Toyota Tacoma Hits Power Pole on Hwy 36

traffic at an accident

[Photo by a reader]

Today at approximately 10 a.m. a tan Toyota Tacoma struck a power pole east of Bridgeville approximately a half mile. Caltrans has two-way traffic control set up.



  • Damn that looks bad

  • Rosemarie von Boomhower

    People shouldn’t drive on that road in the morning. If your driving east the sun is right in your face and because of the way the road is laid out it makes it very hard to see. Especially when your cresting a hill you can’t see where the road goes until your at the top of it. They’re just small hills but your pretty much blind until you can see down slope.

  • Everyone was alright.. icy road

  • You mean Tacomas DON’T handle better than Porsches?

  • To much ice on the roads early in the 8am ran into ice on Myrtle ave.please slow down and get there safe. I HOPE this person is ok.

  • It’s those damned sneaky “Jumping Redwoods” again they wait until someone comes along unsuspecting then jump right out in front of them!!! Then there’s the story if Cinderella too!!! It’s an excellent Fairy Tale as well!!!

  • Seriously though I’m glad no one was injured or at least majorly!!!

  • I guess those trees are caltrans natural guard rails. Hopefully we won’t hit em head on, and also never need them.

  • Drive sober, redwoods don’t move over……..

  • Everybody and especially the locals drive way too fast and tail gating is also a problem!! Slow down people save a life !!

    • Sounds more like you’re the problem. If you’re getting tailgated, chances are you should have pulled over a while ago.

    • OMG, People tailgate horribly! I will pull over to let many pass, although I’m going AT LEAST the speed limit! Other peeps saying the tail gated person is the problem, NOT TRUE, as long as they’re doing speed limit! Safe driving doesn’t seem to be taught anymore, it’s all about “I am in a hurry so let’s endanger everyone else!!!!!!” The rule USED to be follow at least 3 car lengths, then YOU have time to react if the driver in front has a problem, increase the distance as you speed up! If you speed up for tailgaters, they still keep too close! I feel if you are close enough for me to only see your vehicle gill and your FACE in my rearview…YOU ARE TO CLOSE AT ANY SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!! Even stopped, it used to be, stop while you can still see the car in fronts tires meet the road…then, if you’re rearended, you MIGHT not be shoved into the front vehcle! PLEASE TRY TO BE COURTEOUS TO OTHER DRIVERS! Some of us are just looking for the first SAFE pullout to let your rude self pass!!!! Don’t even want to get started on the drivers in Sac area and Auburn!!!! They will change lanes into you if you leave 1/2 a car length safe zone!

  • drive like hell and you may get there

  • Guest, I lived off of 36 and no not much sun comes thru the redwoods but as soon as you get pass the redwoods you get plenty of sunshine. Your right about the redwoods though. Stick to your porch Guest and your sure to come out alive.

  • Wow ….. people need to seriously slow down on that road whenever I drive that road I go the speed limit or slower and if somebody comes up behind me and starts tailgating I use my brakes if you’re too close you better back off ….. seriously dangerous road if you don’t know how to drive and if you look closely that’s actually a telephone pole that he/she hit

    • I pull over, smile, and let the fools go.

      • Me 3 I smile & wish em a speedy awarding (of a Darwin Award for taking yourself OUT of the Gene Pool!!! I drive fairly fast sometimes but I’ve been driving this narrow, winding, mountain road for 30 years!!! That said I still don’t trust it!!!

  • Ella, that kind of driving is great but as Busghytails said pull over & let faster traffic go around you!!! Otherwise you become a traffic hazard by holding others back!!! Eventually someone will try to pass everyone crearting yet another p[otential accident!!! Simple as that drive how you want to BUT pull over early & often!!! The life you save may be your own or mine!!!

  • Drove the 36 around 9am today below the speed limit and still slid in three places. Watch out on the bridge by the dump. Iced over on east end heading out in eastbound lane. Scary and have drove that road for over 35 years. .

  • I’ve been chewing 36 up and spitting it out for 30 years, the road is fun but not that much fun , hwy 1 out of leggett is a ton better but if you want to rip it ,hit thunder hill in willows,,that shit is,a hoot

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