[UPDATE] Slide on Maple Creek Road Traps Residents

Landslide [Photo by a resident]

A slide which collapsed on Maple Creek Road yesterday evening around 5:45 p.m. left a number of residents trapped. The road which runs between Blue Lake and Korbel just east of the Hwy 299 cutoff is completely closed between mile marker .3 to mile marker .48.

“The road will probably be closed for the day,” said a Humboldt County Public Works spokesperson, “but the crew will call if they get it open sooner.” There is a chance one lane will be open at some point but the Public Works spokesperson didn’t know when that would be likely to occur.

PG&E is out to approximately 80 residents.

UPDATE:According to Public Works, “Maple Creek Road near Korbel is posted open for 1 lane traffic. Use caution.”

Heavy equipment clears landslide.

Heavy equipment from Humboldt County Public Works clears landslide earlier today. [Photo provided by a reader]

UPDATE Friday: Road Closed until 4 p.m.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Trapped? Stop with the drama there other ways in and out of that area

  • If it’s closed just east of 299, you can still get out via butler valley and kneeland. There’s other routes too, such as fickle hill, but that’s the only one I’ve taken and know where it meets up.

  • You can go out Maple Creek to Bald Mountain Road. I had to do that last night. Parts are really slick, the clay soil is very saturated.

    Believe me I felt trapped!

  • In the past Kym has avoided suggesting alternate routes unless they’re verified by local authorities. She won’t send people on a wild goose chase….if you know a route and have proof it’s open (and for what kind of vehicle) and want to offer directions, that’s one thing.
    But who knows if the person taking an alternate route will pay attention to the cautions and restrictions and have good tires and be a good driver….

    • You can take the Bald Mountain road up to the Snow Camp road junction and turn north. It hits 299 at Lord Ellis.

      There are a couple icy patches and some mud. But it’s open and I think any vehicle could make it if you are careful.

  • Yes. Do not post alternate roads. Locals would already know them. And any greenrusher visitors- screw them anyways! If it scares them well then they should’ve stayed in the city, all of them!

  • Maple Creek Road now has one lane open to vehicle traffic and power to the area is back on. No flagger is on duty at night, so use caution. There will likely be additional work performed at the site tomorrow, so there may be some further delays. There may also be additional settling of slide debris that could occur after the road is cleared depending on how much they clean up the cut slope, but the trees above the slope have been lopped off and shouldn’t pose any major hazards to the powerlines in the area.

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