PBS Explores ‘Budding Regulation’ in Humboldt County

Last night, PBS NewsHour took a quick look into the new regulations governing cannabis in Humboldt County.

Check out the video above.

Tell us what you think about it. (Have you ever seen someone pass over cash the way that one guy does at 39 seconds in?–We live in Humboldt so, of course, we’ve seen lots of cash…but the way he did it…Did that look staged to you?)



  • Saw that, recognized a couple ‘o locations. The Fish and Wildlife guy is, well, anti to an extreme. One of those people that think its O.K. to turn the Klamath into a trickle for the monied, overlook the wine industry impact on watersheds, and opine that a 30 x 100 greenhouse somehow uses less water than a doug fir or redwood canopy. Despoilers of the land should be prosecuted, no doubt, but by an unbiased authority.

    The words from Downey’s mouth, eh. HIDTA and other federal monies are running his show.

    The deputy dawg that opined regarding “leaving Humboldt” might have had it partially right. There will be a corporate takeover. Money talks, Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino have been “branded.”

    And giving “authorities” your name and address with the recent administration change . . . well, that’s not just a little disconcerting given Melinda Haag’s campaign under the past Administration.

  • Humboldt Brand will be BIG! The fine print will be small. Most big ops will probably operate like the Sun Valley Bulb Farm. With low paying jobs and a lot of undocumented labor. One flagship farm in the Co. While the bulk of the product is grown at a more cost effective location. And marketed under the Humboldt Brand. The GLORY DAYS seem to have ended. What ever the outcome, hopefully Humboldt can make lemons into lemonade. And some of the less desirable element of the industry will GO AWAY! HUMBOLDT FOR HUMBOLDTIANS IN 2017 Still a great place to have your morning coffee.

  • Patrick Murphy will be your new overlord. A few very large operations will be producing and hiring low-wage workers to water, bottom-branch etc. Trimmers will be employed in the new industrial parks and paid minimum wage, just enough to rent subsidized housing ie.-wage slaves. Congratulations Humboldt Nation- We allowed these pigs like Murphy and Emerald Family Farms to con us into thinking we’d be okay and able to get in on the greed too! You thought a county-issued permit would allow you to sell your hillside greenhouse to a corporation and you’d be able to sell out your community too! It’s a shitshow result of greed and selfish interests. Ted wins with his distributorship scam. Patrick Murphy, EFF, CCV-H, Wonderland all should have been destroyed but we let them sell us all out. Enjoy your descent into poverty and desperate violence. Only hope is Sessions will come here and clean house- take those parasites out in preparation for the next wave of corporate investors to buy in for pennies on the dollar. It is over. Paradise not just lost but fumbled, sold out and surrendered.

    • huh?..you WANT Sessions as federal AG to ‘come here and clean house’?..’in preparations for corporate investors to buy in for pennies on the dollar.’

      You actually want that?

      What IS the matter with you?

      Feeling left out of all the ‘easy money’?

      • Yes. I will laugh as Sessions arrests parasites like Murphy and EFF Brian. They are greedy egomaniacal greenrushers who only came to take while destroying our community. But they talk purty to the media don’t they? No I don’t want a corporate takeover but that’s what we voted for! And that’s why Sessions is coming- to prepare the field for Trump’s corporate buddies. As a founder of CCV-H would say ” It’s just business. Better get ready!”

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      If the only hope is Jeff Sessions, then there is no hope. Do you have any knowledge of Confederate history? Do you have any idea of his “heritage?” Sessions will do nothing to promote any sort of marijuana industry. The Trumpistas will get exactly what they voted for. I wish the Trumpers could suffer alone while the rest of us gasp and gawk, but I’m afraid we’re all in it for the “ride.”

  • Thanks for posting this piece.

    “Did that look staged to you?”

    Totally, obviously staged and well edited, as is to be expected: PBS are pros at crafting narrative.

    Check the visual edits:
    edit 1: shot of seller, from directly in front of the counter (aka the buyer’s perspective)
    edit 2: shot of buyer, from directly behind the counter (aka the seller’s perspective)
    edit 3: shot of both, from the side, as buyer unzips pouch
    edit 4: shot of buyer taking cash out of pouch, from directly directly behind the counter (aka the seller’s perspective)

    There’s only one camera, though. Shot of both, obviously no camera behind or in front of the counter. Visual edits combined with unedited sound track.

    Unless he knew beforehand the price with tax of that Triminator Mini-Dry, very unlikely he’d have a wad ready for that amount, too. He probably did buy that machine there, but the filming of the actual sale was staged.

    (He could’ve found that Mini-Dry elsewhere for $500 less. Or better yet, pony up a few more bucks for a TrimPal. It’s a much better machine than any Triminator.)

    Wasn’t able to view it above nor at the PBS link. If anyone else is having that problem, here’s the same piece posted to youtube.

  • “My back’s hurtin’ a little bit today…” Good Lord.
    The county officials who have drafted the plan for any and all regulations regarding cannabis production need to drive up and down the back roads in Humboldt County and see how destructive cultivation is to our landscape. The rules regarding encroachment and the lack of enforcement on environmental damage need to be addressed. I would like to see all of the hoops visible from a county road, light-dep shows that blow up the mountains at night, weed block fabric fences and the entire grow scene visible from Highway 101 at Phillipsville that is RIGHT ON THE RIVERBAR (you’ve all seen it: Fish and Game, County “Supervisors”, Sheriff, Undersheriff, Army Corps – where are you people looking for violations exactly? …) loaded up and dumped on county officials’ front yards. Then, scatter thousands of empty grow bags all throughout their neighborhoods and take a jack hammer and create car swallowing pot holes from where they work on every street they drive directly to their driveway. THEN they MIGHT get an idea about just how their inaction effects citizens.
    Grow it without harming everything! Your little 2 acre plot out some county road is not a business site. These little unmaintained roads can’t handle the constant up-the-hill, down-the-hill traffic of every soil truck, trimmer, generator fueler, water leaf pulling, monster truck owning “cultivator”.

    • I drove past that riverbar grow in Phil-vill off 101, last week when it was flooding hard, and the hoops were half under water about to get swept away. That’s terrible farming!
      I hate hoops and lights and all that garbage- grow it under the sun from seed and let’s produce something unique to the area instead of mcDonalds ‘og’ and sd

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      I drive around all over the place. Also once worked for the USFS. There have clearly been offensive and detrimental pot gardens. But the environmental destruction wrought over a century or more of logging, especially in the first non-regulated decades far exceeds anything from the cannabis industry.

      I know this flies in the face of those who have a major personal commitment to equating illegal cannabis gardens with logging. It’s comforting and relieving. Like equating alcohol with marijuana. All happy now.

      It’s just not true.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Maybe cut back on the caffeine. Guess you’re out of the loop. Things are changing. Personally, I believe that one or two natural light grows should do it for anybody. Don’t especially like greenhouses. Yes, you gain environmental control which is nice in bad weather but you get a host of pests that also love the sheltered environment.

      Growing outdoors has allowed me to completely eschew pesticides of any kind. I haven’t needed mechanical rat traps for years. Save some money every year to allow for crop failures and your eventual retirement.

      I suspect, but can’t prove, that outdoor, full, hot sun is the best way. Sure feels that way. Way more ecological than sucking off the grid or burning diesel.

  • Black rifles matter

    Now I know who that idiot is that drives that chevy “durapad” like a jack ass up the 299 towards berry summit all the time.

    • He’s a farmer. It says so on his shirt.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        He has a major commercial agricultural operation. That’s the definition of farming whether you hate his guts or not. Throw away your crutches of hate and run around the auditorium, tears of love streaming down your face, just like a Peter Popof revival.

  • Who gives a shit if the cash transaction was staged? I see it everyday. I paid my property taxes with $7500 cash (in three installments). Cashier in tax collector’s office didn’t bat an eye. She turned around and put the bills in the cash counting machine (there are several in this office). Gave me a receipt; no biggie. Is anyone using their credit card to buy trim machines? Probably not.

    • Black Rifles Matter

      Ok Patrick…
      People who pay their taxes in cash installments with no regard and then brag about it on a internet blog have obviously never been audited. Just saying….good luck

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      The Humboldt County Tax Collector only accepts full payment at once or two 1/2 installments due April and December. Period. You must be confused or trolling. Or just flat making stuff up. On the Web? Who knew?

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Murphy’s operation looks good to me. Lot of folks are so jealous, the hate just drips off the page. He uses large containers which I think are best. Stay out of the ground. Re-use the same soil. I am not completely happy because the expenses and compliance for a major garden are the same for a small-scale operation. But we had to go forward.

    The money exchange 39 seconds in does look staged and phoney.

    The police hate us and will for the next generation or two. Sad. Can’t wait to gloat over the industry’s demise. But wait! Alcohol is a far more dangerous drug but bears comparison on marketing. No matter how many grapes are planted in how many States, Napa Valley still retains cachet and viticulturists and oenologists are still in business. Some succeed and some fail. So, despite hate heaped upon People of the Plant, despite the self-loathing self-destructive crap oozed forth in other comments by folks who should know better, We will persevere.

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