[UPDATE] Major Injury Accident Blocks Eastbound Hwy 36

chp major injury featureA silver pickup struck a tree near Grizzly Creek on Hwy 36 about 8:53 p.m., according to the California Highway Patrol Incident page. The vehicle is still  partially blocking the eastbound lane as of 9:48 p.m.

The CHP reports this is a major injury accident.

UPDATE: The injured party is going to be flown out of the area for medical assistance, according to the CHP Incident page.



  • Lord have mercy.to many accidents on 36.im praying for all involved.god bless

  • This road is dangerous enough without the ice on the roads so slow down!!! Redwoods don’t jump I’ll admit but they do NOT move over either!!!

  • A citizen took a major injury accident victim to the hospital, wow.

    • Disgusted with Humanity

      I know the guy who brought the victim to the hospital, He said the guy had blood on his face but it was almost dried so he had been sitting there for about a half hour or so before anyone stopped to help. While he was rescuing the man from the truck no one stopped to help either!

      • Hi I’m the victims daughter, Erika. I just want to say on behalf of our entire family thank you so much without your friend we might not have my father here today. He was critically injured, and somehow your friend was able to get him to the hospital. There are no words in this world to describe how forever grateful we are. We’d like to meet him/her to personally thank them if that’s alright. Please pass on the message we really want your friend to know that without him/her our lives would be much different.

        Yours truly, Erika, Ester, and Stacy

  • We’ve come across collissions between cars and redwoods on 36 and the vehicle never wins. I’ve seen cars totaled out and trees missing only small hunks of bark, for the most part.

  • Another one bites the dust

    • Disgusted with Humanity

      Wow, what a rude thing to say! You don’t know why the guy crashed, there could have been a deer in the road and he swerved around it, he could have been tired and fallen asleep, also he might not be from here and not understand the danger of that road (Yes everyone should use caution when driving in general)….who knows, all we know is he’s being flown to a higher tech hospital with major injuries and could die!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    36 should be horses only…

    It’s Not cool until past 3.

    Horses only from 101 to 3


    Helicopter gunships mowing growers and wild dogs.

    That’s a safe 36.

    • PLEASE!!!! For the sake of all of us who are still sane (questionable on my part admittedly) go back to WTF ever rock you climbed out from under!!! You sir??? are crazier than I am!!! Trust me this feat is NOT easily accomplished as I happen to be totally Stark Staring Totally Batsh!t Crazy!!!

  • Unfortunately those trees don’t move,and have been lining Humboldt forever.so slow down enough to navigate that road.its simple to understand.unless your Mario Andretti SLOW DOWN.the life you save may be your OWN

    • Or MINE as well I drive this road A LOT!!! I do NOT attempt to take icy corners any faster than 25 MPH @ best!!! Any dark corner or even dark straight stretches can be VERY ICY this time of year!!! So wise up & SLOW DOWN!!!

  • Many corners don’t thaw out at all this time of year. This next coming week will not be good with all the traffic on 36 these days.

  • There’s assholes everywhere! I got plowed into at a redlight the other day by an old guy who admits” I just looked down for a minute” and never hit the brakes, now I’m completely layed up with a neck and two back injuries, slow down and pay attention people geez…
    Happy new year?

  • Where are you Andrew James Garth you saved my dads life! We cannot thank you enough… hope to meet you some day…

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