Caltrans Reopens 101 by Piercy to Traffic

Caltrans cleared the landslide from Hwy 101 near Piercy. Traffic no longer needs to be diverted onto State Route 271. [Photo from Caltrans District 1]

According to Caltrans, “Late yesterday U.S. Highway 101 near Piercy was reopened to traffic with one lane in each direction. Traffic is no longer being detoured onto Route 271. There is no estimate yet on when the highway will be fully opened to four lanes.”

fence blocking debris from falling on 101

Hwy 101 [Photo from Caltrans District 1]


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  • Enjoyed the detour, for a minute or two. There was a big orange sign that said “Bump”, but it should have said “Big doggone hole”. Hit it in the fog…

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