Mendo Supes Shape Their County’s Cannabis Law

marijuana in back of law enforcement vehicle

Mendocino Sheriff’s Office with eradicated marijuana at an incident earlier this year. [Photo by a reader]

The Mendocino Voice has a story up on their county’s look at summary abatement for cannabis. The Mendocino Supervisors wanted a law that allowed for cannabis plants to be removed immediately if the garden doesn’t meet County standards. According to the Voice,

Susan Schindler, a well-known cannabis activist from Potter Valley, expressed her frustration that, “Somehow, having five more plants than you’re allowed seems to be an imminent threat to public safety…I look at the priorities which have been set by this county so far, and they are, tax me, track and trace me, and charge me. Now I’m back to being an illegal nuisance, potentially, even though the state clearly states that I am an agricultural product…I am tired of being told how much crime is associated with what I do.”

The Voice reported closely on Mendocino Supervisor’s shaping of cannabis law at their Monday meeting. You can read the Voice’s piece here.



  • Sell zip ties to anyone for a hefty fee.
    Write down their information on location.
    We dont need all this government jobseeking mentality.

  • “Eradicated” Thats why it’s in the back of a truck instead of in a chipped pile on the ground. That truckload is their cut.

  • Mendocino county is really trying to regulate cannabis to death, at the same time they turn a blind eye to all other industries that are ruining the environment

    • So are Humboldt’s supervisors! It is obscene how little we get for $400k per year,plus benefits. Maybe, in 2017, we will get something besides cannabis regs.

  • They should be talking about farmers being successful not eradicated.

  • Big brother is watching. If you decided to grow (medical pot )legally and got permits, he now knows right where to look . Get ready for those surprise inspections.
    You know he’s going to capitalize on the fines. Although they haven’t stated any, YET, they will.
    Make sure you’ve crossed your ” t’s ” an dotted your ” i’s “.

  • Everybody needs to watch
    “Marijuana mania with berner”
    On you tube especially the supes.
    Watch all 4 episodes.
    Then tell me what we should be doing or allowing

  • We should be out of the business of “regulating” (another word for prohibiting) natural plants. If the state needs to be involved, it should be taxation at the point of sale, like any other product. PERIOD

  • Very well said Susan!! What a dog and pony show this is all turning out to be. I sure hope the regular working people of Mendo can survive

  • hypocrites aplenty.

    how many if those supervisors and police sip mendo wine daily. they are hypocrites holding back our social evolution.

  • The cops in mendo are a bunch of crooks . You dicks will be out of business here shortly

  • Mendocino needs to eradicate the anti-cannabis psychos John McCowen, Hal Wagenet, Ross Liberty, “Dog Killer” Chris Brennan, and LEAR’s Paul Trouette.

  • Brennan in particular is a known narc who has trespassed on multiple properties, located the plants of mom & pop growers, and turned them in. Whole neighborhoods. While he sits on his property paid for when he was a grower. Calls himself a conservationist, but has killed more wildlife than everyone else in Mendo combined, thousands of coyotes poisoned, shot, trapped, plus cougars, bears, etc etc, all paid for by the taxpayers, for benefit of the rich ranchers. He calls KMUD as “the angry one” BTW.
    The Blacktail Deer Assoc is a front for the local militia.

    • Vultures Coming To Roost

      How frustrating it must be for “Dog Killer” Brennan to see the huge grows pop up all around him. Why, even the property next door- his ex-wife’s place- was bought by a grower friend of hers and is being prepared to be blown up with weed. And he can do nothing about it.

  • Poetic justice for all the liberal, [edit] hypocrites who constantly encourage more government and more government programs. And like a battered housewife in denial, they just keep coming back begging for more. They will never learn.

    • Poetic justice for you Rollin, you can’t even learn how to use this site without getting your comments edited

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