[UPDATE] High Speed Chase Near Loleta

scannerAt approximately 11:15 a.m., law enforcement began pursuing a motorcyclist headed north on Hwy 101. The motorcyclist wearing a black helmet and black jacket failed to yield to an officer. CHP chased the motorcycle on Eel River Drive near Loleta.

Now they have requested additional help from other officers as the motorcyclist heads on Hawks Hill Road.

UPDATE 11:31 a.m.: Officers lost sight of the suspect.



  • Probably a good idea.a motorcycle chase never ends well.

  • You can’t out run the cops radio

  • lost em in loleta
    sounds like a new TV series

  • Unless the guy is an armed and dangerous wanted criminal there is no need to risk lives for a traffic ticket.

    • He may be armed and wanted. Never know unless you catch them.

      • We need random traffic stops because the guy doing the speed limit might be an armed and dangerous felon as well…so stop and frisk, checkpoints, because someone might be dangerous.

        The Division of Precrime should be established, perhaps it will with Sessions the new AG.

        I feel safer already.

        (well, not really.)

        • Well, if they had just raped killed or shot your family member you wouldn’t be talking about the thought police. It ain’t easy to see the plate on a bike when they are going high speed but what the hay I guess speeding isn’t so bad when they may be giving tickets for smoking at the beach.

        • OK, I for one am tired of being passed by the 100mph bike, but I am reminded of one of those go-fast-kid movies where the cops didn’t bother if they knew they couldn’t catch them… Not that many roads here, but not that many cops either, so ???? What to do…

          Also reminded of the day we found a patient who was on Methamphetamine, Xanax, THC, Oxy, Opiates, AND Methadone. I asked WTF, maybe we shouldn’t prescribe all these at once, and the nurse said, instead of calling it “pain management” we should call all the patients “in hospice”, since that would justify the huge doses of shit all the time. The attending doctor said, no, we’ll put everyone in the program and call it “pre-hospice syndrome”, so EVERYONE can be REALLY fucked up all the time, just like in Humboldt, and the insurance will pay…

          Bikers, slow the fuck down, those cops have cameras, and they will, eventually, get you. Hopefully, you won’t kill or injure anyone else in the meantime, and I sure hope they don’t “empty the magazines” in your general direction.

          Note: if you crash over 100, you will pretty much die, or end up in Hospice, which explains SO much…

  • Lost him, with no one on the 101, must have been rocket spaceship motorcycle, them cruisers aren’t exactly slow,…

  • All they need is too get close enough to read the licence plate ,and find out who it’s register too. like I said can’t out run the radio .

    • Evidently he did, judging by what the article & update say, for now at least!!!

    • When I was much much younger I was flaunting my 1100 and a chp turned around to pull me over on Beatrice flat. I so could have lost him, but decided to pull over and wait for him. Hella nice guy but gave me a ticket anyway.

  • I saw the pursuit in the 11:00 o’clock hour. It looked to be a high tech black crotch rocket and it was a rocket indeed. It had badass led headlites. Dude looked futuristic. He most likely got beamed up by L. Ron Hubbards crew. He might have been the Captin of some ship. The bike was fast. Maybe an Eastern Block guy, seems we have alot.

  • I love bikes, but, well, ugh….. In the old days. Talk’in, pre internal combustion days. A Samurai would burn incense in his helmet before a battle. So his head would have a pleasant aroma when it was separated from his body. Helmets provide a false sense of security. You may look like it. But you are not a Power Ranger!

  • Arnold Swartzinagar


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