Eureka Man Arrested for Low-Speed, Pointless Pursuit; The Last Chase He Led Officers on He Tossed Pitchforks…

jesus garciaOur sister site the Mendocino Voice tells a story about a Eureka man, Jesus Alcazar Garcia, allelgedly leading officers on an odd car chase that involved erratic driving, a spike strip, and obscene gestures. They wrote,

Yesterday at about 4:30pm CHP dispatch advised officers to be on the lookout for a silver Toyota Tacoma, driving erratically southbound from Willits on Hwy. 101. One Officer Lewis of the CHP located the vehicle north of the intersection with Ridgewood Rd. (the turn off for the Golden Rule R.V. Park). Lewis saw that the vehicle was indeed driving erratically and tried to initiate a traffic stop. At this point the driver, Jesus Garcia of Eureka, allegedly refused to stop, made obscene gestures, but apparently didn’t speed up. He continued to drive at regular speeds. As Officer Adams explained, “Wasn’t a high speed pursuit, he was just cruising.”

You should read the rest of the strange story at the Mendocino Voice (It’s an odd one).

But what makes the story even odder is that in 2011 a Eureka man with the same name and age (presumably the same guy) led officers in the Ukiah area on a high speed chase while throwing pitchforks… You can read the story of that crazy chase here.




  • This isn’t the Honeydew Bridge freak is it?

  • Were is the devils lettuce lol

  • Did he think he was the Devil?maybe he was high.glad they stopped him geeze.

  • Thanks CHP, you guys are doing a terrific job!

  • He was just on the way to a job we don’t want to do.

  • So he’s not a Chatty Cathy. I fail to see what’s so “odd” about this. He even seems rehabilitated as there was no speeding or pitchfork tossing this time. Props are more in order here than this judgmental attitude. Dude wasn’t even using a cell phone while driving. That’s what I call “odd” these days.

  • Vultures Coming To Roost

    Pretty cool that he did not get a charge for making the obscene gestures. I guess there’s no law for that? And so I think I will start making obscene gestures at all cops. Because I can. Ha Ha!

  • Better headline wood’a red, JESUS ARRESTED FUR FLIPP’N OFF THE PO PO! Least ways, he got through his pitch fork phase. That just sounds too much lak the other guy.

  • Carefull making gestures, I know a guy that put his hand out the window and flipped a cop off as he drove through an intersection,he got a ticket for using a manual turn signal and not turning, they got creative on him lol

  • I’m family member we have try every corner we can to get police help with my bother and mental help also involve nothing they can do until he get out off control and be 51/50 and cause this kind of problems or accidents. we try to put him in to the hospital when he starts to have the symptoms but they can’t help so this are the results we have try for 10 years if anyone know how we could put him in to the mental hospital with out waiting for him to become 51/50

    • Maria and his entire family need help with the problem they are experiencing with him.
      I am sure there are a lot more people who have relatives who are on the edge and stop taking their Meds, then go off the deep end.
      Our Mental Health system lets these people down.
      It is not just a police problem.
      I have observed this for many years with him.

      • i just wish that in this case that family or parent could make the decision for them cause they are not thinking correctely and put them in a mental hospital or recover facility until recovered but we cant .

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