[UPDATE 12:40 p.m.] Possible Shooting Near Garberville

Breaking news graphicAll law enforcement agencies near Garberville have been requested to assist the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office near the south offramp to Hwy 101 as of 10:52 a.m. There has been a possible shooting, according to traffic on the scanner.

UPDATE 11 a.m.: The Code 33 (emergency response) has been canceled by an officer at the scene.

UPDATE 11:13 a.m.:

Law enforcement near the Sprowel Creek Offramp in Garberville. [Photo provided by a reader]

UPDATE 11:25 a.m.: According to Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, a call came in this morning reporting arguing between a man and a woman. The person reporting said they heard a shot and more arguing. A deputy is on the scene and has located the man and woman. So far there has been no gun found nor has anyone been located that was injured.

UPDATE 12:40 p.m.: The Sheriff’s Office says this was not as reported. There were no shots–just an argument.



  • Was just leaving Garberville, heading to Redway.. Saw two CHP lights and siren on, flying into Garberville @ 10:54 AM

  • Bored, Kym? :))

  • Thanks for reporting relevant information as it is happening, even if the entire picture is not clear yet. It is indeed called news! I appreciate it so that citizens can react accordingly. I increasingly check your site first for breaking information. So much better than just relying on press releases days later. Reporting with updates seems to be such a novel concept these days…

  • If they say”possible”shooting the cops are their.on another subject,R.I.P CARRIE FISHER dead at 60.

  • Maybe kym Kemp should charge kmud for just reading her website on their need. They get paid to regurgitate kym Kemp and loco. Bummer no one wants to hear just good news.

    • At least the written news is digestible. The KMUD news is stuttered & mispronounced so much that I have ceased to listen. Kym has all the local stuff, pleasantly cops to errors when they occur & who doesn’t love a redhead?

  • The only shooting that went on was that one of them shot up the last of the dope before the other one woke up. Typical junkies.

  • Kym you do a great service for our area. Thank You very much. I love your website.
    Very informative, I read it every day. Also I want to thank all the people who help to make it happen.

  • KMUD and LoCO are both at the same location in Ferndale…(also two other radio stations). Always wondered what the link up was.
    I follow RHBB: Best written, good timely follow-up and an understanding of the community.

    Just because something may not seem to be news at first could give depth and better understanding if the story does develop into something more serious.
    Also helps to know that in ‘possible situations where people could be in danger’ that there is a response, even if it turns out none is needed.

    • You’re thinking of KHUM not KMUD!!! KMUD is Another public radio station located in Redway I think!!! While KHUM is a commercial radio station located in Ferndale as you said

      • KMUD is located in Redway & is our community radio. It’s understandable that their news & info is “stuttered” since it’s run by community members. All are volunteers & doing the best they can. They also use RHBB’s info cuz she is the best.

        Thank you Kym for all your hard work, investigating, & dedication to our SoHum community!!!! You are the BEST!!

  • Kmud more like Kdum that’s why I call it the comedy channel.

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