’80’s it snowed and froze, and it didn’t seem it would ever melt.

    I battled it with good food, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and a good roaring fir-wood fire. A good wife helped a lot too. It smelled like Christmas all winter.

    Happy New Year!!!

    • Now that is cozy!!!

    • Nice!! For real, not being a dick. I am old as well and remember those winters

    • I remember when the Mattole River froze enough that my brother & I were able to play hockey at “Airport Swimming Hole” with broom sticks & a rock. My dad had tested the thickness before we could go out onto the ice & it was 16″ thick. It snowed alot at Whitethorn Junction in the 80’s.

      Thanks for sharing your story with us Ernie! If it gets that cold again, I’ll walk next door & have hot cocoa with you Ernie 😋 Looking forward to some snowpack for the benefit of our rivers.

  • Don’t tell me who to like, especially on facebook, aka faceplant.
    Dumb rednecks got facebook, letting every one know what they are up to, using it the way they want you to, so they can see exactly what you up to. They,Yes they.

  • Happy new year Ernie branscomb

  • Happy to you too M.O. !!!

  • That is going to be a long cold one. Cover exposed pipes good, a few years back we had one like this and so many pipes burst you couldn’t find some plumbing parts for weeks. I am going to cut water from the tank overnight so if something does burst I am only dealing with a couple gallons instead of a house destroying couple thousand.

    • Oh shit that’s true. At least leave a faucet or 2 on so they won’t freeze

    • Thank you Chuck!!!! I better get to work on covering all my pipes.

      Has anyone else has issues with their Blue Star Gas tank regulators freezing at night? Every night about 9 pm our propane shuts off. Had them out here a couple times (they told me the regulator was freezing) & we have it wrapped & covered. Any suggestions or tips??

  • Back in the 80’s I remember ice on Humboldt Bay. It was only about 1/8″ thick but that’s moving salt water. I think the temp in Eureka was around 22 degrees for a few days.

  • wait wait. What if I don’t want my dogs inside when its cold. Ernie, are you saying we can survive by eating marshmallows?

  • Yah! hot chocolate, marshmallows with a splash of peppermint snaps. Don’t drink and drive. We need a few “good’ol Humboldt county winters” in a row. It’d wash some of the fleas off the dog. (so’ta speak)

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