Woman Arrested for Slashing Another With a Knife Today

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeAccording to Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office,  this morning there was an assault with a knife in McKinleyville. The victim called 911 at approximately 7:53 a.m. reporting that she had a knife injury caused by a female suspect who had fled the scene with a male.

Law enforcement later contacted the male suspect at his residence, Swithenbank said. The suspect told the officers that the female suspect was at the hospital. However, Swithenbank said, “[The woman suspect] was located hiding in the house.” She was arrested.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Geeze,is everyone going crazy?

  • It appears so.

    • 20 bucks says they voted for hillary

      • Either way we’re screwed, it’s just our country is so far divided right now I don’t see how we’re ever gonna be able to work together as a nation to make this a better America, if we can’t even shop together, we all want a better future for our youth but it’s hard to see that through all the gun smoke

        • sharpen your pencil

          You mean, until the far left can own their own words? Admit they lost, and get behind our new president, instead of dividing our country further? Or are you talking about the fact that everyone that is causing this chaos is behaving like a bunch of babies that didn’t get their ice cream? How about we all just have a nuclear meltdown over the THOUGHT of what Trump MAY do! I think all these cry babies need to wait and see what happens before they hot wire the panic button! It is amazing to me all these people saying Trump and his supporters had better concede to the election results when they thought Hitlery was going to win, but as soon as that shoes on the other foot they are singing another tune!

          • Nobody seems to know that it was the “electoral college” (executive board of directors)that voted for the United States Inc. CEO and that the elections have nothing to do with you.

            “the United States” is a private membership association doing business as a “government” since 1789 and registered in Delaware as a non-profit religious organization. 1789 because the Original 13 colonies abandoned the Articles of Confederation of 1781 at the First Congressional Convention; and “We the People” ratified the Constitution of 1789. Guess what? You’re not part of “We the People” either. You will be surprised when you find out who is.

            But don’t take my word for it. Research it yourself!

      • Ha ha. Epic

      • Ha ha epic conclusion. Hilary supporters

      • wow…politics dragged into EVERYTHING!!!!! SOOOOO tired of the jump from a story to blaming it on the “other” political party! Cheese and Rice! It JUST MIGHT be crazy people who don’t even VOTE! There are PLENTY of stories that literally have NOTHING to do with our chaos of government! DANG!

      • More than likely it was Herr Drumpf they voted for, his philosophy is, if someone is in your way shove them down & walk over them!!!

    • These idiots learned how to be animals long ago. They were taught by absent parents, a school system concerned with making everyone happy instead of successful, and a community where doing the right thing just doesn’t matter anymore. No, these patriots are long experts in the field of hooliganism.

      • JR Whitmore, so let me see if I understand what you’re saying… so, a parent of a child becomes “absent.” (This could include deceased by natural causes by the way). According to you[edit], that means the child/ren will turn into an animal/s…. and especially if the school system chimes in to make them happy (instead of being successful? Didn’t know the school system offered this “choice!”). Jesus Christ, don’t teach your children to be “happy” people or they will become “unsuccessful animals” (according to genius JR)… And being raised in a community where doing the right thing just doesn’t matter anymore… obviously you’re speaking of the entire community, [edit]! Yeah, the attacker here is a jerk, that’s a no brainier, but you just couldn’t resist generalizing and stereotyping the whole community- school system included. [edit]

  • Words we live by,your never wrong,doing the right thing!!peace

  • Where in McKinleyville did this attack take place?

  • Mac town has been cut throat lately

  • The holiday cheer didn’t last very long, for those two women anyways.

  • Hey sharpen your pencil stop being logical the Hillary voters don’t understand logic

    • sharpen your pencil

      I know, it seems logical they would, given their “progressive” way of thinking. BUT, they only want to see what they want! All the people whining about Trump winning can blame the DNC, their infighting and overly aggressive push for Hitlery as the nominee got them where they are. I would have preferred to vote for Bernie, as I’m sure many would, especially in hindsight…… However the DNC was blinded by their own stupidity, they pushed away many voters with their antics, myself being one of them. They just hoped they could push their special interest lobbyist aka Hillary into office. Meanwhile all these twits are focused on something out of their control, only further dividing our country.

      • Exactly I didn’t vote for either of the two major party candidates!!! THE DNC screwed the best candidate of them all. out of the nomination!!! So why should I reward them by voting for their ringleader????

    • Slaytheepa, Trump voters don’t have a clue WTF that word even means let alone how to use it!!!!

  • Check it out dip shits I was the male involved in this incident and this is my side holly moon was shooting are windows out of are house at 6a.m she is a ex who is beyond obsessive with me.my giRlfriend now 31/2 month pregnant with my baby was driving by a area wear miss moon was hiding we stop to ask her to stop when my girlfriend who is 5ft 7 150 p0unds open her door miss moon shot at her with a wristrocket strikeing the window then started punching at and striking her in The stomach trying to kill the baby I jump out passenger side grab moon in a bear hug who is 6 ft 300 + pounds pushing her away as I did she punched me In the jaw I released her she walked back to her car I got in mine and we went home later officer arrived at my house AND ASK IF WE STAPPED MOON WITH A KNIFE WICH WE DID NOT DO SHE WAS HIT WITH A RATCHETMY GIRLFRIEND PICKUP TO DEFEND HERSELF WITH IN 20 MIN THEY SAID THEY WAS NOT GOING TO ARREST ANY OF US FOR THIS BUT GIVE IT D. A my girl friend did have a warrant for falor to appear on a different matter they arrested her but was extremely nice putting cuffs on the front instead of the back and later took her to hospital for injuries sumpstaind for moons attack she was released from hospital wear she was told by officers she was free to go after writing her ticket and giving her a new court date with her warrant being cleared up so her arrest had nothing to do with the so called slashing in Mack and I didn’t vote for either of the dip shits running for office so unless you have a IQ of at least 70 shut the fuck up until you Lame asss no what your commenting on.

    • [Dear Kevin, I kind of fixed this up for you. Good luck in life, and Happy New Year]

      Check it out dipshits,

      I was the “male” involved in this incident, and this is my side of the story:

      Holly Moon was shooting our windows out of our house at about 6:00 AM.

      Holly Moon is an ex-girlfriend who is obsessed with me. My current girlfriend, who is now 3 1/2 months pregnant with my yet unborn child and I were driving by an area where Miss Moon was lying in wait for us.

      We stopped our car to ask Holly to stop.

      Keep in mind while I relate this story to you, that my girlfriend (who will remain unnamed) is a petite woman (being a mere 5’ 7” tall and weighing only 150 pounds when fully dressed).

      In any case, when my girlfriend attempted to open her car door, Miss Moon shot at her with a “wrist rocket” style slingshot (a deadly weapon at close range) striking the car window. Miss Moon then began punching my girlfriend, striking her in the stomach in an apparent attempt to kill the unborn fetus in my girlfriend’s womb. My girlfriend, attempting to defend herself from this bear-like woman, grabbed a ½” ratchet handle which, as luck would have it was lying just inside the car on the front seat. My girlfriend struck Miss Moon with the ratchet handle several times and managed to drive the beast back. Snapping out of the momentary hypnotic state I was in, I became enraged, and I jumped out of the passenger side door of the car and grabbed Miss Moon in a bear hug in an attempt to restrain her.

      I must tell you at this point that Miss Moon is a BIG woman, (approximately 6 ft tall and weighing 300 or more pounds!)

      Barely able to get my arms around this gigantic cow, I was pushing her away from myself, as I did she managed to punch me in the jaw. Stunned from the blow, I then released her. Apparently satisfied at the carnage she had wreaked upon my girlfriend and I, Miss Moon then calmly walked back to her car, got in and drove off. Reeling from the powerful upper cut delivered by the hammer-like fists of this ENORMOUS woman, I then staggered back to my car, quickly performed a welfare check on my girlfriend to make sure that she was in good health, then, getting back in the passenger side of the vehicle, I instructed my girlfriend to drive us home.

      Sometime later, a law enforcement officer arrived at my house, and asked if my girlfriend and I were responsible for stabbing Miss Moon WITH A KNIFE! Imagine my shock at this accusation! I stated that we never would do such a thing and only lightly tapped her with a tiny, pathetic ratchet handle in self-defense of Miss Moon’s rabid, beastly attack on our persons. The officer asked us to wait for 20 minutes while he chatted on his law enforcement radio thingy, and then informed us that he wouldn’t be arresting either of us on the so-called “stabbing” charges, but he WOULD be arresting my girlfriend on a “failure to appear” charge stemming from a different matter.

      In defense of officer so-and-so, he was very nice in gently putting the handcuffs on my girlfriend in front of her body instead of behind her back. He then took her to the hospital, free of charge, for the horrific injuries that my girlfriend had sustained in the savage attack by Miss Moon.

      My girlfriend was later released from the hospital after being treated by the friendly staff, entirely at taxpayer expense. The officer, who had waited patiently at the hospital, then told my girlfriend that she was “free to go” after he wrote her a nice, clean, new ticket and giving her a fresh court date, and, also being cleared of any involvement in the so-called “slashing attack” in McKinleyville, California.

      In closing, I want anyone who is bothering to read this drivel know that I never voted for either of the dipshits who ran for the office of president of the United States of America (primarily, because I just didn’t bother voting) so unless any of you possess an IQ of at least 70 points, just shut-the-fuck-up you lame-asses. No matter what you’re commenting on.

      Yours Truly,

      Kevin Conner

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