Two Arrested with Handguns at Rohner Park in Fortuna

This is a press release from the Fortuna Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:



On December 28, 2016 at about 11:00 AM a subject who was walking in Rohner Park called the Fortuna Police Department to report that as he walked by a vehicle parked in the park, he observed several subjects in the vehicle and one of the subjects was holding what appeared to be a handgun.

Fortuna Police Officers responded and located vehicle near the basketball court at Rohner Park. While contacting the 4 occupants of the vehicle, one of the officers saw a revolver in the lap of a backseat passenger. All four occupants were ordered out of the vehicle at gunpoint and detained.

While conducting a pat down search on one of the subjects, Trystan Lewis, age 18 of Fortuna, the officer located a loaded Glock .40 caliber pistol concealed in his front waistband.

While searching the vehicle, officers located a loaded .38 caliber revolver on the back seat of the vehicle where Lewis and Fernando Martinez, age 19 of Fortuna, were seated. The subsequent investigation revealed that Martinez was in possession of the revolver.

Officers also located Heroin and Methamphetamine inside the vehicle that was in the possession of Martinez. Martinez also had a Felony arrest warrant for Criminal Threats.

Martinez and Lewis were booked into the Humboldt County Jail for the following charges:

Martinez: Possession of a controlled substance (Methamphetamine), Possession of an opiate (Heroin), Felon in possession of a handgun, probation violation and the Felony warrant.

Lewis: Possession of a concealed handgun in a vehicle and on his person.

Weapons that were confiscated.



  • Stupid stupid stupid

    • Seems like this kid with the facial ink has been in the news a few times… I guess he’s free again in “slap on the wrist” county. Sure would be a shame if the EPD fired 40-50 rounds in his general direction…

  • Good reporting to the person who turned it in and good job FPD for nabbing them. Wonder what they had planned to do with those weapons. Geeze, so young to be so involved with crime. It is the drug lifestyle causing it. So sad and so troubling but glad they got them.

  • What happened to the other two in the vehicle?

  • Man this kid used to cause trouble when my son was in kindergarten with him. He lived near by our home and I felt bad not allowing him to play with my kids but he behaved very inappropriate for a 5 year old. Poor kid has was never taught right from wrong

    • Time for the “kid” to make his own choices. He old enough to know. Whether or not he was taught.
      It’s his parents’ fault. Right? Not his!

  • Boy has the tiny town changed. Beginning to feel and look like Eureka in some aspects. Great job citizen and even better kudos to FPD.

  • sharpen your pencil

    I’m sure these two punks were just scared, maybe they were recently robbed by gang member….. (Sarcasm implied. Good job to the citizen for calling this in, and not getting shot by these two scumbags. This Martinez kids seems to be making his ugly mug onto the criminal side quite often now [edit]

  • Thanks to the observant citizen!! And FPD quick reaction!! I walk my dog down there all the time. Get these wanna be thugs out of town!!

  • Good job FPD for not shooting first and asking questions later. I have respect for not over reacting and creating a more dangerous situation especially with other citizens may be around.
    The EPD can learn a thing or two from you.

  • Lol, you serious? That’s like a late 1800’s Iver Johnson top break revolver. Hahaha! What were they doing robbing a stage coach?
    That thing had to be reloaded using special cartridges and black powder.
    Anyone see the Lone Ranger and Tonto held hostage in Fortuna park?

    • Yeah obviously stolen. Ive had my nice old guns stolen, so I always look at these picks hoping my old gems will show up some day. I hope somebody gets his old revolver back!!

    • This is the hammeless model made so that the hammer doesn’t catch on a pocket when being pulled and cartridges with modern smokeless powder are still available, but it is very hard to shoot these pistols accurately. They are the infamous “Saturday Night Owl’s Head Specials” so called due to the head of an owl at the top of the early plastic grip.

  • Why why why?? You all say pot isn’t a gateway drug?? Back in the 80’s i was a speed freak, NEVER smoked pot, EVER. I am now making 60k a year with no face or neck tats. Look at these losers; why can or would you people condone pot?? I am all about the medicinal aspect maybe 80 years ago, this shit IS NOW a gateway drug. Wake up people, watch what’s going on!

  • It feels like nobody is afraid of getting caught with a gun these days.this isn’t a open carry state.go to Texas,you can carry a gun in your holster!to many crazy people for that to happen in calif.thank god,because wholly hell!!!

    • Black Rifles Matter

      As well as Oregon and Washington and Nevada and Idaho and Arizona and just about everywhere else in America you can open carry except for five states I believe. only california, Illinois, DC, New York and South Carolina and Florida are illegal to open carry in. To my knowledge at least.

    • G-mas, but do you know what the real difference between TX and CA is? Only criminals can open carry in CA! For some reason that doesn’t make me “feel” safer.

    • Good god lady. Wake up. Good people carry a gun, bad people afraid?!?! WTF

    • Breath, relax brother. Get back on your meds. It’s going to get better…

    • I wouldn’t compare these jugheads with open carry. One was concealed and I bet the other one was too but they were screwing around or adjusting it because it was floating around not secure in a holster. These morons were rookie gun handlers and lucky they didn’t hurt anyone. I swear when cops find one in the wasteband, they should pull it out by the trigger to see if it’s on safety or it not to clear the chamber.

    • G-ma it also feels like no one is afraid of getting caught with, not only face tattoos, but really shitty face tattoos. I wonder if these losers voluntarily choose these ridiculous tattoos or are they victims of passing out with their shoes on.

  • No brains were located in this search

  • The face tat gives it away, really it does.

  • I’ve seen that kid in the paper I’d say 2 times before this. How many times has he gone threw catch and release. 3 times meaning this is the 3rd time ,but maybe not felon with a firearm .probably no o/r ,but our system it could happen.

  • I hope there is an additional warrant out for the face tat artist, those are so crappily done that’s a crime unto itself.

    • If he ever does somehow change his life, it would take tens of thousands of dollars to get that shit off of his face and neck, if it would even all come off.

  • Another instance whereby the legal system failed… Often when people get arrested, it takes longer to drive them to jail, then they actually spend time in jail. This of coarse is a privilege setup by Mendocino County S.O. because they allow virtually anyone to get out in 20 minutes or less if they cough up money, call it bribe or bail. It’s all the same. Murder suspects, robbery, assault, parole violations, etc. Maybe these DUI’s or assaults or other felons should be allowed to get out immediately…

  • Last night around 4:30 am we heard 7 gun shots Pine hill.did anyone else hear them? One right after the other

  • Leave yur guns at home son. Don’t take yur guns to town.

  • Not sure who the observant citizen was but thank you for getting more scum off the streets. I was there in that area just 2 hours later. Hope I would have been that observant.

  • Awww they’re just young men trying to find themselves who made a bad choice or two! If Gallegos was still in office he would work at understanding them and all the medicine growers that voted for Gallegos would send vibes of love and peace and weed growing. Namaste Forever in Humboldt!!

  • He looks like he fell asleep on a newspaper.sorry

  • No worries. Upstanding young citizens like these know how to control themselves so there’s no chance of anything gun related happening. Yeah, RIGHT!!!

  • Thats a pretty nice lookin Iver Johnson. I got a 32 cal myself. Maybe it will go up for auction XD

  • And we see one of the same suspects being chased down in a stolen car (with more weapons found) on 4/14/17.

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