[UPDATE 8:40 p.m. In Which a Traffic Collision Gets Complicated….]

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA red Toyota Tacoma and Ford utility pickup collided on the first span of the Samoa Bridge as Hwy 255 leaves Eureka about 9:30 a.m. Little is known about the accident except that according to emergency dispatch’s entry on the California Highway Patrol site, one of the vehicles has “multiple firearms” in it.

According to CHP spokesperson Cy May, his officers are not on scene as of 10 a.m. so he doesn’t have the details yet. We will call back at noon to get more information.

UPDATE 8:40 p.m.: With multiple law enforcement agencies involved, the traffic collision story gets a bit muddled and details were hard to confirm but, here’s what we know:

According to the CHP spokesperson Cy May, the vehicle driven by John Henderson, age 70, rear-ended the vehicle of a 69-year-old Eureka resident after she pulled onto the Samoa Bridge from Woodley Island. The two involved in the accident then drove to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office to report the incident.

The Sheriff’s Office believed that the Eureka Police had jurisdiction so they were contacted.

The Eureka Police determined that Henderson had a loaded shotgun in the passenger seat of his vehicle, according to Brittany Powell spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department. The shotgun was confiscated. (Apparently there was only the one firearm not the multiple firearms originally reported.)

While not injured in the traffic collision, Henderson had to be transported to the hospital for a medical reason. No one was able to clarify for us what this was about.

Chief Mills tweeted the following photo showing the firearm that Henderson was carrying.


The Eureka Police did not have jurisdiction; the California Highway Patrol did. However, the CHP never saw the gun. The EPD has that.

The CHP are investigating the collision.

So, we hope that …uh…cleared things up.



  • The Horror! The Horror! Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and the others, all sat around in a drumming circle singing “Kumbaya”…how far this country has drifted from its roots, showing the power of the corporate media and the government indoctrination camps, er, “schools”…

  • California was awesome before the immigrants – New Yorkers. If all Maoists from the East Coast left we’d be awesome again.

    • [edit] If anything us east coasters bring class and a good work ethic to this godforsaken haven of white trashery,drug addicts and gangster drug dealers!

      • And those of us who were born here are everlastingly grateful for your condescension in deigning to live among us…

        • Maybe James would like to see a more productive locale by bringing attention to the obvious flaws. I mean can you categorically disagree with anything he said

          • Well, it hasn’t been my experience that folks from out of the area are any better (or worse) than folks from here. Having been born here, graduated from UC Berkeley, and putting in over 50 hours a week just on my website, I’d say many folks here have a fine work ethic. Are there trashy folk, drug addicts and drug dealers here? Yes, but I suspect there are a quite a few elsewhere also.

        • ♡♡♡

        • I agree with the right to Arm Bears as well as Bear Arms but I don’t have to post it every time I turn around!!!

          • Please don’t arm the bears. Bad enough here with all the armed bores. OH and the East Coast influence: picked up a hitch-hiker in Willits the other day. Told me they were a trimmer from New York. I pulled over and redeposited the person on the street after telling the story of the grower robbed and killed by trimmers from NY. Get some other ride, East Coast. As for the whiskey-tangos and druggies, well if the shoe fits, own it. Proud descendent of WT/English Americans here. Gave up all drugs long ago. You should ought to also!

      • Ya you sound like a real winner so glad you came here to call us names and act superior

      • I like you James

      • Ha…. mobsters cam from the east coast and bullied there way into communities based on violence, fear, and stomping on the little ones in there way (including law enforcement). This area was based off of agrarian principles and hard work. The outside has caused a loss of good paying jobs and a dependency on government. The redwood curtain has broken and now we are open for all the “good” little boys and girls to rob and pillage…..congrats.

      • Humboldt is for All

        James may be expressing himself like an a-hole, but there’s a grain of truth there. My wife and I are not “Frumboldt” – not East-Coasters, but from the Bay Area. We came to Humboldt to work in the medical profession. We were attracted by the area’s natural beauty, its slower pace of life, and incredible arts and food scene, so we accepted job offers here rather than in any of the numerous other parts of the country we could have moved to. And we’re glad we did, mostly. We respect the local people, their achievements and their struggles, and are grateful for the vibrant community we’ve found here.

        But the reality is that the vast – and I mean vast – majority of of healthcare professionals in Humboldt county, surgeons, oncologists, specialists of all kinds, primary-care physicians, medical technicians, and nurses, have come here from other places – including the East Coast. And I’d bet that goes for a large percentage of skilled professionals in other fields, as well as many of our wonderful artists, craftspeople, and small business owners. Point is, I feel sometimes looked down on by locals (as well as “locals”, by which I mean people who claim “local” status but were not actually born here) for not being “from here”. But if all the people not “from here” moved away, what do you think Humboldt would be like then? A much worse and much poorer place, I think.

        So I think we need to show respect all around and get over the petty parochial, tribal distinctions that separate us.

        OK, rant over.

        • Now that’s a response I can appreciate. I married a man from out of the area and I think folks from here and folks from away should be welcome as long as they treat others and the land around us with respect.

        • Per capita is what you have to look at I think. Of course the vast majority of health care pro’s come from out of the area. Humboldt has a very small population compared to many other areas, so obviously we are going to have fewer people becoming Doctors and Astronauts. It has little to do with the intelligence of folks born here. I was born in Cleveland, that is why I am an idiot, just like Lebron and the Cavs…lol

        • You sound amazing thank you for coming here we need more like you don’t sweat the assholes they are everywhere

        • Yes and mostly all white people came here came from the east coast, within a few generations back. So the smugness of ‘locals’ or the obnoxious rants of transplants is all pretty stupid when looked at like this. Imo there are just too many people period.

      • You’re free to leave at any time, with your east coast work ethic you might be quick enough to make it through the door before it hits you in the ass[edit]…

      • If you bring so much class, why don’t you set up school and educate all these “types” you condemn and be a better person, talks cheap pal

        • Maybe he can start his own university that worked great for Herr Drumpf!!! He swindled a few more Bazillion from unsuspecting students!!!

      • sharpen your pencil

        Get real [edit] You east coasters come here to think you’re “cool” and to grow weed, or at least try to grow weed. Of the east coasters I’ve met, many have been lazy af! However all of them talk about how great they are, and how much of a “worker” they are!

      • James your point of view makes me wonder about your ethics. I bet you don’t even have a job, and if you do, it’s probably trimming for the people you are putting down.

    • “Maoists”? Seriously? So East Coasters are all about permanent revolution stressing the importance of the peasantry, of small-scale industry, and of agricultural collectivization?

      News to me. Leninism or Stalinism, maybe. But Maoism? Don’t think so.

    • You mean when Ohlone & Wiyots ran it?

  • What ever happened to the right to bare arms so what if there were guns in the car .what if this is a law abiding non felon citizen.transporting his weapons to a new location .after the first of the year calif has perty much eliminated that right .

    • “No officers are on scene yet” The only reason the comment about the firearms is listed is for the responding officers safety. He knows about as much about the driver’s as you do. If I was the officer I’d like to know that.

      • Black Rifles Matter

        Possibly the person involved in accident told dispatch about his firearms just to be a responsible gun owner. But… who knows these days.

    • Black Rifles Matter

      You are still allowed to have a long gun out in open unloaded in vehicle. (Although not recommended because it can obviously make people nervous). Handguns need to be unloaded and locked up and put away while transporting. Unless of course you have you ccw permit. I’m not a lawyer of course and don’t take my word for it, but that’s my understanding of doj’s laws as a registered firearm owner.

    • OMG!!! Bare arms at this time of year, how on Earth did they keep from freezing them off??? Did you by chance mean Bear Arms??? If so check your spelling occasionally you’ll come off more credible!!!

    • It is illegal here. [edit]

  • Obama cost the damntards over 1000 seats mayors judges senators etc. worst president in history

    • Not even close, but keep that hate alive at any cost, eh?

      • Obama is garbage. One of the many many reasons Hillary lost was due to his endorsement. But hey, to each their own opinions, that’s the beauty of this country, we can all have our own thoughts and opinions. (Even though the obama administration tried their damndest to make whites feel like that isn’t the case)

  • No Bama is a more accurate name for the ex president

    • Isn’t that the truth. 23 days can’t come soon enough!

      • If only ALL you HATERS would be gone in that many days, the world would be SO MUCH better off!!!

      • Obama is the most articulate, intelligent president I have encountered in my 38 years. Listening to him dissect complicated issues during these last few days of his presidency, and contrasting him to the bellowing baboon that we have elected, I’m worried about this country.. Bigly

        • Obama comes in second on my list, only because I’m old enough to remember JFK, another great person!!!

          • Hey don’t forget Bill Clinton. He’s a Rhodes Scholar and extremely articulate, no matter what else you think about him. Obama is more articulate than any recent Republican, and makes Trump seem like a drooling rabid monkey (not hard to do) in comparison, but I wouldn’t say he’s particularly articulate or intelligent. Run of the mill and easily manipulated by his handlers.

  • I agree with the right to bare arms.

  • Yikes, wonder which vehicle has the firearms the Ford or the Toyota? If Toyota, were the occupants Middle Eastern? Hope they at least notify Homeland Security

  • Somewhere, there’s a pile of rocks, wondering where you folks are. Please, don’t disappoint them. Go crawl back under.

  • this state need to reform it ridiculous gun laws that don’t work at all and leave law abiding citizens at a huge disadvantage, when it comes to self defense the law abiding citizen will always be outgunned.

    • It was a traffic accident[edit]!

      • sharpen your pencil

        Yeah you twit, ending with a gun confiscated by a police department with NO involvement in the accident. From a 70 year old man…… More than likely had for defense against all the tweaker scum out robbing folks! So yeah, outrage may be warranted….[edit]

  • Twinkle Winklestein

    East coast, well what about President McKinley, you East coasters need to look up his Re-apportionment Act, which stole the land and virgin forests of the West from proper stewardship minded families mostly, especially California, and gave them to the struggling East coast timber Barrons to continue the rape and pillage of the paradise of North “America”, which was stollen from the Original natives by violent force. Anyway, learn your history before you spout useless bilge!!! West coast will always rule

  • The piece looks like an old double barrel stolen from me 42 years ago. If it says Kruppstahl in tiny letters on the side of the barrel it almost certainly is. The thief stole all the firearms I had inherited from my dad including one he built.

    Anybody out there got a beautiful 30-06 with a walnut mannlicher stock and engraved german silver plate depicting a stag on the bottom of the magazine? if so my dad built it over 50 years ago.

  • I don’t like the “3 guns off of three crooks” statement. Did I miss something or does the old guy seem like a good guy? 70 years old, got into a fender bender, reported it to law enforcement, but had a single personal protection firearm with him. It was initially reported to be multiple firearms, but turns out it was just one. If it turns out it was an UNLOADED firearm, this will be ridiculous.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Right, apperently Mills has been sipping too much of the kool-aid, also taking credit for actions his department had no jurisdiction for……

    • That’s what I was thinking. If this 70 year old mans biggest fault was the shotgun being loaded, he’s far from being a ‘crook’. I would be pretty upset if I were him and seeing my old gun being spotlighted on social media calling me a crook. But who knows, maybe he was a 70 year old felon and actually IS a crook. But usually people that live the felon life style don’t make it to that age.

  • That’s a mightey fine look’in Coach gun. Didn’t have time to read the story, just sorta glanced at the pichers. ah hope none of the horses got hurt. Maybe them Ureka keystones cud buy up sum a them old shooters and get’em off the street. A’fore they blow up in somebodies face. Justa thott.

  • The meek will Inherit California, slowly but surely we are all losing …its us vs them .

  • Carrying a shotgun during waterfowl season ..the nerve!!!

  • Give jebedia smith his squirrel gun back jeez, 70 and in eureka he does need it

  • Spurious Truthyist

    …. meanwhile, the original story gets buried in clannish bullscavitch….

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