[UPDATE] Suddenlink Outage in Central Humboldt

Suddenlink customers are complaining about outages in the Eureka area and as far south as Rio Dell. We received our first report of the outage from a reader in the Rio Dell area. She first noticed the outage about 11 a.m.

suddenlink outage

[Outage Map for Suddenlink]

UPDATE: Service was restored relatively quickly.



  • Suddenlink sucks, i switched to direct tv….

  • Back on in Rio Dell

  • thanks for the info kym, i was about to take a ball bat to my pc. it is lagging and driving me more crazy than usual…argh! suddenstink!
    loleta checking in.

  • Rio Dell resident

    Suuuudennnnlink……….. yourrrrrrrrr disconnected

  • Suddenlink does not run up into the hills, so Dish Network here since the digital TV conversion in 2008 and internet thru a Verizon hotspot.

  • Sudden UN link

  • I’m using moviestar n claro works great

  • Eh. I’ve lived all over this fine country. I was in the telecommunications business for about 30 years. From copper wires to fiber. Things go down. Often. Read a book, clean the kitchen, whatever. Don’t get me wrong, my whole family freaks out during an outage and asks ME “what’s wrong, DO YOU KNOW?”. NO, no I don’t. But it WILL come back on. Eventually. But it will come back. Until then, do something else. Me, I did laundry and played solitaire. All good.

    • YES! Great answer! Wasn’t using during outage…but last time, I DID read a book! lol You can travel to sooo many places via internet…don’t forget our outdoors! Hiking every weekend possible, even during the winter! NATURE IS AMAZING!!!!!!

    • Radio is a wonderful thing. And once tired of that? We Enjoy the Silence.

  • “I watched that rotten box until my head began to hurt.”


  • Sudden-Disconnect

    Waiting for someone to hit these scumbags with a lawsuit.. Once they do, I’ll be happy to divert the amount of money I am throwing down the toilet to these jokers in Texas, to further the lawsuit. NO one, likes this company in my neck of the woods. Over-inflated prices for speeds equivalent to dial-up and an endless stream of lies and subversion from their techs. Companies like these should have died out with the fiber boom but are continuing to thrive in smaller areas, due to provider monopolies. It’s a shame, just how long this has been going on..

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